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hello dears, I'm ilustrating a fan canon story of Halo, called The Divine Inquisition. It's in portuguese for now, do you wish read it? me and the producers, are thinking about to translate to english!
well.. where i begin?
i'm suffering with depression, and this are making me give up of everything..
but on this week i received a news, my drawing are on  Halo's upgrade. yessss, areee, i don't have words for this, but i always tought that was impossible someone see me, i am a very invisible artist...
I'm very thankful to Grim, thank you veeeery much for the opportunity!
this made me feel better....
and well, i have a dream, i hope one day i can work at 343  with halo heheh...…
well...1 month ago, I broke my foot, so I have to be at rest for a while. Do not want to know how I broke, is a pretty stupid reason
(I was cleaning the house listening to music, so I got carried away and sprained my foot and broke the fifth metatarsus duuuurr-q)
And as my scanner is in the room, there's no way I jump from one side to the other carrying the notebook and the drawing. (And no one wants to bring the scanner in my room for me to for now I'm taking pictures on the web cam)
But next week ,I will try to scan some heheh.

Hugs <3
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More than I am? unfortunately yes hehehe
my teaching started, ;-;  and now I have live xD (yaaaaaay Halo day and night \o\)
and as in this year I will try harder in school, (because I want to be the military cavalry, and for that I have to a lot of studying to pass the public tender procedure)
So ...wish me luck xD

A hug my dears \o