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Death Note: Misa Amane

me as Misa-Misa from Death Note
photo by :iconocean-san:
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Dude thgis is so amazing!! The whole look the clothes it ALL FITS!!!
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Hey there AmaneMiss! Just thought I should let you know, I found someone who is stealing credit for your artwork -->combat008 :iconcombat008: 
 I have discovered that they are also copying art/masking watermarks from many other people's galleries. Proof;

  Hot Girl by combat008    (From combat008's dA gallery)
Hot Girl [2 days ago]

As the original artist, you can help report them for intellectual property theft, and have their IP permanently banned from Deviantart 
by sending a DCMA report here -->Bullet; Blue
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Nice cosplay, you look amazing :3
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Very beautiful cosplay.
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That's really good! Brings back nostalgia... *sniff* I miss that show 😭
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now this is a damn sexy looking Misa Misa that you've managed to pull off
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Very great cosplay :) congratulations !
Where did you get the dress? I am trying to be Misa Amane for halloween and am struglling! Looks great!
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It was made by a seamstress. Thanks!
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Not even the Amane I was searching for, but that's just hot and demanded a view. Love the stockings and gloves. 
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You're so beautiful!
Ok, after I kiss you, you can write my name in you death note :)
If I say your cosplay it's perfect, that would be way less than it deserves :)
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can i marry you =D
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really nicee ^^
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damn your sexy.
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wow you're amazing! everything including the pose and costume are great! and not to mention your own beauty makes the picture even better! good job! :)
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Misa is real! *.*
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