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Hungary Shimeji

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My first shimeji ever *_*
Took me only 4 days to make


Attention: This is for Shimeji-ee, the english version of Shimeji, thus the zip file only has the image folder.
If you don't have or don't want shimeji-ee, paste the images into the image folder of a working shimeji.


Bad english is bad... x.x
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thank you for this.
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SHE DOESN'T WORK! Ahhh..... I can't get any shimejis except AMERICA to work! And he's pissing me off.... grrrrr. PLEASE HELP!
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Wait A Sec... Were Is The Link?
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Oh yeah! I got her working! She's really cute! ^-^ Nice job!
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Hm, I've been wondering when she walks her mouth opens as if she's talking....
Just thought I should tell ya. :D
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Dude, it's only giving me images... I download and unzip, but nothing but images.
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If you copy one of your already working shimejis and replace the images of the copys with the ones in the zip file and then start the shimeji program in the copy it should work.
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can you tell me how to do this
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You have Shimeji-ee (the english version of shimeji) or you use the japanese one?
If you use the japanese version you have to download the file and decompact (with a program called WinRar), then, you have to put the images into a folder of a shimeji that you already have. Sorry, i'm not so good with explanations, hope that it helps... :(
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Can you get a RAR file?
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awh, she's damn cute :D thanks very much :D :heart:
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my friend is trying to download this, but it says Windows can not open this file. is there anything she can do?
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The file must be corrupted.. try downloading again.. (I tested im my Windows and worked fine) Sorry for the late reply xD
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it's okay!
can you tell her about it>
her account is :iconloupstar100:
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Love it! One of my favorite characters.
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