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Girl Scout Pony Custom

By Amandkyo-Su
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or "Ginger Snap"… She appeared in "Just for Sidekicks" She looked so cute in the episode and I decided to make her for the fun of it. I changed a few things with her design because it didn't translate too well into 3D. Since she wasn't commissioned, I'll sell her at whatever MLP convention I attend next.

The photos look a little strange to me. The one day I have time to take pictures and it's cloudy >.< I think I have to buy some lighting equipment soon.

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If you don't mind me asking, how do you make these?
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Its a long process XD Basically you get a brushable MLP toy, cut off the hair, sculpt on mane and tail, harden the clay, paint it and then gloss the paint.
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D'aww - she's adorable! Hopefully see more Filly Scouts in S4 - maybe the CMC will join up!
Amandkyo-Su's avatar

I'm hoping there will be an episode focusing on the Filly Scouts next season
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Nyah! so much adorableness.'m jealous of this adorable filly you've created..its too cute
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I saw the girl scout filly in the show and fell in love with her! And then you come along and make a real one of her! Very nicely done! You said you changed the design a bit. I take it those freckles were hard to do huh? But she still looks fantastic!
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
I loved her design too <3 Thank you!

She had freckles? I use this picture as my main reference [link] Maybe they aren't that visible there
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Yeah I think your reference picture might not have had a very high resolution. Here's a larger one that has Zecora putting Spike's "donation" in the charity box. [link]
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
Wow, they are really faint in most of the pictures. I'll add a few spots onto her nosey
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VERY CUTE and GREAT job on these customs! I like seeing other come up with new and exciting background ponies, and the filly scout was no exception!

Thanks for sharing!
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
She's a cute little pony :D Thank you
Nobodyspatzy's avatar
You are welcome!
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You're alive! I sent you a note before and you didn't respond so I thought you fell into another dimension. Phew, I'm glad you didn't.
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I'm sorry I've been crazy busy lately! You applying for BronyCon? I'd love to request being near you :)
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
I can't imagine how hectic things are for you!

I haven't applied for a table yet because I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. I don't drive so getting there will be difficult. I could take the train but I've never been to that area so I don't know what to do ;o;
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