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Fili-Second Custom

By Amandkyo-Su
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From the "Power Ponies" episode.

I made her over a month ago but I was unable to post the photos for awhile.

For more photos, click here…

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atelok's avatar
I just love it^^
Are you by any chance going to make the whole power ponies set?
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
I wish! I don't have the energy to do that XD
CupcakesNom's avatar
Attention, I have an important announcement:

A) This is awesome.

B) You're awesome.

That is all.
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
Thank you Cuppy! :heart:
aubrey486's avatar
That looks AWESOME!
KarRedRoses's avatar
Love this! Miss you! Come to Ponycon and enter the customs contest! 
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
Thank you :)

I miss you too! Sorry I haven't seen you in forever. I wanted to come by in January but I was out-of-state.

I won't be able to enter the contest since I can't attend PonyCon. I can't fit it into my budget right now, sorry.
batosan's avatar
Paint and sculpt are top notch! You really do outstanding work! Keep it up!
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
Thanks. Will do ;D
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
photographs-by-day's avatar
ChibiSilverWings's avatar
Nice mane and paint job! Good work.
HeyLookASign's avatar
Hey I made that too :p
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
Did you sell your custom yet?
HeyLookASign's avatar
Not yet but to be fair I only had it at one small con so far. Should sell at Katsu
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
I made enough from recent online sale so I don't need to vend right now.

I would like to go to Katsucon for fun but I need a little break from cons. I had to go to too many this year x.x  Although, the Gaylord Hotel is a-maz-ing~! I wish I could stay there again.
HeyLookASign's avatar
The gaylord is indeed FAB U LOUS! :D Im also staff so free hotel from WED to Mon morning!!!

So what do u charge for ur ponies now outta curiosity?
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
I've gotten the same deal too :D The hotel is great but I wouldn't pay the high price they charge for their rooms XD

It varies based on difficulty.
Matrixbeast's avatar
Shot in the dark, how much would a Mane-iac set me back? x3
Amandkyo-Su's avatar
Too much DX It would be a fun project though. I might make one for fun :D
Matrixbeast's avatar
Well, that's great to know XD
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