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My first HP fanart in a very very long time. Be nice with it please =P here's my favorite character (except in the 6th book), Hermione Granger. Hope you like it.

THANKS FOR ALL THE COMMENTS, FAVs and WATCHs! It's because of your support that I'm still here, drawing and posting. thanks really, from the bottom of my heart!
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love this so much!
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This is just awesome!
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LOVE this. So what happened with book 6? 
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I had to read what I wrote again before I understood what you mean about book 6! LOL

I didn't like Hermione in book 6... she was kind of unnecessarily annoying.
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My daughter loves this picture. Do you ever sell copies of it?
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Nice drawing style.
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Your Hermione is so lovely. Always surrounded by books ^^ «3
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I love the coloring and the detail of the books!
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I love the style you used here. And LOL she's so much prettier than Emma Watson! xD
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Thank you! I posted a link/image on my blog to your profile - [link] hope it's okay.

Sorry I couldn't use the whole image above, I was working with a premade template (because artistic, I am not), but I appreciate you letting me use it!

Keep up the fantastic creativity :)
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Thank you!

I'm always looking for recs on new books, so I'll be following your blog, if you don't mind :)

Happy New Year!! :hug:
I love this! Hermione is one of my fav characters - you make me want to reread all over again :)

I don't know if you allow people to use your images or not, but would it be okay if I used this in my header for a book blog that I'm starting up? (with whatever credit/marking you like) If not, I totally understand. You've put a lot of effort into this! Well done!
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Hi! I'm really happy you like it so much :)

You're welcome to use it, if you put a link back to my deviantart somewhere, if that's okay?

Thank you!!
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awww how adorable! i love this so much! thanks for making hermione so awesome, cuz she totally is, even if people dont realize it! i love her and i love this:D
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Thanks so much!! I love Hermione too...!
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Beautiful! I love the details and coloring. :D
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