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The ancient has powerful powers, how did Dearbuss managed to control it and become a size shifter? Did his death somehow helped in controlling the power? And even when he died the ancient flower was like still stuck with him as a ghost too? :-? And I believe he would be the first to control the ancient flower too

When Dearbuss died did his family made like a funeral for him when they learnt about his death? :-? Surely it was very hard for his wife, his brother in law aka solana's husband, his siblings and mother when Dearbuss died :(

And before Dearbuss became a guardian, he was an explorer right? Was being an explorer is his job or was it like a hobby of his? And if being explorer wasn't his job then what was his job/worked as? :-?

How old was Dearbuss, his brothers and sister and his mom and dad at the beginning of the sacrifical scar (Dearbuss wasn't born yet at that time so he is like 0 days old something like that) and how old were they after 5 years in the sacrifical scar? And in the snakebite series how old were they?

In the sacrifical scar chapter 1 how did the old lady/witch knew that Dearbuss would become the guardian of the birdstone does she had like a future vision or something like that? :-?

At the start of the sacrifical scar Brave was only 12, while Solana was 10 and Fiery 7 years old. The story really started 5 years later, when Brave was 17, he got the scar. In snakebite he should has the age of 32, but with the scar... sorry spoilers, I explain a little bit later in the story of Snakebite ^^;

The old lady has friends who can see through time and space. You will meet them soon in the Darkness of time :)

oh so five years later Solana will/was 15 and fiery would be 12 and in the snakebite Solana would be 30 and fiery is 27 if am correct :0

And oh I look forward for the snakebite series to understands with the scar part (my theory maybe he is immortal and his body stuck at 17 years ) and the darkness of time excited to see who are those friends who can see the time :)

And how old is Lilly and Roland if may I ask? :-?

Sorry, but their ages stay unknown. But i quess they where in their end 20's when they got Brave ^^'

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Curious is the bracelet Desrbuss wears on his right hand is just a bracelet he casually wears or is it a gift from his wife or is it like a wedding bracelet? :-?

And in the side story secret of the birdrock in chapter 2 Dearbuss can feel the presence/aura of strangers but he can't sense the presence/aura of his family members/grandchildrens? :-?

It was just a little birthday gift from his mother. He always wears it ^^

That's one way the birdstone let Dearbuss know that he had to deal with a family member. But because it was 1000 years ago that he last was with a family member, that Dearbuss forgotten what it ment, and attacked Melanie without any noticing. He will realize it later ^^'