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Uni-Mermaid WIP

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Part of an art trade I'm doing with :iconhelloheath: She drew some adorable uni-fish a while back that I thought were cute and reminded me of my own flutterfish seen here:

Here's her uni-fish:

Aren't they cute? They could be friends! Or distantly related in some distant fantasy-fish family line. Anyway, we agreed to do a fish trade and I took it a step further and made a uni-fish MERMAID! Because I'm girly like that :heart: I'm quite proud of the drawing and am actually planning on digitally painting it in later today. I just wanted to post the drawing to show you guys before I paint it in and most likely F it up...

Uni-fish belong to =helloheath
Un-named uni-fish mermaid belongs to *ArmadaRyu
art by *ArmadaRyu
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may i have permission to color this in , i be sure to give you credit for the line art
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You may :) Please send me a link when you finish! I'd love to see it :heart:
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It looks like a mernarmaid.....a mermaid of a narwhale
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Your work is seriously Awesome! Love this one!
i love this i would love to color it!
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You're welcome to if you like! Just make sure you credit me for the lineart if you post it anywhere :nod:
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Have i told you lately how wonderful your art is?

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Nice! I really like your take on the tail! :D
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Looks really good! I especially like her pose and her hip fins :) Not to mention the unusually adorable unifish.
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Thank you! I do adore giving mermaids hip fins XD
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yah, 'cause they're just so...hip :P
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Wow, beautiful lines. Great detail on the fins and hair too! :)
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i love the fish
PookaGoneRabid's avatar
Cool idea! I like it when people do non-traditional mermaids!
Can't wait to see it finished! :)
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I really love her smile.
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Hee, this is adorable! And so graceful. I love the fins and the little fish. ^__^
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Lovely detail, as usual!
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That fish and that mermaid are going to have the cutest, most elegant duel EVER.
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