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Ling and Agginis Commission

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The lovely Ling and her ornery steed Agginis in some type of peril or great chase!
Ling is :iconhelloheath:'s OC. I've drawn her several times before but in her animal form. Here she is in her human form. I'm proud at how well Agginis came out. I was having a lot of problems with his.. everything. I'm trying to draw more realistically and realistic horses are hard to draw!

And I do seem to love my epic amounts of drapery.. it really wouldn't be an Armada piece without senseless amounts of drapery.

Done in pencils.
Ling and Agginis belong to =helloheath
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Unicorn-elf! helloheath is a great artist...
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I'm going to end up adding all your pieces as favorites at this rate. lol.

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I'm that way with a lot of artists on my watch list. I'm going to need to dedicate a folder to each of them in my faves collection XD
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Looks absolutely beautiful. Agginis looks great, but if I were to offer a tip--pectorals. The front portion of his chest is a little "flat" without them. (I wouldn't have said anything before, but having just gone through them in my anatomy class, they come to mind. ;D )
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Thanks! Ah, and thanks for the tip too! The reference pic I was using had that area in heavy shadow so I must have misinterpreted the area. :)
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Quick-scan through my images gave me this: [link] Nice pectoral shot. Heh.
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Well, for the record...I think it's a pretty nice horse. I have a REALLY hard time drawing/painting/etc. horses. Looks good. You captured the motion well, and I like how the tail trails off in the wind and yes, the drapery is grande as well. Gives it a bit of romance...and I like that. :D :thumbsup:
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Thanks! I'm glad you think so :)
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It came out really nice. Very dynamic pose, and the horse looks just lovely. :love:
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the horse looks incredible! the whole drawing is beautiful.
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Gorgeous. (: The horse looks awesome!
just amazing, and i love the "epic amounts of drapery" too :)
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it's so amazing!
Shadows, dynamics...Fuck, that's realy cool, like all your work!
I don't think that someday I can achieve this))
AmandaTurnage's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)
G-Lesson's avatar
aaaa, i'm sorry for double post and adult language
AmandaTurnage's avatar
lol no problem. I'm guilty of both XD
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OMG! This came out sooooooo amazing! you really captured a moment here and you can feel the intensity and emotion throughout the piece! I just adore it!!!!!!! I love the flowing clothes, Aginnis's angry face, the power in their stances, everything!!! its truely epic! thank you once again :hug: your work always amazes me!
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I'm glad you like it! :hug: I'm sorry it took me so long to get it done for you. :(
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not a problem, it was well worth the wait! :-)
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great drawing !! :w00t::iconsnuzzleplz::iconmeltplz::icontardglompplz:
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