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Fey Nouveau

Back to my roots doing the old art nouveau style.
I had so much fun drawing Fey in that last piece that I decided to draw her again, taking a strole to some unknown destination.
I had fun with this and I'm actually proud of how it came out, for once.

I like her outfit. She's wearing one of those hip-binding skirts I hear are all the rage right now. I don't really know the technical fashion term for them. All I know is they're hard to walk in. God's speed, Fey. Don't fall and break an antler. :salute:

Done in pencil, color and textures added in Photoshop.
Textures from Here and Here

EDIT: Another colored version of the lineart can be found Here
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Awesome artwork! I took it for some prop for my pathfinder game. Did-you mind if I put it on DA? [link]
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As long as you've credited me, I'm a-ok with it! Thanks for checking with me :)
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Love this fabric.
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Her outfit is gorgeous, and she is as well~
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This one is gorgeous, thanks for making quality Art Nouveau =]
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Thank you! :hug: I'm glad you like it :)
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is Fey your creation or fanart?
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She's a character I created a few years ago. :)
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she's very graceful looking. Many kudos all around!
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Thank you very much! :)
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wow, that is such a great costume! *favs*
kakashi-no-ai's avatar
no prob! i'm always on the lookout for unique costuming :D
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Such soft and calm colors...really conveys a sense of grace. i really like this piece :)
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thanks! I'm glad you like it :heart:
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hey you ever heard of Hank and Lily? Lily is half fawn: ) this kinda looks like her
AmandaTurnage's avatar
No but I just looked it up! What an interesting comic :)
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I like the design of the dress
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I love you for saying: "Don't fall and break an antler" made my day :D

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I looooveee it!
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