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Aaron and Ling Commission

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A sketch commission for the lovely :iconhelloheath:!
You're my best customer, sweetness! I love drawing your characters! :aww:

From left to right, this is Ling and Aaron, two of =helloheath 's original characters from her story "Terratoff"!
edit: Aaron (the pegasus) is a BOY and Ling (the other) is a GIRL for those who are curious.

I actually used horse references this time to get the anatomy right. I only had to make once adjustment in Photoshop on Aaron's right front leg (the foreleg was a bit too long). I hope I didn't make him too big. He looks really huge compared to Ling. >_>

Done in pencils.
Textures and color added in Photoshop CS3
Texture from *ro-stock
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OMG they are gorgeous! *stares*
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God this is gorgeous! I love your style...Do you use Colored paper? Or do you paint it or...where's all that color come from? lol.
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aww Thank you! The drawing itself is in pencil but I added color digitally in Photoshop. :3
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Sweet. I'm gonna have to experiment hmm....
Well it all turned out beautifully. Excellent work. :)
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i love this! :love: the wings are amazing
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Lovely! I think they turned out really nice. You do such beautiful work. I really like the lines and the shading.

I used to ride horses, and there were horses of so many different sizes in our stables, the size difference didn't even give me pause. :)
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Thanks! :hug: I'm glad the size difference isn't too bad. I think I over-worry about my work sometimes >_> I need to learn to chill! XD
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*Fangirl moment over* :)

I adore the poses. :) :heart:
You are a talented artist :)

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you're very welcome!
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this is fantastic! he does look big compared to ling but it works.

great piece of artwork! :iconiloveitplz:
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haha the unicorn cant fly:P
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=helloheath 's unicorn is actually a hippocampus so she can swim. That should count for something :D
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Well at least it wont drown:P
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Incredible wings :wow:
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they are lovely! Im so inspired to write more of the story! but my mom is coming to visit and im so bussssyyyyy but, i have a great idea to make it more interesting. thanks again for doing an amazing job as always!
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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They're perfect (take it from someone who been riding for over half their life.) I particularly love the mane and tails and of course the wings. It's okay that the male looks bigger, horse sizes vary just as much as humans. It doesn't upset the balance of the drawing and it also makes him look more masculine and powerful while she looks more feminine. I don't know if that was what you were aiming for but it looks as it is.
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aww Thank you! I have been worrying about the size issue all day and I even tried to fix it in photoshop last night and totally failed. It was really late (about 2:00am) and I was getting so sleepy and so frustrated. I'm so happy to hear that you think it looks ok and especially since you've been around these animals for so long I'm glad they're anatomy looks ok to you. :aww: Your comment means a lot :hug:
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your welcome, I'm glad I made you happy.
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