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Prints available! $20 shipped to united states. International available…
or email me at

Castiel from Supernatural!

Painted from on Corel Painter Sketchpad with the round ink brush and the oil paint brush here and there and a wacom tablet

Castiel by AmandaTollesonCastiel by AmandaTollesonCastiel by AmandaTollesonCastiel is underwater... by AmandaTollesonDean Winchester by AmandaTolleson
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Beautiful. I love castiel.:heart:

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!❤️

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lighting in point
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ART PRINTS AVAILABLE?! Oh, thank god. You have no idea how much this picture means to me and apparently you made the other one that means a lot to me, too. Life has been tough lately and these pictures have helped me get through it. Thank you.

Thank you for making these pictures exist:

Castiel by AmandaTolleson   Castiel by AmandaTolleson
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I've always liked Castiel ever since he showed up in the Supernatural series. You have done a beautiful job on this picture. :)
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Wow, I just searched for supernatural wallpapers on google and your drawing showed up, so I found your deviantart: And gurl your work is friggin' amazing. Just beautiful. Thank you so much for letting us take part on such beautiful artwork
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I am a total sucker for any picture of Cas with wings haha 
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Yeeess. more cass
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This reminds me of Ari from Maximum Ride.
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Absolutely stunning piece! May I share the link on Tumblr?
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not sure if anyone has alerted you... it caught my eye on Facebook... someone is using your artwork without credit, hope you can take action!…
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Poeple seem to be doing that a lot on FB... I saw the same with artwork made by AliceXZhang, what jerks!
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Well....WOW ....Would you mind if I use this art work as a tattoo? 
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This is so beautiful! I love all of your Castiel pictures!
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This is my absolute FAVORITE painting of Castiel that I have ever seen. I've used this as a continuous background for my two monitors and I have received numerous compliments again and again. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world!
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All of my yes. <3
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hi! love your work! i just wanted to let you know tumblr user aylahurst has been posting your art with the signature erased and no mention of you at all! i just wanted to let you know!
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O_O... I'm getting this when I get paid.
This looks amazing!
I purchased this print from you at Wiz Con a year ago and I wanted to let you know that yI had Misha Collins sign it when I met him. He was amazed and loved it.
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I have this and the white winged one on my wall, so gorgeous I admire them every single day
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