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Carol Peletier

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carol peletier from the walking dead, drawn with oil paint brushes on corel with wacom tablet 
Prints available! $20 shipped to united states. International available…
or email me at
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I SHOWED THIS TO MY COUSIN (I tried to fool her to think it was a picture) she actually thought it was a picture I also covered up the signature.
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This is stunning. Beautiful work 
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So beautiful! Excellent work!!
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Oh wow!  That's amazing!  Great work!  :wow:
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Bought at Austin Comic Con. I love her so much! Thank you!
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This is awesome! the feels 
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Holy wow! It looks just like her! I love her charactor so much :D Shes so badass.
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Nicely done! Looks exactly like her! The lighting is great.
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wow!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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Really spectacular likeness! You captured her essence beautifully!
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thank you very much! :heart:
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Stunning..... Speechless.... Beats (free avatar) 
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gah. THIS. BAAAAh. I just. UNGHF. FLAILING AT MY SCREEN HERE. I love the brush work here, especially on the skin! So amazing *o* <---(this is supposed to be me, starstruck by your talent)
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slkdfjh lzskdjfh :heart: :heart: 
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Beautiful work! Clap 
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amazing work! I love the lighting (:
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thanks so much!! :aww:
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