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The Soldier and The Wolf :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 2 2
Mature content
Sunburst :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 10 1
Mature content
Breaking Point :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 8 13
Sketchdump VII: Sketchavember by AmandaSylvia Sketchdump VII: Sketchavember :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 10 4
Someday You Will Be Loved Ch. 9
Six months.
For the past six months Markus had been locked up for what he did in the Bahak system. Did to the Bahak system. Those last moments on the asteroid he’d sent crashing into the Alpha relay had played over and over in his mind more times that he could remember. That clock ticking down as he tried to convince himself that there was no other way. That even if he didn’t blow up the relay, the batarians would be dead, or worse, as soon as the Reapers arrived. Even after the Alliance had put him in chains to bring him back to Earth he tried to come up with some other way to stop the Reapers from just coming in through the front door and wipe out the entire galactic civilization, but there was no other way.
It didn’t make it any less hard to live with the choice he had to make.
Every morning he woke up wishing that it all had been just a nightmare, but just moments later he realized that nothing had changed. Those lives were still on his conscious.
Even if t
:iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 3 7
Mature content
Bullets and Scars Ch. 19 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 5 3
Bullets and Scars Ch. 18
Had they not been in the military, on an important Council mission, Avery might’ve stayed up all night talking to Kaidan. But they were and she didn’t. They’d talked for a while after they both finished their food, talking about their training with the Alliance and his time at BAaT, before they both went to sleep.
It was easy talking to Kaidan. If there was something he wanted to talk about, he said it, without hesitating too much about it. And when she talked, he listened. Even if he was of another opinion, he listened to what she had to say.
She liked him. Maybe a bit too much considering she had a mission she needed to focus on, and they had regulations. And she couldn’t possibly know if this spark she felt was mutual.
Avery sighed, running a hand through her tangled hair. She had other things to think about right now than sparks and regulations.
She took the elevator down to the cargo bay, and the thought occurred to her once again how slow the elevator actu
:iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 4 9
Bullets and Scars Ch. 17
She turned around to see Connor coming stomping towards her, Hackett standing calm at the door to the Med-Bay.
“You’re kicking me off the ship?!”
“I’m not kicking you off anything, you need medical care and-“
“You’re kicking me off the ship!”
Shepard sighed, rubbing her forehead with her fingers. She had known that Connor would be angry about this, but she was hoping he knew why they wouldn't let him stay on the Normandy. He might be out of danger from his wound, but he still needed medical care, and he was not in shape to do any kind of work with his injury. Avery couldn't afford to bring someone on this mission she knew wouldn't be able to help, especially not when she would only worry about him.
"I'm staying, Avery," he proclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest, stating forcefully that he had no intention of going anywhere, before his face winced in agony as the pain in his shoulder reminded him
:iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 4 8
Sketchdump VI by AmandaSylvia Sketchdump VI :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 7 6
Bullets and Scars Ch. 16
The last hour had been chaotic.
Avery and the team of surviving soldiers and archeologists had managed to get almost all the way to the closest exit from the catacombs on Armeni, but then the geth had attacked them from both directions, coming from out of nowhere it seemed.
They’d fought them off quickly and without harm, but when the last geth had been destroyed, she had noticed Hart slumped down against the wall of the tunnel, with his hand tightly clutching his shoulder, bleeding profoundly.
He’d tried to tell her it was nothing at first, but when he tried to get back up on his feet, he fell back down, dizzy from the blood loss.
Shepard had given him a medi-gel shot to stop the bleeding, and then ordering the others to get out as fast as possible – still not sure they were completely safe from more geth ambushes.
She helped him back on his feet and, using her biotics as a boost, she carried him out from the tunnels and into the Normandy, to the med bay, where Dr. C
:iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 2 12
Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 10 by AmandaSylvia Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 10 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 21 21 Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 9 by AmandaSylvia Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 9 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 17 0 Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 8 by AmandaSylvia Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 8 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 16 0 Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 7 by AmandaSylvia Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 7 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 14 3 Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 6 by AmandaSylvia Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 6 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 18 3 Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 5 by AmandaSylvia Bullets and Scars - The Sea, Page 5 :iconamandasylvia:AmandaSylvia 15 0


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
In case anyone is wondering, I'm still alive!

I'm also not hanging around here on dA so much anymore, but that you've probably already noticed. Mostly it's because it's hard finding time to really get any proper drawings done between work and my photoshop not working so I can't edit my pictures properly, but if you want to get more updates about me being really excited about Dragon Age Inquisition and a random sketch every now and again, you can always follow me on Tumblr, if that's your thing! And it would also be really nice if you'd say hi, let me know who you are so I can maybe follow you back! :)

My tumblr:

But now I have to get back to translating a 2000 year old latin text, so bye and hope I'll see you on tumblr!


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Send this to ten friends including me.
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Hi!  I wanted to stop by and personally apologize for not accepting your fanfiction piece into the Spirit of Justice group gallery- it has nothing to do with the quality of the work, it's a good piece (and we don't judge on standards of quality in our group at any rate.)  Having read it, I'm simply concerned that it doesn't thematically suit our group, as we try to feature work that celebrates and features Justice himself, while your piece is more of an exploration of Anders.  If you haven't already however, I encourage you to submit the fic to Circle-of-Magi!  I'm a mod there as well, and I know the piece would be very much appreciated there.
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