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Automata taxidermy

The piece is one of a series of circus themes, and it is titled "The Lesson". The larger mouse who wears a ringleader style suit bounces high on his ball, while the smaller mouse only jumps a little way up. Juggling balls are scattered around where they have been practicing balancing and juggling. A very small mouse, too young to train yet, helps by picking up the balls and handing them back to the ringmaster.

Posters around the base show of other circus acts such as mouse mind readers and rope walkers, also included is an old poster of Jumbo, a sad story of a circus elephant who was killed by a train whist passing over the tracks. He was later preserved as taxidermy, always to be the children's friend.

The piece moves by turning the handle 360 degrees on the front, this causes the mice on the balls to bounce up and down.
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Aaawww, this is soo adorable and awesome!!
This is too adorable! I absolutely love it.
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O.O That is the Most Awesome Thing EVER. <3
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oooh how did I miss this one. Seeing I have liked every piece you did, I guess you can say I have become a fan =) <3 <3 <3
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This is adorable!
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What do you mount them with? I've tried cottonwool and woodwool and can't seem to ever make mice look right :/
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Both can work, it just takes a lot of practice and patience xx
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ahh thanks! One thing though, I watched the video of you stuffing the rat and I couldn't figure what you do with the mouth?

When I sew it from the inside it just looks weird.
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you can either pin it in place, or glue it
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that.... is AMAZING!!!!!
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Thank you so much! xxx
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