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I know not many people really care about me or really know me. 
but for the people who do care, and know me. 
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything, well besides today, of course. I just haven't had the time or just don't want to sit at a computer drawing for 4 hours. My legs feel weak, and I like to move
which I've been doing. (working out) 
I've also have been dying emotionally over something... that happened... more than "a while" ago. And being trans. 

This kind of a srs note to my watchers.
Thank you all for sticking around, really. I've made some amazing friends from this site. 

Gonna be sitting on dogs tomorrow... er dog sitting
these dogs that have no teeth. 
I really should be sleeping
( off topic)... but I was watching a movie, and most movies have happy endings. Which makes me wonder.... Why? 
Life isn't filled with happy endings. Why lie? -shrugs- 
If you know me, I'm usually just messing around, but I've been dying. And I thought I'd let the public know.... for some reason. 
why not be honest? 
I always fake a smile... So, here's me. 
Andy the kiddo desu 
headin to sleep 

I'm hoping to make more art, for me and you guys to share :' ) 
thank you and good night 

if any of you guys wanna chill with this weirdo -points at me- 
just give me a call 
on skype ? 
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Awww, I'm sorry to hear that, i hope things get better <3 !!!
And good luck with sitting on doggos
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Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy ggguuueesssssssssasaa

Thaaankk youuuuuuuu :" )
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You're my hero
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-gets pen out- where would you like me to sign?