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I just read through my old journals and they're hilarious! It's so weird to see how I've changed throughout these 5 years. 

I'm very grateful for everyone I met on this website. I really am. And yeah, it's not thanksgiving but why not say how grateful you are any other time. Those times matter too, not just the holidays. Even if you're just eating a sandwich or drinking water while you're on your computer. Those moments create who we are. 

Sorry, went into a speach there XD however, I can see that those are just lil things, those don't matter, we don't remember. But really, if it weren't for those small moments, we wouldn't be where we are now. Kind of like an animated movie. Those small fix ups matte- 
I have decided that I'm going to leave this account. 
It'll Still be here, for memories. But I want to create new memories somewhere else. 
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What's you're new account going to be called? 
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Okay, I'll add your new account to my Watch List Nod