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We touched! Wip

this comic is gonna be at least two pages long. 
I've been working on it, and other projects. 
I try to make time for my drawing, homework, family/friends, and making youtube videos. 
which is pretty difficult. :' ) 
but I wanted to show you all
one thing ive been working on 
this is a fan made comic for dragon maid
made + maid = Maide ?XD
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looking good already.....I like those stellar glasses, those have to be Raybans 
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-doesn't know anyhting about glasses-
......probably xD
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they are.... what??
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Oh it was an emoji but I suppose it didn't load asdfghj
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Ohhhh, it can see it on my phone but I replied to you on my laptop
And as you can see,
That Didn't work out
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Cursed machines XD
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What is this comic? :?
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its a fan made comic for dragon maid 
its an amazing anime 
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Ohhhhhhhhhh I've been wanting to watch that one! :D

I'm planning on finishing Grimgar, Konosuba, and then tackling Dragon Maid :)
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-looks up all those other anime's- ive never heard of those anime's
they look interestingggg 
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Grimgar is one of the best fighting anime's I've seen in a while. It puts a serious stress on grief of losing people who were close to you and the Idea that the things they're killing want to live as much as the MC's.

Konosuba is about this kid who dies. But instead of "Dying" this goddess lets him go to a new world and he can ask to have one thing in that new life. So he chooses to have her and the adventure begins.

And then you know Dragon Maid XD
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oh well, that sounds... great 
and emotional

whoa, that sounds deep.
AND of course i do 
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Whenever I see characters with glasses i think about that one anime guy that always has a glare on his glasses when he's embarressed ?? YOU Know? or am I just confused x'D
I really like this drawing, it looks really good so far! Cant wait to see the end result off your comic!
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DDUUUde! You're on the right track!
I can't wait to see either! But I'm having a hard time figuering out how things are gonna happen, trying to keep them in character. I wished I had kept working on this, cause I don't rememebr all the ideas I had
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