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Bubble bath time

I'm never gonna get my charger back
This is based off something :iconmariachiman:
THIS WASNT what I had in mind, but I went with it. I'm gonna draw another thing related to spike having a "shower" xD

I Alain decided I'd draw him as his younger self to catch some thing so that might of happened, Yknow?

Hope you can read it xD
If not, here
"I'm more of a bath kind of dragon."
"Oh, also me and my boy are hanging out at the best place to take baths! Zecora has the best kind of soap!"
(Maybe he is a Lil out of character, but I was kind of rushing :' ))

Oh and spike has a rarity rubber ducky (If you can see it)

I've thought about all three being in a relationship... but I don't knooowwww, I feel like rarity doesn't like Spike like that... AH! I know! For my headcanon thing! Rarity rejects Spike... Spike cries to twilight first then tells thorax about it. Thorax tells Spike how he feels for him... and of course Spike had some feelings but fought them. He's broken, but glad he had his best friend with him. (I think of twilight as spikes best friend/mom and thorax his other best friend that isn't his mom)

Sorry this is all over the place
I'm just trying to get my thoughts out before I forget.
My phone is making that very difficult.
Thorax, spike, zecora belong to hasbro ; )
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I'm honestly serious, but at first I thought Thorax going to remark at Zecora "Don't look at the-!" XD  Sorry, that is what my first thought was before I clicked on the thumbnail.

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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Ommmmffgggg xD I mean, that's a good idea too, honestlllllyyyy

Thanks, dude
You toooooo
CitrusEucalyptus's avatar could be.  

You're absolutely welcome, Amandaam. :)

And thank you!
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He also looks like he's screaming for help XxD

Hey, now. Call me, Andy!
And of douse!
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Kind of...

Alright I will remember to do that.

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XxD kind of?

- salutes -
Of course!
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I might draw that flash sentry punching shadow
But I'll post that on my tumblr
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rubber ducky Rarity XD Oh spike
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XxD yeah
She's pretty hard to spot! But you got 'er

Spike is "cool"
XxD omfg I'm kidding!
He's definitely chilling with his boy(friend) xD
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Oh gosh XD And he definitely be chilling with his....friend XD
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XDD omfg
Hey, you do much shipping? Oorrrr
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See my newest deviation. I don't ship a lot but there are some peeps that I ship/support their ships
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Do you mind sharing?
I'm all ears ; )
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not at all: Big mac and Marble Pie, and Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst are the two that I ship hard core, but I also support timbur spruce and Twilight, Twilight and Flash Sentry, timbur spruce and fluttershy, soarindash and  flutterdash, though I don't see Raibow Dash as being the relationship type. As a joke, I support Zephyrdash XD I absolutely HATE Appledash and Twidash- I don't want none of that sh*t haha
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oH, alirght! 
I have no idea who Timbur is -loooks timbur- ohhhh, I don't watch the Equestria girlsss 

ahhh, At least we can DISLike AppleDAsh together 
I mean, I don't like to hate on it as much as I use to. I just think that they'd argue all time, and not work together. 
Twidash, I dont really have a problem with, I just prefer my flutterdash 
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Glad you think so! THANKKKSSS
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