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gerudo nail art



my latest nail art xD
i hope u guy like it
im such a douchebag, lately i've been getting bored with the stuff i do, so i take it off after only one week :( im gonna break outa that habbit, it's bad enough my nails are pretty much suffocated for ever, but changing every week?! baaaad.
So yeh, next up is either dark zelda nails or sheik nails :)

:::the thumb design can actually be used for the whole hand, say if you were to dress up as a Gerudo, or even just for fun, or maybe coz ur obsessed with em like i am ^^

thumb: Gerudo symbol
index/pointy: Gerudo guard
naughty/middle: Gerudo guard and the other gerudo that opens the gate at the oasis, bathing x) (lol at their eyes)
ring: nabooru from the epic LoZ mural (didn't turn out too good)
pinky: the sand Goddess and entrance to the spirit temple.

I looooooove the Gerudo's, im pretty much obsessed with them and love drawing them and seeing more fan art out there.

If i get faves, thankyou guys so much <3
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