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Finally a piece I didn't make for a contest. Did this for fun. This is also a first in forms of space art for me. I hope you all enjoy. Heart 
Thank you to the following stock providers:
Asteroids by rOEN911
Clouds by briteddy
Space Scape/Planets by resurgere
Astronaut by eddyhaze
Space Shuttle by fara8
Comet Brushes by Redheadstock
Optical Flare by DarkOozz
Broken Glass Brush by perpetualstudios

As always, if you feel that my piece contains any stock of yours and I forgot to credit, please comment or note me so I can fix it right away. 

Thank you all!
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Awesome art...but the astronaut is in trouble, better act fast!
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His helmet is cracked...I think I might be too late..Pray 
Maybe not. Unlike in films, the vacuum of space will not kill you in a moment by some disgusting explosion, it will choke you in some time, so if you follow your training (breathe OUT immediately, dont resist the leaving air and the HOLD your breath), you have some (short)time, to stop the leak by temporary means and save yourself...but you need to be very fast.
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Wonderful work! So beautiful!
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Such great movement in here!
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Really good editing there :3
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Thanks so much! Heart  It was a difficult piece to say the least. :D (Big Grin) 
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Another spectacular piece! Your motion effects here are great, along with the positioning of the clouds and space, just great!
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Thank you very much! I think the way I warped the clouds is my favorite part of the piece. I am glad you enjoy my work. :) (Smile) 
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You've so welcome! I might make this my phone background, so good! Gets better every time I see it.. :D
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I really like this a lot, space is awesome
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Space certainly is awesome. Thank you for the comment. I am glad you like my piece!
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Thank you very much! Hug 
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Awesome space scene =D
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Thank you so very much, friend. I am honored that you enjoy my work. :) (Smile) 
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Amazing composition!!!

Bonnie's Epic Guitar Solo (Chat Icon)
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Thanks so much!
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