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IMPORTANT NOTE: Everytime I look at this piece especially on different screens, I realize more and more how much the colors are off and how I'd like to work more on blending some parts better. I will be replacing this with my advised piece some time today. Thanks!    ****I reworked the piece so I have posted the updated version. I think it looks much better. ****

Da-Morgue  was Founded 8 Years ago
Dec 13, 2009
There has been many changes in that time. Today we bring you DeviantArts only contest group for dark and horror artists.Thats right, instead of opening another group for this endeavor I have converted this one. It just made sense to me.
The contest group will be the main focus point of the group but dont worry we will still be featuring Artists and partaking in "BLOOD SOAKED JUNE" and the rest of the customs that we have made during this last 8 years. So please join in, join up, and together we will continue to be the most active group on dA.

How it works
There is no stock associated with this contest you are free to use  any stock you find.
 You will be creating a scene using crows in a dark way.
Here are a few examples...
contest however, I did not get my piece done quite in time. I reworked the piece for the last couple hours and decided to make my final piece the entry for Challenge - Introducing the Unusual stock folderTo introduce our new gallery folder, the Unusual stock folder, here's a small challenge :dummy:
Deadline: August 15, 2017
You can find the new folder here:
The challenge is simple: Make a photo manipulation with at least one of the first stock images in the Unusual stock folder.
To avoid confusion, an overview.
:pointr:Required stock

Japanese fish by flowerpowerstock Miam by flowerpowerstock Fork by AWPhotography607
Exclusive stock - Tongs by DinowCookie Exclusive stock - Snail shells by DinowCookie Exclusive stock - Rosebuds by DinowCookie
Stock 95 by KarinClaessonArt
A few rules are in place:
:bulletorange: All the general group rules apply (
:bulletorange: One entry per participant, the artwork must be newly made for this challenge
:bulletorange: Mention the challenge in your artworks' description
challenge hosted by ::iconunusual-manips:

I had a little trouble with this piece as I normally don't work with such dark colors. Nor is this piece my usual style.

FYI: Voting is open for the Ravenous Ravens contest so pop in and place your vote. The more votes the better. Vote here: Members VoteGood Evening :evillaugh:
all you need to do is pick one entry and copy the number in the comments. Only one vote please.
11.Dance with the Corbie Queen by mum666 
12.The Night Beckons by Rowdy-Dawg 
13.Taunted by Gavster71 
14.Nevermore by CelticAngel84 
15.Feasting Ravens by Branka-Johnlockian 
16.When Doves Cry by cazcastalla 
17.Ravens Baby by Ambruno 
18.ravonus ravons contest by rochele10 
20.El Rey Cuervo (The Raven King) by Karyl-Delta 

A huge thank you to the following stock providers. Without yall, my work wouldn't be possible.

Required Stock
Crow 1
Crow 2
Crow 3
Crow 4
Crow 5
Lens Flare
Lightning 1
Lightning 2
Image details
Image size
1280x960px 1.46 MB
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This is a really good piece of art :)
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Thank you very much!! This is one of my more favorite pieces that I've created although it's also one of my least popular. I am happy to know you like it as well. :smile: 
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Amazing concept :D
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Amazing dark scene, Amanda! :hug:
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Thank you once again, my friend! I am glad you are liking my work. I appreciate the support, always! Hug I LOVE IT! 
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Great scene and nice concept! Lovely work. :D
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Simply quite charming. Impressive work. Very well done.Hi!  
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Very beautiful art. :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Great work! :iconmanipulatethis:  has the pleasure of adding this to our gallery Gallery 
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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat  

Steoh wave Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 This dark and emotive work of art shows us the excellent use of the resources used.

The scene is extremely expressive;  The little girl surrounded by crows clings to her teddy bear , gives feelings of fear. An adorable blue butterfly is 

 on one arm of the bear. The orenge lights contrast on the BG with the rest of the scene giving the aspect of horror!!!!!!

 The work is fantastic done!!!!!!
 Beautiful composition.

 Daisy thank youfor sharing this Emotional-Art between us!!!!!!!!!!    :doublehug: revampclap remake 1bPinkSmilie  

                                                                  Get Together 
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Very beautifully presented the scene,awesome work!:rose:
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Awesome concept! :heart:
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Very cool idea dear Amanda, and it's a very lovely artwork. Adding lens flare to the crows' eyes is a fantastic idea.
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Wonderful creative work!
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Thank you very much!! I appreciate your support. So happy to know you like this piece of mine. 💕
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Thank you! I am pleased you think so. 😊
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Kinda cool nightmares! I like them sometimes. Great work!
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Thank you! I have to admit that I enjoy nightmares sometimes as well. :)
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For sure, they are extreme! Often our most prophetic dreams,though they usually need deep study. I'm big into dream work, So I enjoy the ride:)
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OOOOOh,I love the little bear and the girl.Astonish work.
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