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Lady Butterfly

Hi all!

This is a piece I created for the Imaginarium's Short Challenge 40.

I originally wasn't going to submit this piece for the contest however, since I was using one of the required stock, I figured I might as well enter it. I know it's not anything fancy but I am happy with the outcome and it gives me a similar feel to that of my piece, "Fae's Bottle." I had a lot of fun creating this.

Stock Credits are as follows:

Model by aquilina-das
Forest 1 by fallen-cherubim
Forest 2 by AnitaJoy-Stock
Pink Flowers by Jean52
Pink Peony Bush & Purple bush by margarita-morrigan
Blue Butterflies by darkadathea
Butterfly Swarm by Roy3D
Butterflies 1, 2, & 3 by Wolverine041269

Brush Credits:
Sun brush by Andrei-Oprinca
Light Beam Brush by redheadstock

I hope you all enjoy!! pink heart bullet 
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This is the most beautiful work from you so far. So peaceful to look at. 😊 the butterflies kinda took away the realism of it.
This is beautiful, I love it la in love 
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your good editor i need your halpe
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Thank you! What do you need help with?
AjmalShaDq's avatar
edit my one Photo
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
I can give you tips though and advice as you work through it.
AjmalShaDq's avatar
how make your effctz
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
I’m sorry. I don’t take requests. I only accept commissions and even then, i have limits as to what my skill level allows me to do.
AjmalShaDq's avatar
ineed your tip and trikss
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Thank you! I sure hope that is a good wow. :wink: rvmp 
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I like the way you merged all the stocks together, it's a very good manip because this artwork really seems 'one' single photo.
You also have a good eye for small details like face lighting, shadows of butterflies and such things :) Great work!
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Well, thank you for that in-depth feedback! I actually tried taking more time with this piece. I focused especially on painting some details onto the model.
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This is soo beautiful and enchanting :heart:
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Thank you so much, Roosa!! It's always nice to know you like one of my artworks. salmon heart bullet rose 
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Very beautiful work! 
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Thank you very much! I am happy you think so. Thanks for the support Tiny Heart 
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Most welcome! :heart: =D
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Very enchanting scene with cute butterflies, lovely atmosphere and so dreamy colors..!
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Fantastic work and lovely colors =D
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The lighting and scene is so dreamy and like a fairy tale. Amazing soft colours and an equally wonderful art my friend, nicely done.:aww:
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Dress is really lovely!
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