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Fae Forest

EDIT: Changed the lighting a bit and made the lanterns have a pink glow instead of a soft white. Thought it would be more fantasy like that. 

First and foremost, I want to say that I was inspired by Dusk-Of-Eternal-Life by :iconjaygraphixx:. Clearly mine isn't as high of quality as his however, I always love the colors and glow in his works and I felt like this was good practice. 

Secondly, I want to mention that this piece was created for :iconthe-imaginarium: Short Challenge 46

A huge thank you to the following stock providers. Without your photos, my work would not be possible, so I thank you very much. 

Required stock: Bronze age by cd-stock
Red Mushrooms by kuschelirmel-stock
Pink Flowers by kuschelirmel-stock
Star/Sparkle Brush by kuschelirmel-stock
Mushrooms by elevit-stock
Tree by NellyGraceNG
Tree Branches by Vladlena111
Fantasy Vines by Moonchild-ljilja
Oriental Lantern by Julianez
Fern by SammyKaye1sStamps
Grass by SammyKaye1sStamps
Peony by margarita-morrigan
Pink Peony Bush by margarita-morrigan
Swirl Grass by Ecathe
Light Orbs/Fairies by Mercscilla

The rest is painted by me. 

Like always if you think I missed a stock image, comment or note me and I will add it to the description and give proper credit. 

I hope you all enjoy!! Pixel: Heart Jump rose Pixel: Heart Jump 
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I die for this beautiful art work
AimeeGemini-art's avatar
Really lovely, wish I could jump into this and be there for real.
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This is so beautiful!
I find myself wanting to see the fae who put up the decorations.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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Thanks so much!! Fangirl Squeel Emoticon salmon heart bullet 
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Thank you so very much!!! Squeeze Hug 
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My pleasure dear!:love:
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:happehwinner: Gold Star Sticker Icon Congratulations you are one of the winners of Short Challenge #46 :iconthe-imaginarium: Gold Star Sticker Icon :happehwinner:
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Wow!! Looks like I am on a roll lately. Feels good because I had been participating for a while with no wins at all in any contest. I always enjoy the short challenges and you always pick the best stock for them. These short challenges are always an actual challenge for me but I know they are helping me improve and giving me the confidence my work I need to do better. Thank you! salmon heart bullet Squeeze Hug 
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welcome :party:
yeah this event was created for our members to practice their skills :dance: congrats :happybounce:
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What a wonderful piece Amanda. Really love the glow and fantasy vibes. :heart: :love:
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Thank you so much, Roosa! I always appreciate your support and it means a lot that you like my work as your work is a huge inspiration to me. salmon heart bullet 
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Wow, it's so magical scene, great details and colours, very well done Amanda^^
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Thank you so much my dear friend. It means a lot that you appreciate this piece. salmon heart bullet 
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You're most welcome anytime my friend and congrats on your win!!
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Wow, this is a spectacular fairy scene!  The colors and lighting are stunning,
and I am envying that awesome glow effect. Wow! 
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Thank you so much! I struggle so much with glow effects and this piece took me a very long time. I almost did not make the contest deadline because the glow was giving me so much trouble. The glow kept coming out either too contrasted and bright or it was too dim and didn't look like it was glowing. Part of me still thinks it's a little too bright and contrasted but it's the best I could do. I will continue to practice getting the perfect glow in my work. Thank you so much for the support and I am very happy you like my work. salmon heart bullet 
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Thank you!!! I appreciate it. salmon heart bullet Heart 
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Thank you very much! rose salmon heart bullet 
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Thank you so very much! rose 
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