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In black and white without adornment, our humility a pride filled display. Be simple and straight and keep eyes unfocused and downward gazing. All are granted their Lord's grace; all beneath their shaded concealment wear and live in wealth. They are hushed, as gathering commences; no raised voice to offer offense in this place of ancient.  They contain no fear, no unsettled nervousness; they do not touch, and separate by gender; their observance has formula though implication has been bred from them in squander.  The ones armed, they are garbed in the contentment of faith. Only they carry memory of costs of straying, some scarred by body knowledge of disobeying.

Our black is long and light in weight, though mine is less elegant, wool that has carried centuries; rough and mended I appear, as I am, distress in motion on Shabbat. I bear no smiles in subtle carriage; I am freestanding, I to am scarred, buried in the ages. My hand touches stone in affirmation; Yes, I am here again, smoked ripped bled out pale and still uncommitted. Do you yet stir younger one? The sun here burns hard on stone, dust and flesh; my nails drift light across scored granite surfaces.

I alone am scarved and veiled; that isolation of curtain between world and self that older experiences with what conceals itself here draws forth. That one item in excess of proper observance sets my presence apart.  The females lay a distance between their existence and my own, each unsettled by this stranger potential among their cloistered grouping. Modern and ancient here to atone. There is script that I have inked upon my fleshes and the subtle phrases are hennaed to fingertip's final grip at air. Eyes have locked in passage along these stones to make judgment but to the examining scrutiny of these symbols no memories remain. Woven joined language only you and I now share younger one, like blood in offering only we recall.  There are no horns, no stench of burning meat, no spray of blood or shouts of holy graces in this worn swept plaza. My bare and hennaed feet firm plant and callous grind on heat wavered stone as I lay purchase on modern times.

ר֫וּע, nameless younger one.

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Thank you dear ... once again..... :rose:
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Always ... always I belong to your images (smiles) it is all my pleasure thank YOU again
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beautifully written.
but why "וּע"?
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i see.

when woven this garment had but one dimension to it my friend. i wrote this at one level and then about four hours later realized that there was a second that my voice reached to touch in greeting; but for you my friend, there is a third; and that is proper and good that you feel my nails drag on the ancient stone.

older to younger whether goddess to slumbering god
or mother to undone daughter who never was
or friends in obscured passages
to you my third.
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ahhh yes, thank you for explaining your thoughts while weaving it. i appreciate it very much. i was certain you'd understand why i asked. merci bcp.

a young friend tells me that the word is most commonly used as a noun, not a verb. it was explained that in it's context it would mean something like: "wicked are you..." or "evil nameless younger one". my friend isn't a Hebrew scholar so i dunno, but now i'm curious what the word actually is. but, hmmm.. maybe when i copy it to Unicode from my browser it's getting garbled enough to change a its meaning ?
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i did take note that your cut and paste of it was incomplete ...
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thanks, duly noted.
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as i understood its ancient use roohh AH
was a shout of praise to the Hebrew deity ... raised in battle, or joy. it is a verb according to this babble [link]

when i confronted Him in blood and dust under pale skies we greeted each other in glee
in battle there was little left of either of us
but neither was on their knee.

there is that first level of the Hebraic meaningless named and I meeting again ... I still standing and he ... in forgetful world now asleep and perhaps dreaming
i always elder and he by moments younger

the second level startled me and i remembered she who i aborted ... that daughter lost in salted ocean dreams

but yes there is you ... and the stair step age issue ... and the music of course and our exchanges regarding the questions of love ... any divinity expects total commitment ...
and love ... requires need.

i have been ... open here in this discussion of this particular work ... i am quite used to condemnations for actions and ... demands ... and (laughs) delusions; any deity survives by belief alone.
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Oooooo... that's a much different word. hmm.. damn these idiotic fuckers who make operating systems that support half a dozen different standards for encoding/decoding, and people using internet browsers suffer because of it. if you live in the US you typically default to an ansi or windows 1252, rarely utf8 or iso 8859-n and even rarer is unicode. all this stupidity makes me crazy (crazier) when there is a solution available in unicode. gahh.. idiots!

back to the word. that's an accurate translation and consistent use of it, yes. i'm told the the babble site uses proper hebrew, so thank you. i wasn't questioning your knowledge of the word or how you used it, i know better than that, but thinking it had another meaning totally confused me.

hmmm.. considering the 2nd thru 4th paras. recalling conversations from the past..

age.. stair step.. hmmm.. yes it exists but i don't think you can understand me as you do so easily with others, which is.. imo understandable. annd it's not because i'm special because i'm not. i'm just different somehow and that's for sure.
yes, you've always been open and helpful. i know i have no right to ask questions of your writing. most people would have disappeared or blown me off in a word storm by now but you haven't. so mucho thanks.

finally, not being a deity, i'll just take your word for it. (smile)
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i understand this about all of us ... rejection breeds interest ... ( ... i find far more interest in those who inquire about my writing than in those, as flattering as it is, who textually yearn for the taste of me upon their fingers. i know nothing of those who i've dealt with in past (guardians.angelis.boySopranos.mineVictims.birthgracedDeformed.drunkenIrish) have all spoken clearly in their own languages; though gaelic late at night rising from a ditch in ranting demands for "teahhhtttssss geeeaarrrrlll" took a moment to transliterate before I smote.

Divinity and longevity are a discussion for another time and place ... enjoy your day ... [link]
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hmmm... [at] "rejection breeds interest" .. not sure about that yet.
i agree about people who inquire though.
lmao!! gaelic is not spoken, it's gargled and spat out.

agreed, as long as we have it someday.
Depeche Mode .. was never on the top of my playlist 'til I met you. Now, I've listened again and for the first time I "hear" their tight sound and his voice, which is beautiful and melodic. mid 90's DM is killer music. I'm diggin it hugely.
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ah well ... that of course depends upon me being invited in ...
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"hmmm... [at] "rejection breeds interest" .. not sure about that yet."

oh it's the 'bad boy' thing ... you KNOW this routine by heart girl ... :LOL:
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okay it took 40 fucking minutes on TubeYou to FINALLY find the original album version of this with the FIRST MTV release video ... AHHHHHH enjoy ...

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it is a Hebrew greeting shout
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