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Hope Drifts Deeper

Deep soundings numbness, chorused whale song;
Chittering movement surrounds where no oxygen is
Grinding slowed depth noised forced echoes
Cracking basalts crusted nightly measured plumbings
Crushing pressured ruptures sear unidentifiable
Clutching clotted mentions as combinable
Blackness swallows gutted depths constricted
Body tossed compacted in lamented losses.

(repeated) as (conviction.fades) (depth)had(costs)

That moment fluttered quickly where opportunity
Chanced us "join and revel"; if only one or both of us
Had known, grasped fast; now so out of reach behind.
Had we just that tiny bled out cut in time, had hope

© Amanda 2012

Things grey eyes see that gain groans of solitude

A Sad Day - Plus .PSD File by PSHoudini   Beginning of the End by Oer-Wout

Disillusion by vivi-art   White Sunday 264: fleshwords be damned, as I am.
I crave the eloquence of your flesh,
meshing with mine in divine communication.
your message clear and certain.
I would command the veils be ripped apart
as you would my heart if what passes
between us were to be proven a lie.
punctuation of every persuasive opportunity,
wet and hot and taut and tight, a delight
that burns me but leaves me feral
for the next carnal immolation.
you alone speak the language of the lover
that translates into divine revelation,
consecrated in your glossolalia
as you receive my sacraments.
no need for prophets or poets
when we see with eyes
of stained glass and fire.
and feel ourselves burned pure
in carnal reconciliation
in a religion of Stygian baptism.
words be damned, as I am.
William F. DeVault.  all rights reserved.

:thumb303014070:   The most important by anasoriano

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© 2012 - 2020 Amanda-Graham
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Very thanks my dear!!!!

sorry for the delay in responding
very,very thanks!!!! :hug:
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great poem. I think my fave line in it is the middle one. I like the use of the parentheses... i like it a lot.
thank you also for the feature. I'm totally flattered.
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awww...lovelly poem and tks a million for the feature...greatlly appreciated....have a great week.
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That poem is simply incredible, sad, but very nicely written :)
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thank you so much Amanda
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hope's a bitch :hug:
(love the last 2 lines)

beautiful art
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