Barn Sour

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Deviation Actions

I stand at the doorway of the bunker; the blast door is thrown back against the concrete surround and the heat and sun burn hard.  I slide my sun goggles on and breathe deeply.  I restrain an urge to pull the heavy door shut and throw the bar and bolt and sit quietly in a darkened corner with my MacBook torching me with subtle rays of music and movement.  The furniture is gone now, preceded me to a more light-filled and airy and tiny destination.  There will be highways filled with traffic now that the sun has risen; I've delayed with inspections and memories of this blast and life proof place for longer than I'd planned.  Sighing I step forward.  I leave this heavy thick door opened widely once again, a habit I had given up months before when love had ended.  She will never come here searching me out; I'm sure of that now, though I left a small note expressing my longing for life to never end.

The perspiration gathers on my lip, and runs between my breasts and my tank top is clinging to my back; all as I am on the fourth step riser leading to the confusion that waits.  All my lists are in my black messenger bag, I've check-listed its contents three times; maps, GPS for the iPhone entered, my weapons, a bit of makeup I still keep from my modeling days.  I've kept the small purple bottle of the scent we both wore for a short time, though there's an antique jewel and Georgian enamel and pearl stoppered one of the same size with the new parfum I've chosen to entertain my, and perhaps another's, nose.  My steel and image covered cigarette case and wallet, passport and bundle of currency at the ready, the illegal length spring knife, gun and two extra clips, stun phone and steel knuckles all safe and handily kept within.  It's a load on the shoulder, but I switch sides often; building combat strength always in anticipation of the world's collapse.  The car waits.

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'Travel' the eyes speak

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M12 As Dream ... by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM
  :iconxantipa2-2d3dphotom:   The heart will howl by iNeedChemicalX  :iconineedchemicalx:
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Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM's avatar
Thanks, so much thanks , Amanda :hug:
Amanda-Graham's avatar
i had meant to leave you a comment on this image when i first saw and favored it ... i love the composition, colors, combination of layered object, the butterflies and (sigh) the figure.
iNeedChemicalX's avatar
thank you, Amanda..
Amanda-Graham's avatar
PostTraumatiskStress's avatar
Happy my images correspond with your moods and experiences :hug:
Amanda-Graham's avatar
I love your brain, your face, your country, your icy heart and art :kiss:
wordeea's avatar
first day of the rest of your life dolly :hug:

good luck on the road.

i did that too, the changing of the perfume - used to be coco mademoiselle (been a chanel girl for so long) now it's bright crystal by versace. some memories are just too close to our noses ...
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