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The Cyberpunk District was the result of six different city blocks being plucked from two different cyberpunk worlds and placed next to each other. One side dubbed "The Grim Side" has aesthetics that you would normally see in a cyberpunk world (i.e. Blade Runner, Deus Ex, Johnny Mnemonic, etc.) The other side on the other hand, dubbed "The Neon Side", has aesthetics that are bright; fry-your-eyes-out neon colors, with a lot of contrast between darkness and light like a synthwave album cover.

Both sides have one skyscraper that is the HQ of one of their world's Evil Mega Corporations. On "The Grim Side" is Catalyst; a MegaCorp that has it's fingers in the production of things such as cybernetic implants, military-grade weapons, robotics, and the goal of giving the entirety of the Ever-Changing City the gift of cyberspace in competition with the other districts. One thing that Catalyst is developing is the capacity to produce "Bioware", an alternative to cybernetic implants which involves growing biological implants; new strains of body warping micro-organisms which add new functions to the human flesh beyond what can be done naturally.

"The Neon Side" however has The Unicorn Foundation, which while similar to it's neighbor in terms of tech and the goal of having the dominant network, has several major differences besides aesthetics. The Unicorn Foundation has a more effective facade of benevolence, providing charitable “services,” such as work training, machinery to build cheap; futuristic homes for the homeless, producing food that it gives to city food banks, and so-on. Unlike Catalyst's cybernetics, The Unicorn Foundation's tech is more sleek in it's design, built with strange white resin and almost luminescent metal.

Both companies, while opposed to each other, realized when they first entered Sargasso that their reach and power is much shorter & weaker then back in their old worlds, what with Sargasso's internet being almost incompatible to the two's own networks, as well as the gangs that patrol and fight in the other districts having abilities that match the two companies' tech in terms of strength. And there is the Techromancers who are able to revive what both considered severely outdated technology into working order and add modifications that both thought were impossible to do. With these factors, the CEOs of both companies have decided to cooperate with each other to achieve what they wanted, both with one hand of friendship outstretched and the other behind their backs, holding a knife for when one outlived it's usefulness to the other.

(--Known Inhabitants--)
Nitrox, The Plasma Edge
Reddie Redback
Andra, The Sassy Cyborg
Jotunn, The Moon Mistress
Ferro Kan
Edith, The Wife of Lot
The Brainless Cyclops
Razbestos, The Salamander
Fate Ball

(--Writer's Note--)
The Cyberpunk District
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Ideas for the groups' leadership.

Catalyst Corporation is basically every seventies/eighties scifi movie megacorporation and tends toward those aesthetics. As is inevitable for such an organization, their leadership is involved in a sinister conspiracy. In the cyberpunk universe they originated in, their Corporation was a worldwide NGO superpower and it was only an infinitesimal fraction of it that got transported to Sargasso. This ties into their goals. Publicly and to their lower ranks, they claim to want a way out of Sargasso both for themselves and to sell, so they attempt to contact, fund and if possible take control over anything that looks like it might provide one. Secretly, their leader is doing this so he can sabotage them. He doesn't want to escape Sargasso. In his original world, he was middle management, here, as the highest-ranking member of the corporation available, he's in charge.

Nobody's ever seen the leader of the Unicorn Foundation or knows who they are, they just receive orders. The highest-ranking member of the corporation available was once a beachcomber who found a battered phone washed ashore amidst the trash and was surprised to find it still working, then even more surprised when it spoke to him, providing a step-by-step explanation of how he could rise to power. Which worked, given his current position in a corporation manufacturing electronic gadgetry, even if he doesn't actually do anything. All the other employees get their orders through their proprietary, Unicorn Foundation-build electronics. Primary among them, "build more" and "everyone must have one".