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  Sargassite by Darth-Silas by Amanacer-Fiend0
         Illustration by Darth-Silas

A Black Opal / Fordite-like substance unique to The Super-Sargasso Sea, Sargassite is a solidified chunk of The Sea's mutating energies. Since these are chunks of solid Sea energy, or Elohim as named by The Basurians, they have to be handled very carefully; As one stray touch can result in the toucher gaining a mutation, which gets worse depending on how big a chunk the piece of Sargassite is and how long one holds onto it. If the person who touched a piece of Sargassite was already mutated by the energy when they first enter the Sea, the mutations can become more severe such as boosting whatever powers they have to the point of becoming monstrous.

To give an example, let's say that Sammy Swift touched a piece of Sargassite. Since he was already transformed by The Sea's energy, his powers would increase to the point where his body will be completely reshaped to specialize in running at speeds unheard of, though his body would become barely recognizable as human.

Sargassite actually comes in many forms, with what is listed above is the most common. This is due to the chaotic energies that exist in The Super-Sargasso Sea.

The subtypes currently known is such:

Sargassite Beta: Looks similar to a normal piece of Sargassite at first glance, however looking at it closely shows that Beta is somewhat less saturated and monochrome in color. What makes this type different from the standard is that it's mutating effects are temporary as they usually last from about an hour or less. When this subtype grants a mutation, it turns grey in color and becomes inert and harmless. The Beta's color and energy does "refill" over time, but can replenish more quickly when exposed to energy, such as electricity, chi, mana, etc.

Sargassite Bulk: A type of Sargassite that currently only exists in the form of the supermodel / superheroine, Black Opal. This type of Sargassite grants the affected an increased muscle mass, granting them super strength and durability. The same abilities as Black Opal herself.

Sargassite Pearl: A type of Sargassite that takes more of a spherical shape that's a pearl white-color with a couple of small streaks of other colors. Those who touch this type gain abilities that are based around concepts like The Ocean, Lunar Energy, and the color White. This can result in the toucher gaining abilties such as, Water / Lunar Empowerment, Water / Lunar Manipulation, Werebeast Physiology, Aquatic Adaptation, Marine Energy or Esoteric Moon Manipulation, Ocean Magic and Cryokinesis.

Sargassite Obsidian: A type of Sargassite that has a more oily iridescent aesthetic, with the exact color shifting depending on movement and lighting like oil. Those who touch this type gain abilities that are based around concepts like Darkness, Death, Undeath and the color Black. This can result in the toucher gaining abilities such as Necromancy, Darkness or Oil Manipulation, Zombie Physiology, etc.

Sargassite Speed: A type of Sargassite that looks similar to a piece of Axinite. When exposed to this type, the toucher gains powers related to Speed such as Speedster Physiology, G-Force Adaptation, Acceleration Immunity, Enhanced Reflexes, Inertia Negation, Etc.

Sargassite Fusion: A Type of Sargassite that looks like a piece of Ruby Zoisite. When touched, the stone's power can use the power of Amalgamation to merge the toucher with whoever or whatever they are touching into a Gestalt Form.

Sargassite Bone: A Type of Sargassite that looks like a piece of Zeolite that takes shape of a type of bone. When touched, this stone can grant the toucher abilities that revolve around bones, such as Skeleton Physiology, Bone Manipulation, Fossil Manipulation, Etc. Though when the toucher becomes a Skeleton themselves, they may end up gaining traits that belong to animals that have skeletons.

Sargassite Taur: A type of Sargassite that looks like a piece of Andalusite. Exposure to this type can grant the toucher a Taur Physiology, which can be either having the lower body of an animal, or is able to transform their lower body into other animal forms.

Sargassite Vermin: A Type of Sargassite that looks like a piece of Hambergite. Exposure to this type can result in the toucher either shrinking to the size of a mouse, gain physical traits similar to Sargassian Vermin, or both. This subtype has no affect on the vermin of Sargasso.

Sargassite Retro: An extremely rare type of Sargassite that looks like a piece of Dross. Unlike just about every other subtype of Sargassite, this type can actually reverse Elohim-based mutations. Meaning if someone became mutated by Elohim, the mutation will actually be cured and that person will be restored back to their original self. This subtype is so rare that people will pay through the nose and trade almost anything just to get one piece no matter how small it is.

Ocarrium: A form of Sargassite that originated from fragments of the planet, Ocarro, that emits radiation that has properties of the planet's atmosphere. When in the immediate proximity to Ocarrians, they will not experience their species' equivalent of biological maturity. Though when exposed to an Ocarrian that already experienced full biological maturity, said Ocarrian will revert back to their premature forms but also reduces any gained strength they had to the level of an average human. However these effects are not permanent, as once the Ocarrian is no longer exposed, they immediately revert back to their previous form. When exposed to those with Elohim-based mutations, those beings may end up losing their gained abilities and features until they are no longer exposed to the stone's radiation.

This specific subtype is actually very valuable to the heroes and police of The Ever-Changing City, as it allows for safer containment of Elohim-mutated criminals when they are detained and held within the city's jails and prisons, though heroes and creatures changed by Elohim have to be very careful when handling Ocarrium, as they too will be affected by the mineral's radiation

(--Writer's Notes--)
If you guys have your own ideas for Sargassite, feel free to share it. You will be given proper credit if you want it to be Open Source.

Sargassite is an open source concept created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

Edit: Now it has it's own illustration, done by Sparrow9612.

Edit (9/19/2019):
Added three more pieces of Sargassite to the list. With one of them being an actual cure for Elohim Mutations.
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Awesome Sargasso Supplement of Sargassite.I especially like Sargassite Pearl and Sargassite Fusion!

I can have Sargassite Pearl be the power source for two aquatic PD characters that I'll be using,the first will be Deep Sea Dawson(who also has a trained pet seal named Battler)and the second is Waterman.

Waterman was originally an Aquaman-inspired comic book character WITHIN a comic book and my version of Waterman will have been an actor playing a comic book character named ''Waterman'' for a Super Hero movie until becoming exposed to Sargassite Pearl and eventually taking on the identity of Waterman for real!

But the direction that I'm strongly leaning on going in for Waterman is having my version of Waterman be a being made out of water like how both the public domain character,Hydro-Man and the Marvel comics Spider-Man villain of the same name are made out water(and the Disney cartoon,Darkwing Duck,had a character like that,too-''The Liquidator''who was based on Marvel's Hydro-Man).I feel like that would be a good way to further differentiate him as an aquatic character from Namor and Aquaman!

And I also have one of the underwater civilizations that will be in my comics being water-elementals made out of water and they're ruled by my version of the open source public domain character,Torrent(who was created by Darth-Silas and I think that Torrent would actually be a really cool character for you to use,too,if you wanted to use him)along with my version of Poseidon-who won't exactly be made out of water but I want him to LOOK like he is,which is similar to how some other people's versions of the Greek God Of The Sea have been depicted(and then my version of Neptune,who will be the father of Shark,won't look human at all).

I like how there are different types of Sargassite with different and specific purposes! It reminds me a lot of Kyptonite!

Perhaps you could have a type of Sagassite that gives people the ability to shape-shift! And maybe one that can allow them to absorb the properties of whatever they touch(and even the powers of whoever they touch)so they can be like a combination of The Absorbing Man and Rogue!

Just like how I mentioned an ''Occarrium Man'' before on the page for Occarium, maybe you could have a ''Sargassite Man''!

That'd be so awesome! Even if Occarrium is a type of Sargassite,a hypothetical Sargassite Man could be a being made out of the pure energy of one of the TYPES of Sargassite! I think that that could work,too if you ever did do something like that!

Very creative and very cool ideas as always!

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Awesome! :D

And thanks! :D

Sparrow9612's avatar
I took the pics of black opal and fordite and combined them in Paint.Net with various filters. Not sure it turned out as good as I had hoped though.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Now that looks pretty neat! :)
Would it be alright if I could tweak it a bit and make it the official artwork for Sargassite?
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