Sargasso Supplement: Items part 4

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Deviation Actions

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Well it's about time I made Part 4 since I did get Part 3 filled. And like the previous lists, all of these items are in the public domain, legally speaking under Creative Commons 0, so you can do whatever you wish with them.

Edit (5/16/2020): Added 5 new artifacts to the list, starting from 506 to 510.

If you want to create your own artifacts, Here's a couple of websites that you can go to for some ideas:

Museum of Artifacts
Artifact P**n
* = Random Item Drop

425. Profane Hand Grenade
A unholy-powered hand grenade that looks like a human ribcage with wafts of purple energy moving around inside of it. When the cross-shaped pin on top is removed, wait 3 seconds before throwing the grenade at the intended target. Then when the explosive reaches the end of its trajectory, the grenade explodes with both necrotic energy and great concussive force, causing massive damage towards both mortal and astral targets.

426. Edgelord's Healing Sword
This is a generic-looking demonic sword that has a rather unusual, but comforting green glow coming off of the blade. Whenever the blade strikes someone, the sword will actually heal the target's wounds instead of leaving another wound. However this process is still rather painful for the recipient at first before the healing magic fully cures the pain.

427. Yell-Maker's Pinching Claw
A massive crab-like claw the size of an adult human's forearm. This peculiar artifact has an effect that when the open claw is touching soft flesh, the claw will clamp down on it for a few seconds. During this time, the decibel levels of the pinchee's voice will be amplified till it becomes a Sonic Scream. A perfect weapon for those whose talents rely on their vocal performance.

428. Sobbing Umbrella
A black umbrella that perpetually drips water like it is in the middle of a rain storm. However if the atmosphere around it has no moisture, like say in a desert, the umbrella will not drip. This is due to the umbrella actually dehumidifying the atmosphere around it which can cause the air to become uncomfortably dry.

429. Fire Fiend's Helmet
A yellow helmet worn by Bill Wilcox, owner of several tenement slums in Gotham City, home of the hero, Mr. Scarlet. His goal was to burn down his property and collect on the insurance, while casting blame on local eccentric reformer, Professor Wilson (who had publicly said they should be burned down). This helmet has gained the ability to inflict the wearer with Pyromania, meaning that they will have a deep-seated desire to burn things.

430. Tome of Fungal Illusion
A water-damaged copy of "Alice In Wonderland" that has grown fungi. Opening this tome will release fungal spores that, when inhaled, causes those that breath them to enter a state of drug-induce delirium as they temporarily see the world in the same style as Alice in Wonderland. Those who do not have an allergic reaction to fungi will be able to recover from the drug-induced haze quicker.

431. Morphing Knife of Ravage Science
A Bauernwehr (Farmer's Knife) that seemed to be a weapon designed to combat beings with a Science Attuned Physiology. This sword will change it's shape and properties so as to properly combat & actually depower / revert those struck by it back to their original states prior to mutation, robotization, forced evolution, temporal / quantum exposure, etc. Though the target has to be struck multiple times or have the blade stabbed directly into them to be fully deconverted.

432. Morphing Knife of Ravage Magic
A Bauernwehr (Farmer's Knife) that seemed to be a weapon designed to combat beings with a Magically Enchanted Physiology. This sword will change it's shape and properties so as to properly combat & actually depower / revert those struck by it back to their original states prior to their enchantment, curse, divine blessing, demonic empowerment, etc. Though the target has to be struck multiple times or have the blade stabbed directly into them to be fully deconverted.

433. Temporal Time Watch
Wearing this watch allows the user to move incredibly fast by altering their own personal flow of time so that it appears that the wearer is moving at super speeds. The user will also be able to accelerate to the point where everything around them seems to freeze in time. If two people hold onto the watch at the same time, they will both be affected by the watch's power and have to touch the watch to be further affected by it.

434. Demonic Headband of the Rabbit
A cursed, black headband with rabbit ears that, when worn, will gain a Were-Rabbit Physiology. The wearer  becomes a giant monstrous rabbit of greatly enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability. The bearer will transform into their monstrous, feral form under the moon. They also gain various enhancements along with the transformation, but may lose out their rationalities to the beast.

435. Bracelet of  Wrestling Tools
A bracelet created by a world's God of Wrestling. When worn by someone who not only has the proper amount of physical & athletic strength but also has skills in the art of wrestling, they can actually summon forth weaponry in the form of enchanted objects that resemble ones found in places like gyms & wrestling arenas like barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, metal folding chairs, and even human-sized training dummies.

436. Fists of Moneybags
A pair of yellow boxing gloves with a large dollar sign on the top of each glove. When worn, the bearer's punches will gain strength in proportion to how much money they own. If one has enough money, the user will be able to apply incredible force to their fists, enabling them to throw a superhuman punch that can deliver great concussive force to the target that could shatter bones. Or if the bearer has even more money, punch through solid steel.

437. Sacrificial Glock
A rather ornately designed handgun that actually speaks to the bearer, saying that it requires a sacrifice for the bearer to use it's great power. And that sacrifice is a standard handgun magazine.
The Sacrificial Glock will make vulgar declarations at the target before each pull of the trigger. Outside of these quirks, the gun functions exactly like a regular glock.

438. Club of Divergence*
A wooden club enchanted to slip into alternate probabilities, allowing the wielder to strike and/or parry attacks up to six times simultaniously.

439. Wing Ring*
An item held in the ring-bearing hand may become enchanted so as to hover and attack the wielder’s enemies, and may be loosed to act on its own for around 6 minutes. If not returned to the wielder’s grasp at the end of this time, it falls to the ground inactive; once the wielder has held onto the object for one minute, it may move again.

440. Cinderblock of Attack Dog
A cinderblock (breeze block to those in the UK) that has the ability to move on it's own, able to hover a foot off the ground. This cinderblock seemed to have behavior like that of a dog as it can be seen chasing cats, likes to play fetch, and moves to different spots like it was trying to find a spot to go to the bathroom on. The "Attack Dog" in it's name is due to the fact that the cinderblock can be trained to attack on command, tackling itself into the target with great force like getting tackled by a large dog. In fact to give a apt comparison, it's like someone took the animated model of a dog but completely replaced it with the model of a cinderblock and they didn't remove any of the animations or hitboxes.

441. A-2-A Converter
The full name of this device is "Artifact-to-Ammo Converter." A strange conversion device that can create enchanted ammunition via scrapping artifacts that are added to the hopper and converting the pieces into individual bullets, or arrow heads if the converter has been configured to make arrow heads. These pieces of ammo have the similar enchantments to the artifact it was converted from. An example being that if a Club of Divergence was converted into ammo, each individual bullet / arrow can slip into alternate probabilities; allowing the bullet / arrow to hit a target twice simultaniously.

442. Solar Enhancer Lotion
A bottle of sun tan lotion that, when applied to the skin, will temporarily grant the bearer Solar Empowerment. Meaning that the bearer becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come into contact with sunlight. Which if the bearer is exposed to enough sunlight, they will actually use light to regenerate their bodies with the amount of light used defining the speed of healing. The visual effect of this lotion is shown by the skin of the bearer becomes darker in skin tone depending on the amount of sunlight the bearer is exposed to.

443. Wooden Gun of Demagentizing
A handgun that was carved from wood and painted to look exactly like a normal handgun. Around the 40 ft radius of this artifact, all magnets lose their magnetic charge and those who are able to manipulate magnetic fields lose their powers until they're out of the artifact's area of effect.

444. Miasma Beam
A ray gun that can emit a variety of toxic gases using the various glass vials that are in the rotating cylinder. The beam that this gun emits passes through the glass canisters, which the beam then acquires traits of that gas, and that beam can inflict the symptoms of that gas onto the target via the blast bursting into a cloud of the selected gas. The types of miasma this gun fires is thus: Chlorine Gas, Knockout Gas, Nerve Gas, Poison Gas, Pheromones & an odor that can repel enemies or knock them unconscious with the sheer potency of the stench.

445. Eager Portal Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited, any unlocked opening—a door, a window, a dimensional portal, whatever that the spell is casted on will for the next two hours have the opening surrounded by ethereal hands that will try to grab any nearby creatures or objects and force them through the opening.

446. Dentures of Fire Breathing*
A zippo lighter that looks like it was designed to resemble the teeth and gums of a human. Flicking open this lighter will cause the device to ignite, unleashing a brief stream of flames that stretches to around 5 ft long.

447. Bottle of Dry Water
A glass bottle that contained what looks like a clear, powdery substance. This substance is actually a paradoxical version of water that takes the form of a dry powder. Despite it's current state of matter, this powder functions exactly like normal water, able to be boiled at a hot enough temperature, etc. Though if a drop of normal water hits the powder, the powder will convert back into normal water.

448. Liquid Lightning Energy Drink
A small bottle of energy drink that, when ingested, enables the drinker’s mind and body to gain temporary super-speed, the amount of super speed depends on how much Liquid Lightning they have ingested at that time. There are multiple downsides to being a chemically-induced speedster however, as drinkers are still subject to friction, so moving while on the drug causes your clothes to get singed as well as make it impossible to breathe due to friction from air molecules. Plus when the all the contents of the bottle are consumed at once, a normal person's body cannot handle the amount of stress this kind of energy drink inflicts as the drinker will die due to the drinker's heart giving out from the stress of beating 1000 beats per minute as well as tearing every muscle in their body. Only those whose bodies are built to handle such stress, can possibly survive the aftermath of drinking the entire bottle.

449. Rubber Panzer
A miniature panzer tank made from tires & soup cans. Despite it's construction, it's actually alive as it cam move and fire it's turret like that of a normal tank. Though this tank fires tennis balls at a speed that can make the ball inflict bodily harm on it's target. This rubber construct can become the familiar to those who are skilled with crafting constructs and know how to program them.

450. Wizard's Pistol
A revolver with the word "Wizard" on the grip. This weapon is built for mages who wish to have an alternate use for their spells as when a spell has been cast while the bearer is using the gun, the fired bullet is infused by the spell and the spell fully activates when the bullet hits it's target.

Urbanus Staves
A set of mechanical devices that manipulate a sort of a primordial “natural energy” that exists within urban environments. The most interesting part is that there’s different types of devices that manipulate this energy in various different ways. These take the form of manipulating aspects of the environment such as the following: Carpentry, Concrete, Glass, Masonry, Mirror, Napalm, Neon, Paint, Paper, Plants, Water, Shadow, Smoke, Steam, Steel, Strays, Street, Tar, Vermin, Video & Wires.

452. Dr. Vornoff's Atomic Enhancement Device
An operating table and laser device built by a mad scientist during the mid 1950s that, when a being is strapped to the table and the laser is activated, the laser will bombard the test subject with atomic energy. This will either kill the subject or when the laser is properly calibrated, transforms the subject into an Atomic Superman, a being of great size and strength.

453. Sticky Notes of Reverse Psychology
A block of sticky notes that have a kind of strange enchantment. When a command is written on a note and the note is placed onto a person, that person is compelled to perform the exact opposite of the command written until the note is removed. Examples of this are as follows: Writing "Do Not Eat Dirt" and place it on a person, that person will be compelled to eat any near-by dirt. Another example being that writing "Do Not Punch An Old Lady" and place it on a person, that person will be compelled to punch the nearest elderly woman unless the note is removed.

454. Master Straw of Mass Drinking
A plastic straw with "Malt Shop" written in black marker on it. When the straw is placed inside of a drink, the bearer not only be able to drink the liquid from their glass, but can also drink the liquid in every other glass within a 10ft radius simultaneously.

455. Cursed Heart of Baleful Pizzamorph (Added info by Darth-Silas)
An amulet that looks like a heart-shaped pizza on a necklace. This artifact was created by
a spiteful wizard whose pizza was either always cold, not delivered on time or eaten by the delivery-person. When worn, the bearer becomes a living pizza i.e. a pizza with the bearer's face on it. While in this state, the afflicted cannot move or even interact with everyone, but they do feel everything that happens to them, even when someone uses a pizza cutter on them and takes pieces out of them. The type of toppings the pizza has depends on the person that wears the amulet. Only after removing the amulet does the person revert back to normal. Though any part of their pizza forms that are removed carry over to the afflicted's human form as they are missing pieces of themselves.

456. Energy Potion Pie Recipe
A set of flash cards that have hand-written recipes about various cheesecakes. Though unlike normal pies, these pies give the one who eats them massive amounts of energy due to these pies being made from potato chips for the crust and heavily caffeinated and sugary soda for the actual cheesecake. Those that eat a single slice of it feel absolutely disgusted before they enter a highly energized sugar rush.

457. Knuckledusters of Chakra Realignment*
A knuckleduster that has large quartz crystals that lined the actual knuckles. When someone is struck by this weapon, the weapon actually heals the target by clearing their mind of unrest and disquiet.

458. Clockwork Digit-Doubler*
A mechanical device that looks like a pair of metal forearms and hands as each one opens and closes depending on the pair of fingers used. Pointer & middle fingers for the upper arm and the ring & pinkie finger for the lower arm. While one's hand dexterity is halved, wearing this device allows the wearer to dual-wield one-handed and the bearer can also wear additional 10 Rings and 2 Bracelets. The bearer can also wield normally two-handed weapons in one hand.

459. Liquid Arrow Spell Scroll*
Reciting the formula on this scroll results in casting the spell on any liquid or potion and turning it into an arrow usable by any bow, delivering it and its effects (whether from splash or by drinking it) at a distance of 90ft. Examples are as follows: Casting Liquid Arrow on a Flask of Liquid Sword will result in creating an arrow that can inflict a sword slash on a target. Or Casting Liquid Arrow on liquid from a Flask of the Cat, which creates an arrow that will transform the target it hits into a house cat. However if this spell has been casted on an amount of liquid greater then a normal bottle's amount can result in a larger sized arrow that could be thrown like a javelin or be launched by a ballista.

460. Mask of the Weird*
Wearing this technicolored and oddly-designed mask allows the wearer to communicate with Aberrations (along the lines of the ability to talk to animals) without taking any of the psychological damage that sometimes results from talking to them.

461. Mask of Insect Attraction*
Insects within a fifty foot radius are drawn to the wearer, swarming or crawling as close as they can but doing no harm. If any other creature gets in their way, the insects will attack them. If any obstacles are in their way that it is within the insects’ power to remove, they will do so.

462. Spiked Club of Radiance*
A metal baseball bat that is wrapped with lit christmas lights. While it doesn't appear that the christmas lights have any actual benefits besides illumination, the line of christmas lights on this bat actually has properties of barbed wire in that the lights can cause great damage to flesh on impact along with the light the string emits able to burn flesh like it was a normal torch.

463. Boots of Megaton Kick*
A pair of cowboy boots with feathered wing designs on the front. When the wearer kicks something with these boots, they take the usual damage but fly back almost 12 times further than you would expect.

464. Micralian Container
An orb-shaped mechanical container around a meter in diameter. Inside of this container is actually an earth-like micro planet that is a half a meter in diameter inhabited by beings the size of bacteria. The container actually comes equipped with a shrink ray & teleporter that can teleport a being inside the container and on the micro planet. This container is one of hundreds that are were part of a collection of worlds on a single space ship. Each container holding a different planet, some similar to Earth, some ocean planets, some jungle planets, or some that are completely different, though all but one are planets whose civilizations haven't or are banned from developing the capacity for space travel. And the sapient beings that exist in these containers are completely oblivious to the universe outside of the container. However the Shrinking & Teleporting devices on the container can work in reverse and allows the people on the micro world to exit their world and enter the outside world.

465. Potion of Monster Sensing*
The liquid inside this bottle quivers when a monster enters a hundred-foot radius around it. An excellent artifact that can allow monster hunters to have an easier time detecting monsters that are hidden in the current area.

466. Box of Powerful Chicken*
A box that, while in the bearer's possession, will actually boost the strength of the bearer if they are retreating. Meaning that while the bearer is running away from something, they become powerful enough to plow through most obstacles.

467. Feet of the Fire Turkey*
A pair of candle holders shaped like the feet of turkeys. If a lit candle is placed in both of these, the flames will grow into a Fire Elemental with the shape and mentality of a turkey, which is to say aggressive, territorial, and especially liable to attack anyone on a bicycle.

468. Anti-Junk Food Field Generator
A device that produces an energy field that has a 100 ft radius. This energy field instantly disintegrates any form of confectionary inside of the field. This is especially dangerous to beings who are sugar-based or have abilities that revolve around confectionaries like candy, cookies, chocolate, etc.

469. The Fist of Ford
An old-fashioned car with a giant’s fist mounted on the front that is kept alive by magic. While this car is engaging in vehicular combat, this giant fist can be used to deliver very powerful punches or to grab the opponent.

470. 6-Pack of Jeepers Juice*
When the drinker of one of these potions is fighting a monster, the drinker's speed, dexterity and agility are amplified temporarily, allowing the drinker to more easily out run and out maneuver the monster.

471. Brainsaw
A technologically advanced chainsaw whose engine is actually a highly-advanced container that holds the miniaturized cloned brain of a powerful psychic. The brain is not sapient in the slightest, but thanks to the machinery attached to it's case, it can be prodded to produce the "chain" of this saw via making a spinning, solid psychic construct along the blade.

472. Rainsaw
A chainsaw-like weapon with a chain that is actually a high-powered stream of water cycled from a reservoir stored within the blade. The amount of force that the water blade can produce can allow the stream to be able to cut into most forms of armor. However after the blade has been turned off, the bearer will have to refill the reservoir before the Rainsaw can be used again.

473. Banesaw
A chainsaw-like weapon specifically built for combat against the supernatural, with components forged from enchanted materials and each individual piece blessed with a combination of incense, holy water, blessed oils & most importantly, the blood of several saints. Made to tear chunks out of abominations like demons, werewolves, vampires, flying polyps and other unholy beasts, the Banesaw is a weapon coveted by a world's Inquisition to be used only by those who have been blessed by their gods. Though that doesn't stop the average person from picking the Banesaw up and using it themselves.

474. Profanesaw
A chainsaw-like weapon that is the polar opposite to the previously mentioned Banesaw. As this weapon was forged and built by demonic hands in the Bronze City of Dis, fueled by the flaming blood of The Seventh Circle of Hell's Phlegethon River and the teeth of the blade carved from the clipped nails of The Devil himself. Those that have been killed by this blade will have their souls automatically cast down into Hell itself, no matter how many or how few sins they have gained in life. This tidbit makes the Profanesaw one of the most sought after weapons. Since having a weapon that can cast down even the purest of mortals to the realm of the damned would make for an excellent interrogation tool.

475. Grainsaw
What looks like a loaf of bread that has been made in the shape of a chainsaw, except the chain on the blade is made up of actual grains of wheat. When used along with a Helmet of Bread Control, this loaf actually does function exactly like a regular chainsaw, able to cut through things like wood and flesh like a normal saw though with some modifying, the Grainsaw can be useful in cutting down harder materials. There is said to be an alternate version of The Grain Saw called The Impaler's Grainsaw, which is a black version of The Grainsaw that has the ability to drain the blood of whatever blood-filled creature it cuts and heals the bearer with that same blood.

476. Pretender's Lead Pipe
A rusty piece of lead pipe that somehow has gained similar abilities to the famous staff that belonged to Sun Wukong, The Monkey King. It can change its size, elongate, fly and attack opponents according to its bearer's will. When not wielding the weapon, the bearer can shrink it down to the size of a 4 inch piece of copper pipe and stores it easily. However the one power it has that's different from Sun Wukong's staff is it's ability to channel the chi energy of it's wielder into the pipe and fire it like a gun or in some cases, like a laser cannon.

477. Spray-Bottle of Phlogiston*
A spray bottle that contains a chemical known as phlogiston that, upon exposure to air, will combust into a massive burst of flames with much kinetic force with a single spray.

478. Insta-Clone Printer
A large metal case that is basically a miniaturized cloning lab, with all the necessary chemicals and equipment needed to develop a living clone of an organic lifeform. All that is needed is a sample of DNA for the Printer to work with. However there is a chance of the resulting lifeform not exactly turning out as one would expect, especially if the person being cloned is either another clone, is a combination of two separate beings, or has an unstable genetic code. That and the resulting clone may not end up having the memories of the being they are replicated from and will have to be mentally programmed with them separately.

479. Spellbreaker Bullets
A set of ammunition that are made from an alchemically modified form of Iron. These bullets are able to neutralize magical energies upon contact. So these bullets can pierce magical barriers & magically enhanced materials as well as neutralize magical projectiles like fireballs and lightning bolts upon impact.

480. Flamesaw
A chainsaw whose chain and various metal parts are made from Hihi'irokane, an ember-red substance that when properly forged, is nigh-indestructible; never-rusting, never-dulling but more uniquely; a spectacular conductor of heat to the point where it still is as hot as the day it came out of the forge. Such metals have to be contained in heat-proof materials to prevent the average person from burning themselves when they try to pick this weapon up or having the gasoline in the fuel tank and electronics burst into flames / melt from the heat. While the chainsaw is running, the chain will create flames that follow the chain as it moves.

481. Book of Poisons
What looks like a rather thick tome, but in reality the "book" is actually hollow and contains one small bottle and several small shelves that are filled with various poisonous flora and smaller vials of poison & venom from animals that themselves use poisons. This book is the tool of assassins who specialize in using poisons to carry out assassinations against their chosen targets.

482. Villain Shirts
A line of black t-shirts that has the word "Villain" on the front. On the backs of each shirt is colored lineart of a specific villain's visage. When worn, the perception of everyone around the wearer is altered so as to percieve the shirt's wearer as the villain shown on the shirt's back.

483. Hero Shirts
A line of white t-shirts that has the word "Hero" on the front. On the backs of each shirt is black lineart of a specific hero's visage. When worn, the perception of everyone around the wearer is altered so as to percieve the shirt's wearer as the hero shown on the shirt's back.

484. Ill-Fated GPS
A older model of GPS that, when activated, will give you directions that will always lead you into terrible situations. Situations that will cause the death of the person following this GPS' directions. Unlike other GPS's, this device will give you very specific directions outside of just telling you where to go like parking your car and turning off your headlights. It has been theorized that this device has the ability to alter probability so that the person following it's directions will suffer their tragic fate 100% of the time.

485. Seran Wrap of Dumpster Diving
A roll of seran wrap that, when wrapped around something, will allow that object to be submerged into massive amounts of garbage as if it was water. This artifact can be used by wrapping a person with this wrap and that person can easily swim within something like a garbage dump. There is said to be other brands of this type of plastic wrap that allows a person to easily swim in other substances without many problems like Sand, Dirt, Lava, Molasses, Coins and Snow.

486. Goggles of Elemental Diving
A pair of diving goggles for those who can swim in substances that are completely opaque. Wearing these goggles allows the swimmer to clearly see under the surface as if the substance was as clear as clean water.

487. Flesh Drink
A soda fountain that belonged to a bootleg version of a famous fast food restaurant chain. The flavors that this fountain produces are as follows: Raw Flesh, Cooked Meat, Eye Jelly, Blood, Stomach, Blood Sausage and

488. Aberrant Baseball Bat
At a distance, this looks like a metal baseball bat with dark studs dotting around the bat above the grip like an kananbo club. However, upon closer inspection, the "studs" are actually very hard eyeballs that actually move like they are inside a skull's eye socket. Wielding this weapon grants the bearer the ability to see through the bat's multiple eyes, granting them 360 degree vision. Also, if the bearer has a vision-based ability, they can channel that power through the bat and use the eyes on the bat for that power.

489. Potion of Take-Off*
When splashed onto something, this potion removes any items that “cannot be removed except by magic” or similar descriptions.

490. Lies To Lizards Spell Scroll
When the formula on this scroll is recited, this spell can be cast on a specific person or on a twenty-foot circle of space that lasts for around 7 minutes; if anyone affected by the spell attempts to lie, they will instead vomit up a fat red lizard. The lizard is benign.

491. Antigarotte Collar
A steel collar decked with spikes that is worn around the neck. This collar was designed to protect the wearer from getting strangled by the most muscular of thugs.

492. Box of Instant Combustion
An old-fashioned TNT Blasting Box that isn't connected to any bundles of dynamite. However when the plunger is fully pressed down, it will cause either a localized explosion to erupt where the bearer wants as long as it's within their field of view. Or it can cause explosive materials in the immediate area like gunpowder, explosive barrels, gas cans, a gas line, or a fuse box to combust violently. This can be used to detonate the bullets that are loaded in a firearm and destroy the gun in the process. Another affect of holding this box is that the bearer is immune to explosions. So one could use the concussive force of an explosion to propel themselves into the air. It is said that this box is an artifact connected to a world's God of Explosions.

493. Coat Hanger of Avian Repelling
A metal coat hanger that somehow gained the ability to repel avians and other winged creatures. When used as a weapon, this coat hanger will actually inflict much damage to a winged creature upon impact like how a sharpened sword can easily cut through flesh.

494. Bird House of Explosive Avians
A large bird house with a pair of handles on the sides and a button on both handles. When both buttons are pressed at the same time, a large, animated GIF of a bird will fire out of the house and fly straight forward. When the bird collides with something, it will self destruct violently like a mortar shell.

495. Belt of Many Sticks
A utility belt that contains a seemingly endless supply of dynamite. However these sticks do not actually kill the average person even when they explode up close, as while they can still damage the environment like a normal explosive, the average person will actually just be propelled by the wave of force. This function allows one to use this belt as a way of flight via dropping a stick of dynamite and having the force of the explosion propel them in the air.

496. Giblet Pistol
A revolver that, when the trigger is pulled, will actually fire a spray of bloody giblets of body parts like eyes, ears, noses and lips. Mostly used as a psychological torture device.

497. Truthteller's Shackle
A shackle with a lizard-like design etched in the metal that has the Lies to Lizards spell enchanting it. Whoever wears this shackle has to say the truth, or else their attempts to lie will result in them activating the spell and they will puke up a fat red lizard as a result.

498. Ray Gun of Portal Shot
A retro-style raygun that, when the trigger is pulled, a laser won't be fired. Instead a portal opens above the gun's bearer and launches a random object at whatever the gun is pointed at at a speed of 50 MPH. Where these objects come from is anyone's guess, though the most common theory is that the gun is connected directly to The Super-Sargasso Sea.

499. Space Junk Spell Scroll
When the formula on this scroll is recited, multiple portals open up over the immediate area and scores of random, space-based objects end up falling out of them. Where these objects come from is anyone's guess, though the most common theory is that the spell creates portals linked to universes outside of the user's current world and takes objects from those worlds as ammunition.

500. Mmaagha Kamalu
A sword that belongs to the Igbo god of war, Kamalu. This sword glows red when people with evil intentions are close by and it can cause tremors when struck on the ground. It is said to gift mere mortals victory in battle.

501. Chrono Age-er
While worn, the bearer is able to transform into a state of being that grants them power from their past and future via turning the dial either forwards or backwards. This has the result of either de-aging the bearer to a previous age or aging them up to become an older version of themselves.

502. Double-Barrelled Lizard-Launcher*
A double-barrelled blunderbuss pistol with a metal lizard decoration on both barrels.

503. Fork of Caltrop Summoning*
A two-pronged hook with what looks like miniature caltrops in between the prongs. When this weapon is swung, the caltrops in between the prongs will detach and spread out over the ground, where they grow into normal sized caltrops. The caltrops inside the hook will replenish over time.

504. Potion of Soft Blade*
When the actual bottle of this potion is struck by a bladed weapon. The blade will actually soften and bend like cheap aluminum and will not damage the bottle in any way.

505. Belts of Homoeomeria
A series of mechanical belts with some kind of gizmo for a belt buckle. When the button is pressed, the bearer's physical form will convert into something similar to a Giant Rutherford-Model Atom. Not shrink down to a size of an atom, but will change into a formthat resembles an Atom. Though these belts seems to function under the outdated concept of Homoeomeria, as the bearer can convert the physiology of their Atom-esque form into a form of Elemental Mimicry with each belt changing the bearer into a specific element.

506. Shred Rock Spell Scroll
When the formula on this scroll is recited, the scroll releases wild winds that, while harmless to almost everything else, will shred apart solid stone into gravel. Making it a great weapon against stone-based enemies.

507. Book Cover of Ice Missile
A book cover that goes over a "Tome of Absorb Ice" (found on Part 1 at #58.) With this cover on the tome, the tome is now able to unleash the icicle missiles from the book using the essence of ice as ammunition.

508. Spell Ripper
What looks like an old computer scanner, however this scanner actually has the function of scanning Spell Scrolls and other magical texts and upload the spell effects to the bearer's computer and can transfer the spells onto another medium like floppy disks, audio cassettes, etc.

509. Tome of Shatter Matter
A thick tome that contains and enchanted by the spell "Shatter Matter." How this works is that if the tome strikes something, the object will shatter into small particles. If struck on an object that is larger then the book, the book will leave a hole that is shaped like the book.

510. Chicken Riding Spell Scroll
When the formula on this scroll is recited, any near-by chickens will grow in size to the size of your average horse. Allowing the average person to saddle a chicken and actually ride it like a normal riding animal. This spells effects are temporary and will last for around 12 hours.
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Sparrow9612's avatar
I can see Amax Kanal tracking down the Ray Gun of Portal Shot and Space Junk Spell Scroll to see if he can get anything useful or valuable out of the portals. Though I think what he would really want is direct access to The Sea itself and a means to leave as well, to sell off useful loot on the interdimensional black market.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Well to be completely honest, it might take a while for Amax to get something valuable since both whatever those artifacts summon and The Sea itself is mostly full of random junk from all across Totality. You MIGHT get lucky and end up getting something valuable like a magic sword or a BFG, but chances of that happening are rather slim. While scavenging & recycling are a thing in The Sea, the job of a Tosher requires a lot of patience in order to find something good or better yet, sellable. Even then, some artifacts and electronics need to be repaired by engineers and the like for them to be usable for everyone else since they very likely get damaged upon entering and crashing into The Sea.

Still though, if Amax is persistent enough, he could end up scoring big. Though while getting IN The Sea is easy, it's a lot harder to get OUT of it, since there are forces inside The Sea that prevents people from escaping. Though if he gets lucky, he could find the The Warehouse Nexus and sneak in and out of The Sea that way without those forces noticing as the doorways into The Nexus are very tiny and not very noticeable.
Sparrow9612's avatar
I could see him being surrounded by useless junk as he keeps trying to get something good. Its like one of those coin machines with cheapy stuff in them.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Or like Loot Boxes where you have a tiny chance of getting what you want. And possibly get an addiction to gambling in the process.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Amax has demonic origin to some degree, but I don't know if he'd be prone to addiction. If makes a lot of money selling off artifacts, he probably could be found at some swanky casino with the wealthy clientele.
Sparrow9612's avatar
The characters in Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' could have really used the Coat Hanger of Avian Repelling.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Exactly. :)
Also do you see any of the other artifacts I made that interests you?
Sparrow9612's avatar
Well they are all interesting to some degree. But looking through this list again, the Temporal Time Watch could be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. The Bracelet of Wrestling Tools could be used by someone like Cornerstone, a former wrestler turned hero-for-hire, or a similar character.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
What I mean was more of the artifacts I made today.

Though yeah I can see Cornerstone having The Bracelet. I mean I already do have a Wrestling Character who uses it as her own weapon, though Any Wrestler can use it for themselves.
Open Source: Ms Muscle by Amanacer-Fiend0
Sparrow9612's avatar
Well one of the most useful would be the Antigarotte Collar. Being strangled to death by a wire is a pretty horrible way to die.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That's true. Though someone like Hitman's Agent 46 will find some way of getting around it.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Agent 47 has plenty of other ways to take out a target. 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Yep. Just look at gameplay by StealthGamerBR for how 47 can do it.

Besides that. On this list, are there any artifacts that you see yourself using for a character or two?
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Sparrow9612's avatar
Would Spellbreaker bullets also negate the magic of a wizard shot with it?
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Yes. Since the bullets were made to combat those magically inclined.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Wizard kryptonite basically. What sort of material might have anti-magic properties? 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Well from what I've heard in folklore it's usually iron. Cold Iron being the most effective against the supernatural.…
Sparrow9612's avatar
The Anti-Junk Food Field Generator would render Rush totally powerless I think.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Yep! The Generator would be very dangerous to Rush, especially if Rush has to deal with multiple opponents at once while in this field.
The field was probably first created by some fitness nut scientist or a mad dentist that wanted to rid the world of junk food so that people will actually eat healthier.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Or was made to fend off swarms of carnivorous gingerbread men or some other such culinary monstrosities.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Here's an idea, Every holiday that has candy involved has their own kind of candy monsters that terrorizes The City. And during each of these holidays, a entire dollar store's amount of holiday candies ends up falling into The Super-Sargasso Sea and end up mutating into some kind of life-form. Like for example if Easter Candy and chocolate ended up falling into The Sea, you could have Marshmellow Peeps that become something like THIS:…

Then the Anti-Junk Food Field Generator would become a necessity!
Sparrow9612's avatar
Yes, it most certainly would. I prefer to be the one eating the candy, not the other way around.

Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U "The snack that eats you back! Piranhafish!"Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U 
Sparrow9612's avatar
The Cursed Heart of Baleful Pizzamorph was probably created by a spiteful wizard whose pizza was cold or not delivered on time or eaten by the delivery-person.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That's a great explanation for the Cursed Heart! :D
Like if this wizard was pissed that his local pizzaria has such terrible service from a certain pizza guy that he made this artifact as his way of getting revenge. That way he can get rid of that pizza guy and get a fresh pizza at the same time!

Though now that I'm thinking about it, how would something like The Cursed Heart be done in a straight fantasy setting like in D&D... Maybe make it The Cursed Heart of Baleful Muttonmorph?
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