Sargasso Supplement: Items part 3

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Well once again I have no more room on my previous list, right before I post number 300 as of the time of this post. And again, all of these items are in the public domain, legally speaking under Creative Commons 0, so you can do whatever you wish with them.

If you want to create your own artifacts, Here's a couple of websites that you can go to for some ideas:

Museum of Artifacts
Artifact P**n
* = Random Item Drop

Edit (2/12/2020): Added 6 more items to the list, starting from number 419 to 424.

297. Tome of Six Secrets
A mystical book that somehow combines six different smaller mystical books. The elders whisper that it was created by a good wizard that felt like too many adventurers were getting killed on solitary quests so they magically merged six different quest items into a single locus so that the adventurers could join forces.

298. The Brain of John F. Kennedy (Credit to Sparrow9612 for added effect)
The actual brain of a former US President that was lost during the assassinated leader's autopsy. The brain is contained inside of a masonry jar, where you will see all the holes from years of drug abuse.
When in close enough proximity, the brain makes faithfully married people have unwanted thoughts of cheating on their significant other.

299. The Peak Stone*
A 1-inch top stone from the peak of the highest mountain in one world's fantasy kingdom. Said mountain was actually a location of importance as it was said to be the home of the gods, so this fragment has divine qualities that make it very powerful for things like potions, metallurgy, crafting, etc.

300. Samson's Jawbone
A bone dagger made from the same jawbone used by the biblical figure, Samson, to slay an entire army single-handedly. Wielding this weapon allows the bearer to gain the ability of Dagger Proficiency, Supernatural Strength and finally One-Man Army, while the dagger itself is indestructible and can bypass most forms of Invulnerability and durability. The amount of Super Strength one gains depends on the length of ones hair and the only other condition to fully use this dagger's powers is that the bearer cannot cut their hair while it is in their possession, lest the blade no longer work for them and be as blunt as a normal bone.

301. Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
A long, full-sleeved robe that looked like it was made from a fabric version of opal gemstone. In certain angles of light, the colors that show on the robe change drastically from one color to another. If the coat is under a bright enough light source, the coat will emit a rainbow of colors that scatter everywhere like a disco ball.

302. Gravedigger's GraveBroom
A rare treat for Gravediggers that wanted to make sure that the dead stay in their graves, The GraveBroom is actually a version of a Winchester Model 1897 that has been specifically designed to resemble the handle of a shovel, with the pump-action near the foldable spade bayonet. When the safety is on, the pump-action grip is locked in place & the spade bayonet flicks forward so that it can be used as both a digging implement and a melee weapon, with a cap on the blade to cover the gun barrel so as to not have dirt or other things to obstruct it.

303. The Sword of Franz Scmidt
An Executioner Sword with the engraving "Ich schone niemanden" on the blade, which is german for "I spare nobody". This sword also has 361 scratches on the flat of the blade, each one representing an execution it's former bearer had performed during his career. This specific sword also has an enchantment which causes the scratch marks to glow a blood red light in the presence of those who have committed a crime. The severity of the crime is gauged by the number of scratch marks that glowed, starting from the guard. Minor offenses only cause a small number of scratches to glow and more serious crimes cause more scratches to glow.

304. Shirt of the Tarasque*
A plain black t-shirt with the word "Tarasque" on the front in plain white letters. When worn, the wearer gains the Tarasque’s armor-like carapace that is exceptionally tough and highly reflective, deflecting all rays, lines, cones, and even magic missile spells. There is a 30% chance of reflecting any such effect back at the caster; otherwise, it is merely negated.

305. T-Shirt Armor of God*
While it appears to be a simple black t-shirt with the gold-colored image of a crusader on the front, this shirt provides great protection against Necrotic forms of damage, negates any Profane enchantments, and the wearer gains a combat advantage against Undead.

306. Ray Gun of Rosetta
A handheld alien device that can allow the one shot by the ray able to understand the spoken words of the weapon's user or read otherwise incomprehensible written messages of the user's language. The ability to read does not necessarily impart insight into the material, merely its literal meaning.

307. Flask of Liquid Sword*
A green potion that, when splashed, does damage unto the object splashed on which resembles the kind inflicted by a sword.

308. Reliquary of Saint Martha
A holy artifact the contains a bone that belonged to Saint Martha, the holy woman that managed to tame a Tarasque in the time of Medieval France. Those bearing the reliquary are able to pacify or even actually tame a Tarasque, though the chances of this are better if the bearer is a christian or connected in some way to God.

309. Boots of Anteaus
A pair of dirt-encrusted rubber boots that grant the wearer Earth Empowerment through physical contact with the ground. Physical contact with dirt/soil gives the most amount of power to the boots' wearer. If the wearer isn't touching the ground, they lose their power.

310. The Five Stones of Revelation
Five different-colored stones that embody the five aspects of the event known as Revelation, with each stone being formed by different means. These stones are the key components for an uber-powerful and unstoppable spell that will cause doomsday on whatever world it is cast on, killing every living thing down to the microbes.
-Conquest: This stone forms in an area where most forms of conquest occur.
-War: This stone forms in the area where the most bloody conflicts occurs.
-Famine: This stone forms in an area where the most people are starving to death.
-Pestilence: This stone forms in an area where disease is the most prevalent.
-Death: This stone forms in an area where there are more deaths in a short expanse of time than everywhere else.

311. Pistol Sword of Scurvy
Pistol Sword of Scurvy by Amanacer-Fiend0
A weapon of Burmese origin that is a combination of a flintlock pistol & a saber with the pistol barrel being the handle of the saber, allowing it to be drawn from sheath. This specific sword has a special enchantment of the blade that not only allows it to be thrown and it returning like a boomerang, but also, when it draws blood on the enemy, will drain that enemy's vitality and transfer it to this weapon's bearer, healing them.

312. The Amulet of the Dungeon
A slightly rusted magic amulet that has four built in spells that can be chosen by those magically inclined. However in anyone elses hands, the spell that is actually cast is randomized.
-Descend: If in a dungeon, building or complex, the caster goes down one floor unless there is no other floor.
-Ascend: If in a dungeon, building or complex, the caster goes up one floor unless there is no other floor.
-Break: Fires a blast of magical energy that can either inflict damage to a target or break down a wall.
-Transform: Transforms the caster into one of four dungeon-dwelling monsters, though which one the caster becomes is randomized.
--Giant Roach: Blattodea Physiology
--Redcap: Redcap Physiology
--Ooze: Amorphous Physiology / Slime Mimicry
--Lizardman: Reptilian Physiology (Crocodile)
--Backfire: The caster doesn't transform and is inflicted multiple wounds on their body.

313. Highland Lark's Scream
A sealed glass bottle that, when opened, unleashes both an incredibly loud battle cry and an epic guitar solo that lasts for a total of 30 seconds. And during these 30 seconds, thunderclouds form over the general area where the bottle was opened and multiple bolts of lightning strike all around the bottle's opener.

314. Stourbridge Skates (Click Here for image)
A pair of Coal-powered Motorized Skates that look like miniature locomotives.

315. Lightning Boots*
A pair of hot pink cowboy boots with a black lightning bolts on the sides. As the boots are actually electrified, they can deliver a powerful shock to whatever the wearer kicks or stomps on.

316. Helmet of Digestive Mimicry*
Allows the wearer to actually eat an enemy, and there is a chance that the wearer will end up copying that foe’s best-known abilities.

317. Travel Coffee*
A self-heating tin can / mug mix of travel coffee; just peel off the lid and you have a nice hot fresh cup.

318. Microbe Killer Club*
A baseball bat they can cure diseases through bludgeoning, though one should hope the one on the receiving end is strong enough to survive the beating once the microbes are dead.

319. Electro-Gun
An alien device used for their former wielder's Plan 9. This devices fires a beam that resurrects the dead and puts them under the bearer's control. These devices though are known to malfunction, causing the dead to rebel against their masters before the gun could be fixed.

320. The Staff of Manos
 A magical staff that allows it's wielder to summon red, spectral human hands that can be commanded to do various tasks.

321. The Glacial Zweihander
An enchanted zweihander with an ice-cold blade that leaves a small trail of snow and frigid wind with every swing. This weapon was specially forged to inflict great damage against powerful beings of flame and heat, as the blade also has a chance of freezing whatever it hits solid.
Despite its appearance, the sword doesn't actually have a permanent physical blade, rather it actually generates one with its powers with each use. The “blade” is actually made of air frozen into a solid and can continuously reform itself to sharpen its edge and regenerate from damage as long as it remains surrounded by atmosphere. The sword can also inflict frostbite to anyone unfortunate enough to touch the blade but the sword has two key weaknesses. One being that you get it in a vacuum and it’ll have nothing to form a blade from or throw water on it, it’ll freeze instantaneously on contact with the frozen air and the sword wielder will be swinging an ungainly giant irregular icicle. Keep throwing water and you could get the blade too big to lift.

322. Dragon's Saddle of Augmentation
An enchanted saddle designed for a european dragon that alters the properties of both it's fire breath and it's melee attacks, granting them the same enchantments and properties of the weapon and armor the dragon's rider is currently wielding.

323. Dr. Sparta's Instant Dinos
Twelve of what you could easily mistake for one of those dinosaur-shaped sponges contained in water capsules, these capsules actually contain dehydrated organic powder that upon contact with water, will actually becomes a fleshy soup that grows quickly. This soup then develops and coagulates into an actual living dinosaur whose size is proportional to the amount of water the capsule is dropped in. Though you must never put two or more of the capsules in the same bowl or water tank, as the soups will combine into one another into a hybrid.

324. Pack Human's Gambeson
What looks like a regular, raggedy gambeson actually has an enchantment that grants the wearer Supernatural Strength, Supernatural Stamina and Improbable Weapon Proficiency (Cargo). This set of powers allows the wearer to bear heavy loads of cargo on their shoulders, carry them across great distances without tiring and finally use that same cargo as a weapon.

325. Thunder God's Electric Swatter*
An electric fly swatter that looks like it was made using materials like oak wood & iron while also having Norse runes on around the swatter's head and a slightly larger one on the handle where you would normally find the button on a modern swatter. Pressing the rune on the handle will electrify the swatter's head with enough voltage to electrocute a normal human to a crisp. The swatter itself can actually electrocute the wearer when energized without the proper hand protection.

326. Warring Radio
An old-fashioned radio dating back to the Second World War. When turned on, the radio will broadcast about what is currently going on in the second world war, however after 20 seconds, the front of the radio opens like a fanged mouth, expelling dozens of extending ghostly arms, each hand holding a long, sharp knife. These arms will lash out at everyone infront of the artifact. However, if a second Warring Radio is placed infront of the first one, both radios will attack one another relentlessly until one of them is destroyed.

327. Satan's Shoes
A pair of thigh high, iron-spiked boots. There is an old and bloody legend behind these accursed pieces of footwear. They who could fill The Devil's Shoes could run a mile in one stride, leap over the tops of trees, and slay all who opposed them, But there was a bitter price to pay - The blood of a young bride who must go to her death unskirmished i.e. a virgin sacrifice.

328. Lightning Ball Disruptor
An electric spear-like device that is connected to a back-mounted energy pack. Originally designed to disperse a highly explosive form of Lightning Balls, this spear can be used as like a regular spear but the long spear tip can actually burn it's way through steel plate like a hot knife through butter when the spear is activated.

329. Jeanne De Clisson's Battleaxe
The same battleaxe that was once used by the infamous Jeanne De Clisson, The Lioness of Brittany. Not only is the axehead still stained with the blood of over 100 french nobles, but the axe can actually summon forth a spectre of one of Jeanne's famous red-sailed black ships. And this spectre usually crashes straight through whatever the axe's bearer targets.

330. Shepard's Crook
An enchanted crook that has a few abilities like having the properties of sunlight, allowing it to inflict great damage onto creatures who are vulnerable against sunlight with a single touch. Another ability this crook has is that it can also summon a shower of light orbs that each take the shape of a cartoon sheep, with each orb acting similarly to a firework upon impact.

331. Polymerger's Sword of Anything
A device that looks more like someone modified a toy light-up sword by removing the plastic blade & lights from the handle, wrapped the handle with black electrical tape, and hot glued the screw-on top of a soda bottle to the base where the blade should connect to with the bottle cap screwed on. However if one were to remove the cap, place the exposed base onto a solid object and press the button on the handle; The handle will actually convert the object into a sword blade with the blade's size depending on the size of the object. The blade will also take the properties of the object, be it cybernetic or magical. Pressing the button again will make the blade detach itself from the handle so the bearer can create a new blade.

332. Scroll of Amorphous Punch
When the scroll is opened and the inscriptions have been read out loud to cast the spell, The spell will temporarily allow the user to neutralize an amorphous entity's resistance to bludgeoning damage, making them susceptible to melee attacks.

333. Twister's Cyclone Gun
A high-tech handheld firearm that can shoot powerful bursts of air. However, if the dial on the gun is moved to the "Spin" setting, the gun will create a tornado strong enough to carry cars or move them along at super speed.

334. Sub-Zero's Missing Hand
A perfectly preserved forearm of a former ice-based superhero. Squeezing the base of the arm makes the hand fire cold energy, which can be used to stop wounds from bleeding, to create a protective shell to prevent injury and could cause freezing in a specific, localized area, once freezing water underneath a submerged car to lift it out of the water.

335. Thore's Hammer
A workman's claw hammer once used by a world's supposed God
Thenthathional. However unlike The Hammer of Thor, Thore's Hammer has only a small amount of control over the weather as well as that one strange enchantment where the bearer gains this rather prominent lisp upon holding it.

336. Sneezing Powder of Phlegm Sword
With a single sniff of the powder and the resulting violent sneeze, the sniffer will evoke a slimy green blade, which they can grasp in their free hand. The blade is similar in size and shape to a Scimitar. If the bearer lets go of the blade, it'll disappears, but they can evoke the blade again by sniffing the powder again.

337. Itching Powder of Rending Self
A dash of this powder on someone will cause that person to itch uncontrollably, scratching on every spot the powder hits. However, unlike normal itching powder, the one scratching will actually grow their nails into sharp claws and they will actually start rending their flesh to shreds as they desperately try to end the itching in a crazed frenzy. This can result in much of their flesh being shredded off and the one itching will die from blood loss. There is said to be a more powerful version of the powder that can actually cause things like robots and even plants to develop these behaviors.

338. Oozeir's Hammer of Slime Energy
A strange version of Thor's Hammer that came from one world's God of Oozes. This specific hammer has the ability to create, shape and manipulate the natural energy found in slime, ooze, and goo; emitting the slime energy as a force to project energy bolts, blasts, force fields and weaponry or convert it to create slime, green ice, mist and/or snow. The hammer also is actually sapient who calls herself "Slora" and most of those outside of Oozeir aren't able to handle the amount of conversation and nagging the hammer speaks on a daily basis.

339. Flask of the Cat*
A flask that is the shape of a domestic house cat with the head being a removable cork. Contained in the flash is a magic potion that can temporarily polymorph the drinker into a house cat. What breed depends on the drinker's hair color and hair style.

340. USB-powered Shovel*
A shovel that for some reason has a USB drive at the end of the handle. When plugged into a computer, data can be uploaded into the USB Drive and that data can actually alter the properties of the shovel itself depending on what that data is. All types of data can cause the shovel blade to emit data particles and create a trail with every swing that can actually show an image from that video like a Pixel Visual Poi. The shovel will also gain traits that depend on what data had been uploaded such as a GIF of a fire will cause the shovel to actually produce flames with every swing.

341. Stomach Pill of Chunderwave
A plain, apple green pill that when ingested, will cause the ingester to purge their stomach in a similar fashion to a fire hose as a stream of barf sweeps out of them. Objects splashed by this wave of sick will be burned by the acid and unsecured objects are blown away by the force of the spray. The most effective way of using this unpleasant medicine is after the ingester had a large meal.

342. Raygun of Money Mitosis
A retro-scifi raygun that, when fired on a pile of up to 100 coins, the coins split into two exact duplicates of themselves. However there is a chance of the process botching and causing imperfect mitosis, resulting in the coins being turned into amorphous blobs of metal. There is also a chance that that amorphous blob of metal will actually become sapient and be as fluid as gravy, able to move about on its own and consume more coins to add to it's bulk.

343. Remote Catrol*
A remote control for cats. Meaning that if one points the remote at a feline-based entity and presses a button, that entity must have a strong will to avoid coming under the control of the remote's bearer. Felines of all breeds can fall under the remote's control.

344. Elemental-Brand Cigarettes
A strange brand of cigarettes that allows a smoker to use one blow of a Breath-Based Power after each puff, with each flavor granting a different Breath ability. Such as Cinnamon granting Fire Breath, Mint granting Ice Breath, etc.

345. Sweater of Signal Jamming*
A grey sweater that has the images of stylized 80s TVs scattered on it. The presence of this sweater disrupts any wireless signal and prevents messages from being sent or received within fifty feet, regardless of whether or not someone is wearing it.

346. Create Barricade Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited, all furniture and other items within 100 feet not fastened to a building or a character coalesce into a wall. The caster may shape the barricade as they like, but its length, height, and thickness are dependent on how much material they have to work with.

347. Orbs of Bludgeoning*
Four wooden orbs that can be commanded to whirl around the owner, hitting any creature that gets within five feet of the owner. The owner may activate or deactivate the magic behind them at will, but when reactivating the orbs must be within ten feet to feel the call.

348. Cloud of Arrows Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited on an archer’s quiver, it causes all the arrows stored inside to spring to life, swirling in a cloud around the caster, a designated creature, or a particular point in space; if any creature wanders into the cloud, they are struck by the arrows as if fired from a bow.

349. Storm of Strikes Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited, a group of up to 12 floating boxing gloves will appear and assault the caster's target for up to 2 minutes. Each glove hitting with the force equal to the strength of the caster's own punches.

350. Helmet of Bread Control*
A strange-looking helmet that looks like a loaf of bread mixed with a knight's helmet. Wearing this helmet allows the bearer the power of Bread Manipulation. Three of the ways that the helmet's bearer can use this power is to either make bread that can infuse the eater with strength. Make a loaf of bread so tantalizing that the mere aroma can enrapture someone and make them susceptible to suggestion. Or create a loaf of bread that can actually heal the one that consumes it.

351. Chain of Dancing Guns*
A heavy metal chain that has ornate symbols carved on each link. This artifact that allows the wearer to apply an enchantment to up to ten firearms at once, controlling their aim and fire with whatever gun is held in the hand.

352. Pistol Scope of Precision Strike*
A scope that was suppose to be attached to a pistol. So while the scope will allow the bearer to make accurate shots using a handgun; when attached to a melee weapon, the bearer will actually make accurate strikes that target the weakest point of whatever the weapon hits.

353. Programming with Curses*
A Technology Manual for Spellcasters. By following the instructions, spellcasters are able to create programs using magic and can use magic for engineering purposes.

354. Iron Boots of Anchoring
A pair of boots made to work in conjunction to giant weapons. Wielding a giant sword, even with super strength, can still have the drawback of not being able to stop the extremely heavy weapon when at full swing and throws the wielder off balance when the weapon misses its mark. However with these boots, one can actually stay balanced and planted to the ground and better control the swing of a giant sword, axe, etc.

355. Blue Noir Wireless Phone
The first, miniature wireless phone ever invented from one world's 1940s that was used by the superhero, The Blue Beetle Noir. A surprisingly advanced piece of tech, this phone can actually be used similarly to how wireless phones of the 21st century are used but without the use of a modern wireless router. This device also taps into landlines to make calls to houses that only have landlines. Though with the Blue Noir's phone, it actually connects to that world's variant of the internet, The Telelectroscope.

356. Vitacap-GD
A power-giving vitamin grants the one who takes it with the strength, speed and endurance of ten men. After around three hours after ingestion, the effects of the pill will wear off.

357. Vitacap-MM
A more powerful version of the Vitacap GD pill. This power-giving vitamin grants the one who takes it with greater physical strength, speed and endurance. After around two hours after ingestion, the effects of the pill will wear off.

358. Vitacap-2X
An even more powerful version of Vitacap MM. This power-giving vitamin grants the one who takes it with Supernatural Strength & Speed, a Regenerative Healing Factor, heightened senses, and enhanced intellectual capacity. After around one hour after ingestion, the effects of the pill will wear off. However, if one takes this pill for long enough, the pills' effects will build up over time and may induce additional powers that weren't discovered by the pills' creators. Plus one may end up developing a serious addiction to the medicine if the dosages aren't carefully controlled, as the withdrawal symptoms after going cold turkey may end up killing the addict.

359. Cardmaster's Tunic
The one that wears this tunic may play a card from a card game, and actually activating its effects in real life. (e.g. a card that deactivates nearby traps, a different card that deals a target creature a point of damage for every creature in the encounter, etc.) Note that some game cards use effects that don’t make any sense outside their original game’s context (a “Draw 4 Wild” card from one game) or are unfeasible (such as a card whose effect is “restart the game”) and these will not activate at all.

360. The Stone of Thrifting*
An odd-looking gem that lights up to remind you not to buy things you don’t need.

361. Anime Character's Wig
A strange wig that has a hairstyle that is styled after ones found in certain forms of anime. If one starts yelling while wearing this wig, an energy field starts building up around them. If the bearer of the wig yells continuously for around 30 seconds, the bearer will transform into an enhanced state of being where their's innate powers are drastically improved and new abilities are acquired.

362. The Flame Formula
An ancient formula from a race of Flame People, ingesting this formula allows one to obtained the ability to control fire and heat. The drinker can raise their own body temperature to the point where they can burst into flames or melt bullets. They can control and direct any flame in their presence. They can also teleport from place to place by appearing inside of any fire source, no matter how small. The one weakness of the one that ingests this formula is water, which can severely weaken the ingester.

363. The Lamesis Formula
An ancient Egyptian formula that was discovered by Professor Nelson Drew that temporarily transforms the drinker's body into their "ideal" form, giving them superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability and lung capacity. Those that first use this formula found the transformation to be a painful experience as it rapidly altered their muscles and bones, and the transformation would sometimes revert at the most inopportune moments.

364. Sweater of Were-Morphing*
A black sweater with the image of wolf jaws on the front. When worn, this sweater allows Were-Creatures to change at will instead of depending on environmental factors.

365. Toon Gauntlets*
When the wearer of these gloves reaches and pulls from behind their back or inside any vessel, they may end up pulling out one of the following items: An oversized wooden mallet; A cream pie; A round bomb with the fuse already lit; or an anvil. Once the wearer successfuly uses this item, it disappears.

366. Cleric's Momentum Blade
This rusty-looking laser sword has a rather short battery life, so the energy blade should not stay on for too long without severely draining the battery. To compensate, the blade will briefly extend from the hilt when enough momentum is built up. So with one hard swing, the blade will extend to it's full length of around 44 inches. The buttons on handle toggle the length of the blade and holding the button down keeps it outstretched:
The first press extends it to around 33 inches in length.
The second press extends it to 44 inches in length.
But the third press is more unique as instead of increasing it's length further, it actually extends 8 more points off the sides near the top of the blade. This mode actually acts more like an antenna as when raised into the air and saying specific prayers, the bearer's patron deity will actually grant the bearer a brief blessing that affects both them and the sword.
Unlike other laser swords, The energy blade has properties similar to normal metal blades so one can use a normal sword against it without it melting.

367. Helm of Flame*
A red motorcycle helmet with yellow flames that, once attuned to the owner, upon their speaking the command word the helmet will burst into flame though fortunately it doesn't actually harm the wearer.

368. Electra-Vita Battery Belt
A dry cell battery belt that grants a tazer-like touch to the wearer.

369. Therapy Sword*
A plain-looking longsword, but swinging it around relieves stress and actually heals psychological damage. Making it a great tool for therapy for those with PTSD and stress issues.

370. Corset of the Cadillac*
A steel armor breastplate styled after a brand of vehicle, but also allows the wearer to shine the headlights, illuminating magical darkness and Blinding any creatures directly in their path at a distance equal to 30ft.

371. Ring of the Margarita*
At first, wearing this ring has no effect, but for every ten minutes worn, the hand wearing this ring acts more and more drunkenly independent from its owner, stealing nice objects, groping attractive people, making rude gestures, and generally being uncooperative. It will fight any attempts at removing the ring, but in any case after a few hours it starts getting sleepy and finally, after a few hours, falls unconscious. After eight hours, if the ring has been removed, the owner finally regains control of the arm. If not, the cycle begins anew.

372. Cuff of the Claw*
When this leather band is worn on a creature’s limb (arm, leg, or whatever), twice per day they may speak the activation phrase and for half an hour, that limb will gain a Utahraptor claw. While the claw is active, that limb loses any prehensile abilities and cannot be used to hold another item; rings may still be worn, and while you could technically still wear a shoe or a glove, the claw will tear a big hole in it.

373. Dirt Bag of Earth Portal
A dirty burlap sack containing a portal to a plane of existence that is built around the classic element of Earth. This realm is populated with silicon-based lifeforms, beings made of stone, sand, minerals & dirt.

374. Ring of Nine Skulls*
This ring is made up of nine skull-shaped beads. You can detach a bead and throw it up to 60 feet away. When it reaches the end of its trajectory, the bead grows into a full-sized human skull that explodes with necrotic energy like a supernatural grenade. You can hurl multiple beads, or even the whole ring for the maximum amount of damage.

375. The Blood Bucket of Modena / Bologna. *
Appears to be a normal (though very old) bucket, but when properly activated it will pour forth the blood of the two thousand people that died for it during The War of the Bucket.

376. Soup Can of Ash Portal
An old soup can containing a portal to a plane of existence formed of the ashes of incinerated lifeforms, cities and entire worlds. The lifeforms that exist in this reality take the shape of the various beings that have been burned to ashes by wildfires, funeral pyres, nuclear war, etc.

377. Green Mask's Visage
A mask first worn by the hero known as The Green Mask. This piece of headgear actually contains the vita-ray entity that gave The Green Mask their powers. Those that wear this mask are possessed by the Green Mask Entity, becoming an idealized version of themselves (an adult form if worn by someone younger then 16) and granting the host Supernatural Strength, Durability & Speed, Indomitable Will & Flight. Those that wear the mask "black out" while the entity is in control, perceiving their adventures as the Green Mask as dreams.

378. Golden AK of Udey
A gold-plated AK-47 that was once owned by the son of a brutal dictator. Those that lay their hands on this cursed artifact will have the compulsion to do evil, no matter how depraived it would be. Symptoms of this infection involve randomly shooting the weapon in the air while in crowded areas.

379. Radioactive Bourbon Whiskey*
A bottle of bourbon that has been exposed to radiation for 30 days; intoxicates even as it burns and causes cancer in one's digestive tract. That or may kill the cells to the point where the drinker's jaw falls right off.

380. Tome of Cape Crafting
A instructional guide of the crafting of capes. Specifically capes with their own unique enchantments and abilities. Superheroes with a flair for the dramatic can use this tome to learn how to create a cape that wouldn't be snagged on a random object or a door. That or the cape will immediately detach itself from the wearer to prevent their necks from being snapped if the cape is loose while riding on something like a motorcycle.

381. Mask & Gauntlets of Ogre Power*
A mask and a pair of gauntlets that are designed after a green ogre. Wearing these in conjuntion can grant the wearer the strength and toughness of an ogre.

382. Potion Mortar
A shoulder-fired, catapult weapon system that launches potion bottles instead of normal ordinance.

383. Wonder Man's Ring
A magic ring from a monastery in Tibet that when worn, the wearer gains Tactile Telekinesis. Meaning that the user is completely surrounded by a field of telekinetic energy, protecting them from harm and physical damage, enhancing their physical abilities, and allowing them to manipulate objects that they can touch or flying by pushing their body through the air.

384. The Bovinizer
A handheld ray gun that belonged to a race of alien bovine conquerors that take over a planet, converting the populace into bovine-based lifeforms and almost all biomes on the planet into grazing lands. This handgun is one of the many handheld Conversion Devices that can convert lifeforms into bovines.

385. Shouts*
The result of Some Insane Wizard’s experiments with using oozes as data storage: small oozes that can be taught a verbal message to holler incessantly. Unfortunately they tend to accumulate together, so they can wind up all yelling together.
--Green: can be taught one word at a time until it is specifically replaced or made to forget it; if split in half, each smaller Shout retains that word
--Purple: can be taught up to four words until they specifically replaced or made to forget it; if split in half, each smaller Shout retains half the message
--Red: retains only the loudest speech it has ever heard, up to six seconds’ worth, which it will repeat until it hears something said even louder
--Yellow: absorbs words and phrases from other Shouts it is physically in contact with, repeating them all in a loop

386. Enliven Designs Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited, it causes any two-dimensional representations of creatures or objects depicted on a target to come into full existence, as with things like art collages. The caster may choose any or all of the designs in the targeted area.

387. Human Meteor's Power Belt
A magic belt from a lost city in Tibet. Wearing this grants the wearer Supernatural Strength & Speed as well as stopping metal from harming men using a "contra-magnetic field." The field however, is vulnerable to wood.

388. The Eagle's Cape
A red and white striped cape that has been soaked in an anti-gravity solution that allows the wearer to safely fall from great heights and not be injured upon landing.

389. Dungavenhooter's Tail Club
A club crafted from the tail of a Dungavenhooter, a cunning and dangerous swamp-dweller that resembles an alligator with short legs and a thick, powerful, club-like tail. Notably, a dungavenhooter lacks a mouth, instead sporting enormous nostrils. The club-like tail of a Dungavenhooter is able to convert those it hits into atmospheric particles via hitting it's prey multiple times until the prey fully evaporate. The Dungavenhooter then inhales this gas through it's nostrils as a form of sustenance. This feature is useful for assassins who want to make sure that a body isn't left behind after an assassination, also bottling the evaporated corpse into a bottle to give to the one who gave the contract as proof of their success.

390. Bard's Notation Knives*
This is a type of knife that on one side, features an engraved benediction to be sung before a meal and the reverse with a grace to be sung after eating. This type of knife has the ability to stores one musical spell, which can be discharged by cutting a target with the blade.

391. Samurai's Fist Helmet*
A kabuto helmet that has a metal, clenched fist ontop. The enchantment on this helmet allows the bearer to wear an artifact that is usually worn around the bearer's wrist on the helmet's wrist. The helmet's bearer will still gain the same effects from the wrist-worn artfact as if it was on their own wrist.

392. Arms of the Multitasker Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited, the caster temporarily gains four additional arms. Each of which can be assigned to a repetitive task

393. Sweater of the Fiery Belly*
An ugly christmas sweater that has what looks like an actual lit fireplace on the stomach area. The wearer of this sweater and anyone in adjacent to them are not affected by environmental cold. Just watch out for flammable fumes.

394. Cargo Gown
A khaki-grey woman's gown made of canvas material that has over 20 pockets scattered all around it.

395. Potion of Stabbing*
A glass bottle in the shape of a human arm grasping a knife. The potion inside that, when splashed, does damage unto the object splashed on which resembles the kind inflicted by a stabbing weapon.

396. Police Pass Card*
An enchanted card that grants the owner free admission to executions, bombings, riots, etc, allowing them to pass freely by police cordons and such.

397. Hacksaw of Chain Blade
A hacksaw that has a length of iron chain instead of a normal blade. With the chain, this saw can cut through magical bindings & barriers and inflict damage onto supernatural entities.

398. Kickin’ Jeans
A pair of jeans that allow for much freer movement for those who are skilled in martial arts related to their legs.

399. Taxidermied Flaming Swordfish*
An enchanted piece of taxidermi of a swordfish from an ocean of fire. When the command word is spoken, the fish's sword discharges a fireball. However, there is a small chance that it will just crumble to ashes and is destroyed.

400. Duryesaor, The Blessed Sword of Gold
A fusion of both Zeus' golden sword, Chrysaor and Hector of Troy's sword, Durendal. Not only has it been tempered with Adamant, making it able to cut through just about anything. It also contains remnants of several major saints, making it a blessed weapon as it can cause additional damage towards unholy forces.

401. The Fountain of Bones
A strange looking drinking fountain that has engravings of dancing skeletons all over it. This fountain has to be attached to a water source for it to function. However, the water that passes through the fountain gains a strange property that, when ingested, temporarily makes the skin & flesh of the drinker transparent and leaving only the drinker's skeleton visible.

402. Concussion Camera
An old-fashioned camera with a flashbulb attachment. When the button is pressed, the flashbulb creates and projects a blast of kinetic force at the target, which to a human is comparable to getting punched really hard.

403. Fragarach
A magic sword forged by the gods, wielded by both Manannán mac Lir and Lugh Lamfada. No armour could stop it, and it would grant its wielder command over the powers of wind.

404. Kintsugi Ray Gun
A rather unusual ray gun that has a hopper that allows one to insert a broken artifact or piece of equipment that can fit in the hopper. Then when the trigger is pulled, the raygun will fire a beam that takes properties of the broken artifact. Example being that if a broken magic sword with an armor piercing enchantment is loaded in the hopper, then the resulting ray will pierce through armor.

405. Apollo's Amulet of Dubiousness & Doubt
A magic amulet from The Greek God of the Sun that creates an aura of Dubiousness and Doubt around the wearer that will cause the average being to not actually recognize or even believe that the bearer before and after wearing the amulet are the same person unless the bearer wants it so. Even if you put one photo of the bearer before and one of the bearer after wearing the amulet side by side, the average person will say that they don't see the resemblance.

406. Lemons of True Sight
Spraying the juice from these lemons directly into one's eyes allows one to actually see the normally unpercievable and see through illusions... After they push through the pain of having lemon juice sprayed directly into their eyes.

407. Filthy Mop of Mind Purity
A perpetually wet and horribly filthy mop that, when slapped onto someone, can remove any form of mental manipulation the target may be under. An example being that if a person is under a form of love spell, then getting slapped by this mop will remove the enchantment.

408. Key of Were-Claw Damage
A normal-looking car key that, when scratched on a surface, will actually cause five massive claw marks to appear, severely damaging the surface. A favored weapon used by dates whose boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on them and want to severely damage their cheating date's car.

409. Helmet of Ant Control
A helmet with antennae that allows the wearer to control ants telepathically, be they normal size, the size of cars or some form of mutation.

410. Phantom Lady's Black Ray
This device casts a "cone of darkness" that absorbs all light (essentially the opposite of what a flashlight does) and blinds whoever stands in the cone.

411. The Un-Aliver
A strange artifact whose default form is just a billiard-sized sphere made of black metal with green cracks scattered all across it's surface. The bearer of this weapon can transform The Un-Aliver into different forms of weaponry. Those that have been struck by this weapon while it's in a melee-based form (Swords, Spears, Maces, Etc), The Un-Aliver will absorb the life-force of it's target, making the weapon more powerful with every successful strike. This life energy is also used as ammunition for this weapon's ranged forms (Firearms, Bows, Crossbows, Ray Guns, etc). It is unknown if this weapon is either alien, human or demon tech.

412. Helmet of Skull Bashing
A metal helmet that is designed after a pachycephalosaurus's skull. Wearing this helmet grants the wearer the power of "Power Headbutt." Meaning that they now possess great physical strength and speed in their head, skull and neck allowing them to use a powerful headbutt that can knock someone out, break things or destroy structures.

413. CannonBob n' Chain
A Ball n' Chain with the ball being a form of living familiar. When properly coaxed, The ball will allow the person it is shackled to freely move around and even assist the wearer in whatever task it is asked of. Though what it is asked to do is usually, "Hit that thing over there."

414. Oozing Claw of Skull Fire
A rotting demonic hand & half a forearm that is enveloped in a red ooze from the wrist up. Squeezing the shredded base of the forearm causes the hand to open up and launch a skull-shaped fireball from it's palm.

415. Monkey King's Iron Pole
A replica of the famous staff that belonged to Sun Wukong, The Monkey King. While it isn't the real staff, in that it isn't thousands of pounds so almost anyone can wield it, it does have the abilities similar to the original's.  It can change its size, elongate, fly and attack opponents according to its bearer's will. When not wielding the weapon, the bearer can shrink it down to the size of a sewing needle and stores it easily.

416. Beamer Ray
An energy weapon created by a race of photon-based lifeforms that encases whatever the beam hits in chunks of solid light. The gun can be tweaked so that it can solidify the photons in the air, which can be useful for creating solid light constructs like falling spikes. Or actually create solid platforms in midair for the bearer to walk on. The Beamer Ray can absorb energy from it's surroundings, channeling it into the gun and convert it into the weaponized light.

417. Black Thorn's Mummy Ray
A type of laser rifle that fires a beam that instantly dehydrates whatever it hits. Essencially mummifying it if the target is a living lifeform.

418. Ring of Liquid Courage
A magic ring created by a world's God of Alcohol. Bearers of this ring become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they drink alcohol. Some user of the ring may be able draw sustenance from the alcohol or even slow or stop aging. The wearer's attacks also become unpredictable to their opponents because the alcohol in the user's system throws their movements off balance. When the ring's bearer drinks enough alcohol, they can actually summon forth weaponry in the form of enchanted objects that resemble ones found in bars, taverns & pubs like bar stools, wine barrels, tables, bottles of alcohol, tableware and even the occasional musical instrument.

419. Airship Cloak*
A white cloak with a clasp of the elemental symbol of air; when the clasp is activated, the cloak inflates, turning into a blimp attached to the wearer’s back.

420. Urn of Disgruntling*
Once per day, this urn may be activated to drain the morale from creatures in a twenty-foot radius, absorbing and storing it for later use. Affected creatures will be afflicted with Stress. Once a creature activates it, they have ten seconds to get away or risk being affected. Once the Urn of Disgruntling has been used at least once, it may later be uncorked to disperse the morale it has absorbed back into the room, replenishing creatures in a twenty-foot radius as a small rest.

421. Energy Sword Sauce*
A sauce bottle that contains enough enchanted sauce to grant twenty uses of a spell that creates a temporary energy sword for the taster.

422. [F]-2-8 Spell Scroll*
When the formula on the scroll has been recited, this spell causes nearby food to magically levitate into your mouth.

423. Quad-Shot Spear
An 18th century italian polearm with a spring-loaded folding spear head and four flintlock pistols on the head. Pulling the trigger once causes one of the pistols to fire.

424. Bracelet of Throwing Shot*
This enchanted bracelet allows the wearer to throw a bullet or other shot as if they had a gun.
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Sparrow9612's avatar
Was the concussion camera inspired by an episode of the Simpsons where Burns goes to jail?
The scene in question starts at 2:36.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
More like it was inspired by Ran Hibiki's camera from the fighting game Project Justice.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Can't say I've played that one. Talk about hard light.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Well that game is currently only available on an arcade machine and the Sega Dreamcast, and those are pretty expensive now a days from what I've heard.
Though the previous game in the series, "Rival Schools: United by Fate", is available for the Playstation.
Sparrow9612's avatar
You'd have a real gibbering cosmic horror on your hands if all the different kinds of Shouts were merged together. 
Messenger Grimacing Face emoji 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Imagine this composite Shout being the living equivalent of that audio tape from Evil Dead.…
Sparrow9612's avatar
Sounds like the beginnings of a good Lovecraftian tale.
Sparrow9612's avatar
A certain dimension-hopping adventurer would definitely seek out the Helmet of Bread Control, or an instance of it is already in her possession. Her favorite food is stated to be toast.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Kinda makes me sad that I didn't think of the helmet before Jenny Everywhere Day was over so I could do a picture of her with the helmet on time.
Sparrow9612's avatar
You still could.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Yeah but than it wouldn't be relevant as it would be then.
Still though, I guess I could still make that version of Jenny and submit that for next year.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Sparrow9612's avatar
Atchoo! Snot sword. No need to slice and dice your enemies, when you can slime them or gross them into retreat. 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That's one way of using it! :D
Sparrow9612's avatar
Possible additional effect of JFK's brain: when in close enough proximity, it makes faithfully married people have unwanted thoughts of cheating on their significant other.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
O-O Dude... That's fricken perfect! :D
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