Sargasso Supplement: Items part 2

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Deviation Actions

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Well apparently I can't fit anymore items in the previous list, so I have to make a part 2 to the list. Starting from number 121. And again, all of these items are in the public domain, legally speaking under Creative Commons 0, so you can do whatever you wish with them.

If you want to create your own artifacts, Here's a couple of websites that you can go to for some ideas:

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Edit (7/19/2019): Added 8 new items to the list. From number 288 to 296.

121. Bacteria Blaster
A watergun with a self-refilling reservoir of bacteria-enriched fluid. After pressurizing the reservoir with the hand pump, the water gun can fire a stream that can inflict different illnesses onto those who are exposed.

122. Longsword of Lightning Barrier
A yellow-tinted longsword that quietly crackles with electricity. When activated, The sword can create a cage of electricity that surrounds the user temporarily.

123. Neuromusket
A electronic musket that fires bullets of neural energy. When hit, the bullet can make the nervous system of the one hit feel like they've been hit with electricity and stunning them for 15 seconds.

124. Ornamental Handaxes of the Dancer
An ornamental pair of handaxes that can grant the wearer the grace of a professional dancer.

125. Ornate Sling of Runes
An ornate sling that comes with a bag of runes. Each rune has an effect that activates when fored and/or it hits a target such as explosions, can inflict poison, can become a bolt of lightning or even a rune that can increase the density of a target to the point of being unable to move.

126. Ring of the Phoenix
A red ring with engravings of a bird on the band. When the wearer has died, the ring will bring them back to life and healing their wounds. Though the ring can only do this a minimal amount of times before the ring itself disintegrates after a resurrection.

127. Shurizooka
A green bazooka with a white circle that has this black symbol symbol "
" in it that when fired, unleashes a shotgun of tiny shurikens that can shred most fleshly beings like a flak cannon.

128. Cube of Lava Spell Scroll
A spell scroll that when activated, can summon a cube of lava half the size of the average person which actually starts rolling forward, leaving behind a trail of lava that does cool down and harden after a couple of minutes. As the cube travels, it becomes smaller as it leaves it's trail.

129. Blessed Helmet of the Butterfly
A highly decorated helmet with a mask on the front that is designed after a butterfly. When worn, the wearer can be granted a pair of spectral butterfly wings that can allow the wearer the power of flight.

130. Ferocious Mace of the Toad
A mace that had a head that is designed after some kind of toad along with a pair of runes on the handle. One rune, when pressed, can make the toad's jaws open and unleash a croak so powerful it shatters glass. Pressing the other rune makes the jaws open and fire a long whip that can attach itself to a target. The later can be used to pull in the target, or if the target is a fixed structure, will pull the wielder with great force like a grappling hook.

131. Blazer Musket
A lesser version of The Blazer Cannon (see part 1 at #81). Unlike it's larger counterpart, This charcoal-black musket has to have it's firing mechanism cocked back before each shot. Though when fed a special type of gunpowder, the fireballs do become more destructive, able to pierce the armor of a tank and exploding inside the cockpit.

132. Blowgun of Truth
A blue bamboo blowgun that grows it's own darts internally, which can be fired by blowing into the right end. Each dart has a chemical that compels those hit by it to speak nothing but the truth. However, if one is clever enough, they can say a truth with modifications to not directly speak the actual truth.

133. Bottle of Nightmares
An old-fashioned glass bottle that seems to contain a swirling black substance with tiny, glowing red specks floating about. When it's opened, the substance erupts from the top and engulfs those in it's path. Those in its path experiance illusions based on their most terrible nightmares. The substance does dissipate on it's own, more so when under a bright light.

134. Firestarter Gauntlets
A pair of white gauntlets with a flame emblem on the top of the hands. When one snaps their fingers, the gauntlet creates a burst of fire infront of the hand. This can be use for both as a weapon or as a much needed fire starter when matchsticks or a lighter aren't an option.

135. Maul of Coals
A giant maul made of coal that has cracked lines of fire red light all over. One needs to wear heat proof gloves in order to properly hold it. Though it's strangest feature is that when exposed to enough peanut butter, the coal that is covered will be converted to diamonds.

136. Venom Rifle
A Matchlock Rifle with a serpent theme etched around the gun stock and the barrel. Bullets loaded into the rifle are coated in a fast acting, necrotic poison, which can be deadly to organic tissue. However there is an antidote for the poison, which must be both directly applied to the wound and injested to make sure that the poison doesn't spread too far before amputation becomes the only option to save one's life.

137. Vorpal Hammer of Snowmelt
A metal mallet with a fiery red head with symbols etched into it. This weapon can break through the toughest of cold-based defenses as well as inflict additional damage to ice-based enemies.

138. Masterwork Shovel of Shatter Magic
A rather nice looking shovel that has the ability to shatter magical effects with a single strike of the spade. This shovel is used as a weapon against Necromancers and undead beings brought to live with magic. Though this shovel can also be used to shatter spells like magical barriers, incoming fireballs, etc.

139. Sun Bell
A cowbell that when rung, can light up with a light that has similar properties to sunlight. These bells can be attached to vehicles and as they move, can cause the bell to light up to function as an extra light during the night.

140. The Children of the Eclipse
A tome about a cabal of individuals known as The Children of the Eclipse. This book was written by a mole in their ranks and details each member and how they function in their society. The cabal claims that their goal is to perpetuate a permanent eclipse that will allow them to be among the mortals without fear of being burned to dust by the sun.

141. Bracelet of Chains
A chain bracelet that, with a flick of the wrist, can produce a length of chain that's around 3 ft long with a padlock hanging off of the end. With a second wrist flick, the chain is retracted.

142. Crawling Gloves of Mutation
A pair of "living" magician gloves that have to be kept contained or else they can crawl around on their own and cause havoc. This havoc is in the form of the gloves touching living creatures and either granting them animal features, fully transmogrifying them into a form of their choosing or if they feel particularly malicious, into a hideous abomination.

143. Shiversting Crowbar
An ice-blue crowbar with a snow-white head. A quick strike from this weapon can cause a layer of ice to envelop the target and cryogenically preserve them. The target does thaw out after a few hours in room temperature.

144. Desire's Hand
A hand of a female, store mannequin. If one were to wish upon it, one of the fingers on the hand curl inward and that person's wish would be granted. However, the price for each wish is proportional to the kind of wish one makes. So if you wish for something simple like finding a dollar bill, then after you get that dollar bill, you immediately lose it to a thug. Or if you wish for your lost dog to return to you, you dog does come back, but after a day or so it collapses dead as it turned out it had untreated cancer. If all the fingers are curled, the hand will no longer grant any wishes.

145. Elemental Grail
Grails that are decorated with different colored gems. Each grail can be made on command to be filled with a fluid that is the liquid form of the elements. So a red grail can be filled with napalm, a blue one can be filled with water, a cyan colored one can be filled with water that's actually at subzero temperetures without freezing, etc.

146. Galewall Chime
A wind chime that when tapped, can cause a gust of wind to form that surrounds the area that the chimes are in for about 30 seconds before dissipating. This wind is actually a physical barrier that can deflect those that touch it.

147. Immolating Blowgun
A charcoal-black blowgun that when blown, causes a stream of fire to be unleashed from it as long as the wielder keeps blowing into it. DO NOT breath in through you mouth if the blowgun is on your lips, the flames will come down that end and scorch your mouth, throat & lungs.

148. Masterwork Bracelet of the Crow
A crow-black metal bracelet with a bird head emblem on top. When prompted by holding one's arm out, a crow is summoned and perches onto the wielder's forearm. This familiar can be commanded to do things like sending messages to another location. If one were to rub the emblem and then thrust their hand forward, it summons a massive murder of crows that attack the target before flying away.

149. Pulsating Hammer of Acid
A disturbingly organic-looking, two-handed warhammer. With an extra-long femur with strips of tendons, muscle and skin going down the length of it and the hammer's head looks like a mix of thick bone and pink flesh that is dotted with puke-green pustules. When this hammer strikes something, it creates a splash of acid that covers a 3 ft area in front of the impact point.

150. Glaciating Blowgun
A Ice-blue & white cousin to the Immolating Blowgun. When blown, the blowgun causes a stream of sub-zero fluid to be unleashed from it as long as the wielder keeps blowing into it. DO NOT breath in through you mouth if the blowgun is on your lips, the liquid will come down that end and freeze your mouth, throat & lungs solid.

151. Hip Knox's Brain Gun
A type of handheld weapon that is a living human's brain and eyes on a handgun frame. The brain and eyes use to belong to Hip Knox, a former superhero that was also a very powerful hypnotist. The brain & eyes are contained in a fiberglass bubble with the eyes mounted on the front with a closable shutter. When the trigger is pulled, the shutter opens to reveal the eyes which sends out hypnotic waves that can hypnotize the being that so much as glances at it. While the brain is alive, it no longer has a sense of consciousness or self will, being little more then an organic processor for the weapon that gets prodded to use it's power with the pull of a trigger.

152. Sunderstrike's Picket Sign
What could only be described as an overly designed picket sign done in a style that is a weird mix of French & Norse aesthetics, with a gilded two-handed handle and a silver head that depicts a Norse rendition of The Eiffel Tower and The Hammer of Thor. This sign has the potential to be a powerful weapon as not only is the sign indestructible and the head is sharp enough to cut flesh, but it can cut more easily depending on the number of people in the wielder's group. So in a group of 50, the sign can easily cut through stone. In a group of 100 people, the sign can slice cut through steel. In a group of 500 or more people, this sign can cleave through much hardier materials like magic barriers and severely damage materials more durable then titanium.

153. Masterwork Potato
A seemingly normal looking potato that when squeezed, can form cyan colored roots which pulsate with energy. What this does is that the potato's wielder can now take control over crop pests such as Potato Beetles, Flea Beetles, Aphids, Wireworms, and Garden Snails & Slugs. However, this usually applies to normal pests, as pests with more developed brains are more difficult to control.

154. Scimitar of Imprisonment
A plain-looking scimitar. However, if you cut into a being, that being gets transported to a prison cell in a pocket dimension located INSIDE the sword itself. Each being that is imprisoned within the blade slowly changes the sword's color from a clean steel grey to a rusted red, with the edge becoming more and more dull with each new person contained. Breaking the blade will result in all of the inmates within the sword being released.

155. Saber of Disassembly
A sword that, if used on a non-living object or energy, it will be separated into multiple pieces as if a net like laser slashed through it. If the sword is used on a living being, the being will be separated into smaller versions of themselves. The sword's wielder is able to reverse the effects if they choose to do so by pressing each piece with the pommel of the sword.

156. Baylor's Chemical Gun
A device once used by Blaze Baylor, a superhero from the early 1940s that, due to wearing a supersuit that contained asbestos during his crime-fighting career, unfortunately died from lung cancer and other medical problems. The gun is a combination of a grappling hook, a flamethrower, and a fire extinguisher.

157. The Angry Mob Leader's Pitchfork
A seemingly normal looking pitchfork that, when commanded, can summon a small army of spectral constructs of medieval villagers, all of them wielding either their own pitchforks, lit torches and other kinds of farming equipment taken as a makeshift weapon. This spectral mob can be aimed towards a particular target, similar to how a player of an RTS game can direct troops, and use whatever they believe is useful for the situation.

158. The Angry Rioter's Molotov
A molotov cocktail that contains a red & black liquid. When thrown after the cloth is lit and it hits the ground, the pool of flames start to change shape, into multiple flaming, humanoid constructs that then scatter in multiple directions to cause any sorts of property damage they can as well as assault every person in the vicinity. These constructs last for at most 2 minutes before they burn themselves out and fade away. This could be considered a more risky counterpart to The Angry Mob Leader's Pitchfork.

159. Ring of the Delver
When wearing this dirt-encrusted ring, the wearer is granted the power of Shovel Proficiency, allowing them able to use shovels, trowels or digging implements in combat as weapons and dig large holes in a short amount of time. Those that are already proficient with a shovel can now use their tool to use the very ground under their feet as a weapon as a minor for of Terrakinesis.

160. Masterwork Pair of Pants
A seemingly normal pair of denim jeans that are actually highly resistant to friction, meaning that they won't burn and wear down when the wearer runs at speeds that can shred a normal pair of jeans due to the intense friction.

161. Band of Soulmending
A pink, rubber wristband that, when worn, can help a person slowly heal from damages inflicted onto their mind & soul.

162. Trident of Food
A giant, novelty dinner fork. When commanded to do so, The fork can call forth food that exists in an area the size of a city block and use it for Food-Based Attacks.

163. Dirty Headband of Day
A dirty, yellow headband that glows a subtle light like an early sunrise. When worn, the wearer is bathed the same glow, which works similarly to if the person was standing out in broad daylight. On most people it doesn't do anything else, but for those inflicted with moon-based afflictions like Lycanthropy, this band can actually prevent their transformation even when they're under direct moon light. This band can also either greatly reduce a vampiric entity's power or flat out reduce them to ashes if they are weaker then a Vampire Elder.

164. Helm of Projectile Protection
A seemingly normal Paintball Face Mask. This mask can create a thin barrier that surrounds the wearer's body that can neutralize the kinetic force of a projectile. This doesn't prevent the wearer from getting some nasty bruises from getting hit with a projectile, nor will it protect someone from a non-projectile attack.

165. Black/Blue Dragon Mace
A pitch-black aerosol can of mace with a royal blue label, "Black/Blue Dragon Mace". When the valve is pressed; instead of a chemical spray, it fires forth a blue flame that takes the shape of a serpentine dragon that flies forward, which works like a more powerful flamethrower.

166. Siege War Pick of Vermin
This weapon does maximum damage against man-made, inanimate objects. The crawling things of the earth, such as insects, snakes, and vermin, are attracted to this item. When placed on the ground, such creatures will scurry toward the item like moths drawn to the flame.

167. Shadow Solidifier
A weapon created by scientist, Doc Strong, that can solidify shadows temporarily. This weapon immobilizes anything the shadow was attached to or touching.

168. Fire-Eating Light Shield of Ice
A light shield carved from an enchanted piece of ice that, when exposed to intense heat & fire, can absorb all that heat and the shield itself becomes more durable the more fire it absorbs. If the shield is separated from the intense heat, it slowly loses it's durability until it becomes as durable as normal ice.

169. Tower Shield of Blood-Breathing
A rather menacing looking, black metal tower shield with a visage of a vampire bat's head on the front. When the wielder pulls the level on the back, the mouth of the bat opens up and fires of a stream of blood. After each use, the mouth closes and the wielder has to wait a few minutes for the blood to replenish.

170. Stinging Mace of Memories
When the bearer kills a monster with this weapon, it can inflict more damage whenever you fight another monster of this kind. When the weapon is unattuned, it loses its memory.

171. Greatsword of Rigor Mortis
If this weapon is entombed within a corpse for 8 hours, the sword gains the ability to inflict rigor mortis on living beings until nightfall.

172. War Leader's Gloves
The bearer can use the magic of these gloves to amplify their voice so that it clearly carries for up to 300 feet.

173. Circlet of Nourishment
The bearer rarely feels hungry, and only needs to consume one-fifth the usual amount of food.

174. Monster Hunter's Whip
This old whip sheds 30 feet of bright light and another 30 feet of dim light after that whenever a monstrosity is within 100 feet of it.

175. Giant's Bane Book of Taverns
While in one's possession, critical hits with your weapon deal an extra bludgeoning damage. The bearer's weapon can also inflict more damage to giant enemies. The bearer also always knows the direction to the closest alcoholic beverage.

176. Arctic Scales
A cyan-blue cape made from dragon scales that allows the bearer to suffer no harm in temperature as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

177. Tankard of Adamantine
When you are the victim of a severely damaging hit, there is a 20% chance that the Tankard will glow a tan light and reduce the damage significantly.

178. Eavesdropper's Iron Ring
As long as it is within 2 miles, the bearer can hear through this artifact as if they were present. This item is used by spies and moles to listen in on conversations.

179. Longsword of the Visionary
This weapon does additional elemental damage based on the color of the bearer's eyes: (amber: lightning, black: necrotic, blue: cold, brown: acid, green: force, gray: thunder, hazel: poison, purple: psychic, red: fire, white: radiant)

180. Linen Handkerchief of the Abyss
When in a location corrupted by the Abyss, the bearer has great resistence to Abyssal Corruption.

182. Blind Greataxe
Garish eyes are painted on this weapon. The bearer can use it's power to see/unsee through the eyes, even if their own senses are compromised.

183. Leather Armor of the Sun
When under direct sunlight, this armor becomes more durable to the point that weapons cannot inflict damage unto it. When out of sunlight, the armor loses it's durability.

184. Ghost-Touched Flail
This weapon can be wielded by a missing limb i.e. a person's Phantom Limb.

185. Blowgun of Mechanisms
An ancient mechanism is housed within this weapon that never configures the same way twice. If the bearer successful figures out the configuration, the blowgun becomes a raygun that can fire one kind of beam until the next nightfall.

186. Oscillating Helm of Healing
A battle-scarred, WW2 combat medic's helmet. When worn, the crosses on the helmet will glow a subtle green light while the helmet seems to vibrate a little. The bearer of this artifact gains a Regenerative Healing Factor, though the more serious the injury, the longer it takes for the helmet to heal it.

187. Rainbow Traveler's Outfit of the Tiger
A Tiger-printed pair of Footed Pajamas. When worn, the wearer gains attributes similar to having a Pantherinae Feline Physiology. Though the side effects of it can result in the wearer becoming as aloof as a normal house cat. There are several variations of these pajamas, one of them granting the wearer the abilities of a Cactus Cat.

188. Venomstorm’s Acidic Boomerang
A jade-green boomerang that seemed to have a slimy sheen coating it. When thrown, this weapon can create a small waterspout of acid that follow it wherever it is thrown for a brief period of time before it dissipates as the boomerang goes back to the wielder. If the cyclone hits something, it paints it in a layer of acid that can eat through solid stone.

189. Broken Bottle of Healing
A broken brown bottle that previously contained a healing potion. Now whenever the sharp ends stabs into someone, the bottle will instead heal the stabee's current wounds instead of leaving another one. However this process is still rather painful for the recipient.

190. Clouded Tower Shield of Technology
A Tower Shield that seemed to be designed after some kind of futuristic skyscraper. It also seems to have a couple of clouds that circle the top of it. At the press of a button near the shield's handle, the "windows" of the shield briefly open up to reveal tiny weapons like rayguns & rocket lauchers, which all fire at once at anything in front of the shield. This assault can last for around 10 seconds before the weapons retract and have a cooldown time of around 30 seconds before they can be used again.

191. Spider Queen's Web Bracelets
A set of bracelets that once belonged to one Shannon Kane a.k.a. the superheroine, Spider Queen. These bracelets contain a formula for a spider-web fluid which sticks like glue and it's strong enough to swing on.

192. Yithian Lightning Gun
A strange alien weapon developed by The Great Race of Yith. It takes a bit of fiddling before one can effectively fire the bolt of lightning from the device.

193. Horn of Torture
A rhino's horn with intricate carvings and gilded trimmings on it. When pressure is applied on the horn's base, the tip sends out an invisible ray that overloads the target's pain receptors, inflicting on them incredible amounts of pain.

194. Shifting Hammer of the Princess
A ball-peen hammer with a pink rubber handle and the marking of a crown on the head. In the hands of a regular person, the hammer is no different then a normal workman's hammer. However, in the hands of royalty, the hammer can shapeshift into objects that fit the wielder's preference like a sword, a spear or facsimiles of firearms and crossbows. Though it cannot change into things like actual firearms and crossbows due to them having projectiles and moving parts.

195. Darkness-absorbing Glowsticks
A set of different-colored glowsticks. Unlike the regular kind, and even some other forms of light, when one is cracked, the stick actually absorbs the surrounding darkness and uses that darkness as fuel to light itself. This effect can make even the most dim of light much brighter then they normally could.

196. Amulet of Hellfire
A bronze amulet with a fiery orange jewel in the center, when one wills it, the gem will unleash a torrent of the cursed flames of Hell. Hellfire can cause excruciating pain upon contact or instead cause instant death, possibly even for relatively beneficial purposes, such as summoning spirits of the deceased temporarily back to the world of living from Hell. The amulet's wielder can even use Reanimation or Resurrection via Summoning the damned and/or Demons.

197. Vambraces of Swordbreaking
A pair of plain-looking vambraces. When these vambraces are used to block a blow from a bladed weapon, the blade hitting it will instead shatter into pieces.

198. Eyes of the Beholden Bovines
A big jar full of pickled cow eyes. This macabre artifact's contents have the ability to, when one eye is taken and thrown to the ground; The eye mutates and grows until it takes the complete form of a bovine creature such as normal cows, bisons & buffalos to more mythical beasts such as Behemoths, Minotaurs, Catoblepas, Lamassus, Water Bulls and even the very rare Ophiotaurus'.

199. Cosmic Shuriken of Fire
A pair of lawn mower blades welded together, sharpened and appear to be made from some sort of alien metal. When thrown, the blade becomes engulfed in cosmic flames.

200. The Strange Fridge
A refrigerator that's actually running despite not being plugged in and is taped heavily with "do not open" written all over it. If one were to put their ear next to the door, they can hear the sounds of chanting and monstrous grumbles coming from behind it.

201. Rotting Blood of Reanimation
A small cooler containing stinking water and four blood bags filled with rotting blood. Strangely enough, when the blood is injected into a corpse, that corpse is re-animated. However how much the corpse's mental capacity is retained depends on how fresh the body is after death. As if the blood is injected in a corpse that isn't sufficiently preserved would become no different then a rabid animal.

202. Mr. Sockington
A plastic evidence bag containing a green sock-puppet with shiny black button-eyes. There are several dark stains on it. If one were to remove the puppet from the bag and place it on their hand, the puppet will come to life and will be almost impossible to remove. The puppet will take on a personality based on the darkest parts of the wearer's psyche.

203. Aviator's Helm of Flight

A leather flying helmet, of the type often used by World War I aviators. It has a small hole just above the left ear area, a larger hole on the right side, and most of the sheepskin liner is stained dark brown. The leather is soft, supple and in good condition. When worn, the wearer gains abilities related to the power of Flight.

204. Canteen of Unholy Blood
A WWII metal canteen with the Elder Sign etched into both sides. If one were to shake the canteen, they can hear a fluid sloshing around inside. If one were to take a sip of the contents, the drinker will find out that the fluid is actually blood. Particularly warm blood. And if one actually does take a sip of this blood, they will be inflicted with a supernatural affliction, ranging from Lycanthropy to Vampirism to becoming an eldritch abomination.

205. Helm of Psionic Blocking
A carefully made, tin-foil helmet. The bearer of this artifact is granted a Psychic Shield, allowing them to be highly resistant by psychic attacks.

206. The Crate of Horrors
A small, packing crate-style wooden box on which was taped a piece of paper and a scrawled message 'Warning, do not under any circumstances open this!' If one were to actually be stupid enough to ignore the warning and actually open the crate, they will unleash 13 entities that could be considered Dark Gods.

207. Scythe of the Junior Reaper
A heavy hockey stick, with razorblades super-glued to the inside of the crook as if someone had attempted to convert it into a homemade scythe. The razorblades and the crook are somewhat corroded, as if coated with acid. While as a weapon, it works about as effectively as you would expect against fleshy entities; but against spectral enemies, it actually can sever them in two with a single swipe, causing the two pieces to dissipate into ectoplasm. Which the scythe will actually feed on.

208. Pitchfork of Monster Slaying
A pitchfork with a propane blowtorch attached below its tines. For when you need to battle supernatural horrors as the weapon is blessed to do severe damage to abominations along with inflicting serious burns if one were to turn the valve on the tank and light the tines.

209. Prisoner's Razor Club
A rather elaborate prison weapon. It consists of several spoon-handles sharpened down one end, affixed onto opposite sides of half an aluminum broom handle with rubber cement. It bears an extraordinary resemblance to the obsidian
macuahuitl used by Aztec warriors.

210. Guitar of the Mad Player
An acoustic guitar, with blood-stains on the strings at the spots where a person would place their hands, as if the person who used it had played it until their fingers bled. If one were to actually play onto this instrument, the player will be unable to stop playing, their hands continuously play on the guitar as they move faster and faster until their fingers bleed and actually wear the fingers' flesh down to the bone. After the guitar is coated with enough blood, the guitar will end the curse and the player will be freed, be it with severely damaged fingers.

211. Pot of Scalding
A plain-looking coffee pot that seems to be constantly filled with what looks like steaming hot coffee. The liquid inside the pot isn't actually coffee, as it's is rather unpleasant in it's taste and is so hot that it would scar the inside of your mouth and esophagus. As the fluid is not in anyway safe to drink, it is used as a form of improvised weapon that can slowly refill itself over time.

212. Comet Visor
A pair of glass goggles that once belonged to the superhero, The Comet. If the wearer were to cross their eyes, the visor will emit a starry laser beam.

213. Visionary Visor
A strange visor with a button on both sides. Depending on the eye color of the wearer, the visor can change it's function which can be activated by pressing both buttons. (Amber: Lightning Vision, Black: X-Ray Vision, Blue: Cold Weaponry, Brown: Transitional Phasing Kinetic Vision, Green: Ectoplasmic Vision, Gray: Infrared/Scanner Vision, Hazel: Caustic Vision, Purple: Petrifying Gaze, Red: Heat Vision, White: Arching Blasts)

214. Radar Ring
A product of pseudo-science that grants the wearer Radar Vision, which actually functions similar to X-Ray Vision except without any use of actual X-Rays.

215. Robe of Science
A seemingly normal looking lab coat that, thanks to the power of Mad Science, is able to function as body armor as when the coat experiences physical trauma, parts of it can harden up until it becomes invulnerable to physical damage.

216. Zippo Boots
A pair of wheeled boots that once belonged to the superhero, Zippo, whose low-level super-speed is thanks to his costume's wheeled feet. The wheels are powered by compressed air and controlled using a control belt. With the wheels, the wearer can travel up to 65 mph. The wheels were made of carborundum steel, which allowed the bearer to use them as cutting tools.

217. Sun Ray Gun
A rather large and boxy-looking laser pistol powered by "G-Rays." The gun has two settings, one where the gun fired rays that can dissolve almost anything while the other is only capable of stunning others without any damage.

218. The Telepathic TV
A 1960s portable TV that can be tuned into the mental landscape of a person that is near-by, The images and sounds in their mind are shown on the small screen. The "channel" can by changed by turning the channel dial, switiching to another mind in the area. This TV can be used for entertainment purposes, as the phrase, "The movie was better in my head" could be accurate.

219. Rake of Plant Rending
A razor-sharp gardening rake that can surprisingly shred apart flora with a single sweep. Against things like trees however, it would take a couple hundred swipes to make one fall over.

220. Hungering Hide
A mobile sheet of animal hide that had been resurrected by the energies of The Sea. The hide has the same hunger for flesh like some types of undead, which it gains by engulfing it's victims and extends it's sharp teeth inside to shred it's victims to ribbons and devour their flesh piece by piece.

221. Lacerating Leather Armor of Bloodlust
A set of leather armor made from a Hungering Hide. If worn during a full moon, the wearer will experience an intense adrenaline rush and unyielding bloodlust. This can result in the wearer becoming like that of a berserker that attacks every living thing around them until either they die from exhaustion or the moon leaves the sky.

222. Blessed Whip of the Scientist
A alchemically-made leather whip with an electronic handle that has the ability of Reactive Adaptation. When this whip first strikes something, it will the change both it's appearance and it's properties to adapt to the current target's weaknesses.

223. Maxzalax, the Legendary Masterwork Dirty Rope
A plain-looking bundle of rope. The rope is actually very durable and can be used to restrain beings and objects without it breaking.

224. Gigantic Book of Translocation
A old, leather-bound book the size of a concrete sidewalk slab. This book contains multiple, two-page spread drawings of magic circles that actually act as teleporters if one were to step onto the circle and say a specific phrase. Currently there are just over 100 locations recorded that one can travel too, though these are always a one way trip unless another similar book is found.

225. Lmatimal, the Legendary Ink Bottle
An inkwell that contains a rather special kind of self-refilling ink. As when the ink is used to make a drawing, the drawing actually comes to life and it jumps off the surface it was drawn from. Though the size of the entity is only as big as they're drawing itself, so most created from this ink would be the size of a regular-sized sheet of paper.

226. Variable Sound Pistol
What looks like a cross between a mini tape recorder and a handgun, This pistol uses mini tapes as ammo. How that works is that the tape is first inserted in the tape deck-like chamber. Then with the full of the trigger, the tape plays music, which the gun focuses into a concentrated beam of sound. One modification that has been discovered is that if using a mini tape that has recorded incantations, the gun will also fire a magic spell along with the sound beam. Though these spells-on-tape can cause the tapes themselves to burn out when played for extended period of time.

227. Speed Hacker's Sneakers
A modern variant to The Seven League Boots. These shoes increase the movement speed of the wearer considerably. However, without proper exercise and stretching, the wearer's muscles would tear from the speed like how a person who isn't in the best of shape could tear their muscles from the strain of intense movement.

228. Hloridi's Breeze Block
An enchanted hammer made with a cinderblock, a steel pipe & several layers of electrical tape for a handle, and cement filled in the holes of the block. Wielding this weapon can result in the bearer gaining the properties of a thunder god.

229. Diskos
A weapon that is a razor-sharp spinning disk that's the size of a frisbee on a retractable handle. When activated by squeezing both the clutch and the throttle, the disk glows and shoots out sparks as it spins.

230. Gravigun
A one-handed firearm that is able to generate graviton particles; increasing the gravity in the area the gun is fired at, which could have crushing affects on all in the area where gravity is generated. This effect result in the following: Crushing things by enveloping them with a gravity field, Gravitational Downforce and Weight Enhancement.

231. Needle Pipe
An electronic weapon that could fire metallic needles on a stream of electrons at incredible speeds. It had a range finder for targeting and its projectiles could be curved around corners. The weapon itself is a metallic pipe about a foot long and a quarter inch in diameter; with a large, round metallic base, intended to be operated with two hands.

232. The Tablet of Storms
An early 2000s tablet computer with symbols engraved in the back cover. Despite it's outdated appearance, the tablet is actually capable of altering the weather in the bearer's current area, be it if they are outdoors. This is done by using the stylus pen that comes with the tablet and drawing certain symbols that represent each type of weather. In different universes with different weather systems, new symbols can be drawn on this tablet.

233. Chragranox, the Legendary Masterwork Mop
A seemingly normal looking mop that's head is dripping with some kind of filthy looking fluid. The strangest feature of this cleaning product is that when someone is splashed with the fluid-soaked mass of yarn, they end up losing the previous 30 seconds of their memory.

234. The Police Gun
A small plastic pistol, labeled "Police Gun." If fired, an actual, full size police cruiser will be hurled at the target at a speed approaching sixty MPH. There are no instructions concerning how one should reload the gun.

235. The Dexai Bullet (Click Here for image)
A 4th century lead sling bullet that is inscribed with DEXAI, (meaning "Catch!“ in Greek.) When fired from a sling or a slingshot, the bullet actually gains the force and speed of a cannonball.

236. The Screaming Face
A large container containing some thick clear liquid, and a cut off human face that is preserved in it. The container has a single button and a dial on the lid. Pressing the button causes the face inside to open it's eye-lids and mouth, actually releasing a high-pitch scream that is as powerful as how high the dial is turned. The screaming will stop when the dial is turned all the way down.

237. Instant Fabric Paint
Several cans of Instant Fabric Paint. It cures in 3-5 minutes, forming a skin-tight fabric layer. The instructions recommend using a paint sprayer for the best effect. The cans are labeled "Faded Denim," "Black Silk (Gloss)," "Antique Lace," "Black Velvet," etc.

238. The Gluttonous Crates
A storage crate that when opened, reveals the thick, dull teeth rimming the box's lid. The lid will swallow the nearest person, slam shut, and hiccup. A moment later, a box several yards away will make a horrendous burping sound, and the devouree will be spit clear, bruised and covered in saliva but otherwise unharmed.

239. The Crusade Grenade (Click Here for Image)
A hand grenade from the time of The Crusades that is filled with some kind of Greek Fire. When thrown and it breaks on inpact, the resulting pool of flames solidifies and takes the form of a flaming Crusader. Unlike it's more modern cousin, The Angry Rioter's Molotov, this fiery construct will take orders from the person that threw the grenade and it is a much more skilled fighter.

240. The Sorcery Scolder (Click Here for Image)
A Scold's Bridle from between 1500-1800 AD Germany. When worn on those with a proficency in magic, this device actually prevents the wearer from using any form of magic, be it from using magical artifacts or casting proper magic.

241. Variscite of the Slime
Bearers of this gem can use Slime Manipulation. Meaning that they can create, shape and manipulate slime, ooze, and goo of every consistency or viscosity, whether sticky, slippery, etc.

242. Swamp Spirit's Sugilite
Bearers of this gem gains the power of Swamp Mimicry. Meaning that they can transform their body completely into swamp, combining the powers of earth, water and plant-life into one. Users' transformed form is anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of swamp, in which case, it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately, the user can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

243. Cast-Off Modular Armor (Click Here for an example)
A set of Powered Exoskeletons made from things such as medieval armor, old atmospheric diving suits, prototypes of exosuits that never made the cut as it were and just about any kind of armor or scrap that one can scavenge and cobble together. They are capable of massive modifications, so much so that those that can be found can be wildly different from one another. Whether it be with cosmetics such as paint jobs, decals, hot-rod pipes & metal spikes, to using built-in weapons such as blades & firearms, to more utilitarian functions such as thrusters for powered flight, even to more out there concepts such as installing magic stones & painted runes to allow the wearer to cast spells.

244. Dumortierite of the Depths
Bearers of this gem can use Water Energy Manipulation. Meaning that they can can create, shape and manipulate the natural energy found in water, emitting the water energy as a force to project energy bolts, blasts, force fields and weaponry or convert it to create water, ice, mist and/or snow.

245. Shielding Scabbard of Sanctuary
A royal-blue scabbard for a cutlass. This piece of equipment comes equipped with gemstones that can produce an energy shield in front of the bearer. However there are a set number of times that the shield can be raised before it becomes inert and needs to recharge for over 2 hours.

246. Tiso, the Legendary Burning Shortspear of the Painter
A shortspear that's spearhead is engulfed in flames. If one moves the spear fast enough, they can actually draw doodles made of fire in the air that fade away after a few seconds. When used in combination with "Lmatimal, the Legendary Ink Bottle", the doodle actually comes to life for just over 5 minutes before it fades away.

247. The Square-Cube Cannon
What some consider to be the ultimate weapon against giant creatures, The Square-Cube Cannon is capable of firing an energy blast that can actually enforce The Square-Cube Law onto a target briefly. This has the effect of having the creature collapse under it's own weight if there isn't some other factor involved with the creature sustaining itself.

248. Ammolite of Ammunition
A rare gem that is capable of generating stones that can function like firearm bullets. Such a gem can be dropped inside a firearm magazine, in the barrel of a gun, or even sown into the pouch of a sling. And when the firearm is used, the stone will generate the appropriate bullet for it. However there is a set limit of how many bullets are fired before it runs out of charges and becomes nothing more then a regular stone.

249. Waterborne Wand-Sword
An arming sword with a handle made from a wizard's wand and a pommel made from a Dumortierite of the Depths. Made for a magic user who wishes to defend themselves if their usual arsenal of spells aren't an option, The sword becomes coated in Water Energy, allowing the bearer to inflict more damage to electrical beings or other beings who have a weakness to the element of water. However, with how the Dumortierite is installed onto the sword during forging, the wielder cannot immediately use the more advanced techniques the stone can provide.

250. The Garments of Endless Lightning
A set of plaid, wool garments that are constantly sparking with electricity. Wearing these garments can result in being the equivilant of a stun gun, however the wearer will also be unable to touch another person without shocking them as well.

251. Headband of Gravity
A grey & purple elastic headband that actually increases the gravitational field on the wearer by twice the normal earth gravity.

252. The Last Brick
The only unused brick left after the completion of China's Great Wall. If the brick were to be installed into a structure, the structure itself will be enveloped in a forcefield that has the combined durability of every last brick used in The Great Wall. This brick can be installed into objects like tanks or even a suit of Cast-Off Modular Armor to grant the same enchantment.

253. The Meek One's Bell
A tiny collar & bell that was made for a small animal. However, this collar grants the wearer Weakness Empowerment. Allowing something like a kitten to be strong as a full grown tiger but still be as physically weak as its body and size indicates.

254. Ring of Windwalking
A ring that allows the wearer the power of Air Walking. However, the wearer has to stay focused while walking or else they might fall out of the air.

255. Dominance Band
A cybernetic headband that when worn on the head, causes the wearer to be controlled by whoever programmed the band.

256. Horton's Torch Shield
A shield that looks similar to the design worn by The Shield, except it has a port on the front that contains an ever-burning flame. When held, the shield grants the wearer the following abilities: The wearer could completely engulf themselves in flames without actually injuring themselves or even feel discomfort, making themselves lighter than air and giving them the ability to fly. They could also create fire balls that they could throw.

257. Club of Quicksilver
A metal club made from solid mercury. However unlike the toxic mercury on Earth Prime, the mercury that makes up this cudgel is actually like how it was described in ancient history. In that it actually prolongs the life, quickly heals fractures and maintains good health for the wielder.

258. Dragon’s Breath Helmet
A knight's helmet that resembles a European dragon's head. On the collar of the helmet is a set of ports, which are small enough so that something like a vial can be attached to the ports. If a vial of certain substances are attached, the helmet will actually use a kind of breath attack that is based on the vial used.

259. The Eyes of Minute Seeing
A strange mechanical helmet that has a series of rotating glass lenses on the front. When worn, the wearer will discover that with enough fiddling, the lenses will allow them either Telescopic or Microscopic Vision.

260. Cavorite Zweihander
A massive zweihander that was forged from Cavorite, a metal that when cooled after proper forging, has anti-gravity properties. With cavorite, blacksmiths are able to build larger weapons, armor & machines that aren't affected too much by The Square-Cube Law. Though without another metal mixed in during forging, an object forged from pure cavorite has the same durability as an aluminum prop sword, able to bend rather easily with enough force behind a strike.

261. Amulet of Annihilation
The Amulet, which is a blue armband with a white lightning bolt, grants the wearer powers including super-strength, super-speed, flight, the ability to generate electricity and radiate “lightning heat,” and a measure of invulnerability (e.g., can contain the explosion of a grenade with their bare hands). These powers are temporary, but the amulet can be recharged with electricity.

262. Iron Hand of Gotz (Click Here for Pic)
A 500-year old, bulletproof, prosthetic right hand with the forearm bones still attached to it. This strange artifact has a number of abilities: When swung like a club with the fist clenched, the fist briefly grows in size during the swing. When the pointer finger is straight with the other fingers folded, the bearer can write a fiery message in the air.

263. Stardust's Radiation Belt
A corset-sized gold radiation belt that is fastened around his midsection. The belt is in a starburst motif and features two rows of red studs. The radiation belt empowers the wearer with a wide array of beams, rays, and arcs. Each ray is represented by its own red stud. Energies from the belt can be used at a local level to affect individual persons or expanded to levels that affect the movement of planetary bodies. The radiation belt doesn't appear to need charging and is not dependent on an outside energy source.

264. Super Green Beret
A glowing green beret. When one puts the cap on and salutes, the wearer gains the uniform and powers of the hero called "The Super Green Beret."

265. Artemisium Full Plate
A suit of silvery white armor made from Artemisium, a rare and beautiful metal found only on the moon. To normal people, wearing the armor is just like most normal suits of armor; but to someone who is empowered by the moon, it is a good replacement source of energy during the day or a new moon. The armor will also adapt it's appearance to the wearer's connection to the moon; Such as the helmet reshaping to resemble a canine's head and the gauntlets to wicked claws if the wearer is afflicted with Lycanthropy.

266. The Strange Fox Tail
A very realistic but fake fox tail on an elastic band. When put on where someone's tail would be, it becomes a permanent part of the wearer's body, including blood vessels and permanent DNA modification.

267. The Bird Box
A plain looking storage crate. When opened, there is nothing but darkness. Until 5 seconds later a variety of hands reveal themselves from the darkness. Hands that come from various races and species. All of them flipping the one who opened the box The Bird.

268. Burke & Hare's Deadly Pillow
The pillow used by a pair of 1800's Scottish murderers & Resurrection Men to murder 16 people whose bodies were sold to a university in Edinburgh to be used in anatomy classes and dissection. Most of the victims that died from the pillow were afflicted with various afflictions or drunkenness since Burke & Hare also gave some of the victims whiskey till they passed out, which they then use the pillow to smother them to death. Due to the horrors that the pillow was used for, it somehow was granted the ability to not only inflict those same afflictions of the victims onto the person who touches it on their bare skin.

269. The Pins of Internity
A set of enameled pins that were first found as a strange line of code in one world's internet. Though after said code was found, one person split it apart and 3d Printed each of them into a separate, physical pin. Each pin grants the one wearing it a specific power based on an aspect of The Internet. However, outside of a digital environment, the pins' powers are more limited in just how they can be used in another medium.
-Stronk: Self-Power Augmentation but cannot augment the powers granted by the other pins.
-Parkour: Supernatural Parkour
-Thiccness: Supernatural Durability & Stamina
-Memes: Humor Intuition & Meme Magic
-Anxiety: Anxiety Inducement & Paranoia Manifestation
-Aesthetic: Reality Warping but with only the aesthetics of the world around the bearer.
-Outrage: Anger Inducement, Augmentation & Empowerment
-Fandom: Multi Hive Mind between others with similar interests to the bearer.
-Discourse: Enhanced Charisma, Intelligence & Wisdom
-Identity: Identity Manipulation
-Code: Low-Level Reality Modding
-Piracy: Supernatural Thievery & Quantity Manipulation

270. Flawed Teleport Gun
A laser gun that fires an energy blast that teleports whatever it hits to the location that's coordinates are uploaded to the gun. However, with this specific gun, the one that gets teleported ends up reduced to bloody giblets upon re-entry.

271. Dart of Abaris
A magical, golden arrow that can cure diseases, able to utter prophecies and grants the wielder the power of Flight & Invisibility.

272. Slug Blaster
A strange looking, handheld firearm that has a reservoir of what looks like rust-colored slugs on the back. When the trigger is pulled, The gun fires a stream of slime and slugs. The slugs being fired are actually a species of short-lived, fast-eating, metal eaters; As they break down most metals and absorb them into themselves. And with a massive number of them, something like a sword would end up almost completely dissolved except for parts like the leather used for the grip. Outside of the reservoir, the slugs have a lifespan of 4 minutes before they die from the atmosphere outside of the container.

273. Goedendag of Good Day
A Spear-Club from the time of the Franco-Flemish War. However this specific weapon is special in that if one were to say either the phrases "Good Day", "Guten Tag" or other phrases that essentially mean "Good Day" before swinging or stabbing, the weapon moves faster and hits harder during the one swing.

274. Swordstaff of Ohhelno
A Swordstaff with a blood-stained, saw-like edge on a black wood pole. The sight of this weapon is enough for those facing the bearer to flee in terror. Though those with a stronger will may be able to resist the aura of fear this weapon produces.

275. Doctor Mayhem's Lightning Battery
Doctor Mayhem's Lightning Battery by Amanacer-Fiend0
First Appearance: Master Comics #52 (July 1944)
A device created by a self-proclaimed "Master of Electricity." This wearable device is capable of attracting and absorbing the electricity around it. Currently the battery contains lightning of a divine nature, as the wearer gains the abilities that the original recipient of the lightning was suppose to have. While the battery's wearer becomes powerful, the battery still has to be recharged periodically, preferably with divine lightning to keep the powers potent.

276. The Stabacus (Click Here for Pic)*
A sword with a built in abacus. Using the abacus, the sword's bearer will be able to calibrate the amount of damage the sword can do. However the bearer has to calibrate the sword in a specific way as just sliding all the beads in one direction will not be as effective.

277. The Chopper Sword*
A zweihander with the guard styled after motorcycles and a handle designed after one from a motorcycle that make growling revving noises while drawn, intimidating enemies and drowning out spells with spoken components cast anywhere in a fifty-foot sphere and the sword revvs harder with every swing.

278. Orb of Advertising*
A hovering sphere that listens in on conversations and plays advertisements for goods and services it thinks you may wish to purchase. Easy to fear since they are listening and recording, but they’re pretty good at predicting what might be useful.

279. The Cleaning Gun*
A glock with "Cleaning Gun" hastily engraved on the side that functions as you would expect a normal handgun. However, when fired three times at say a dirty oven top, limescale on shower walls or the like. The dirt and grime will disappear, leaving three bullet holes that may have caused more damage then the bearer would like.

280. Data Gun*
Once a file has been loaded onto the USB cartridge, firing the gun will load that file onto any piece of technology it hits.

281. Wand of Fire Touch*
Technically it’s just a really hot pepper on a fork, in that whatever the pepper touches something, it actually burns it like it was touched by a hot flame.

282. Cookie Gun*
A strange looking firearm that fires fresh-baked cookies of the wielder’s choosing (standard, non-magical ones only) at a rate of one per minute.

283. Snickersnackerdoodle*
Also known as a Vorpal Biscuit, it is a delicious chewy cinnamon cookie that causes the eater’s head to fall off.

284. Mace Powder*
When a dash of this powder is thrown at a surface, that surface is affected as if struck by a standard mace.

285. Badge of the 5x Yell*
When worn while casting a spell or using an ability that requires use of the voice, that spell/ability's effect is multiplied by five times it's normal strength.

286. Amusing Space Armor*
A suit of Space Marine mechsuit/armor that appears to have been made by a company that normally makes carnival rides. When activated, it will emit music that you would find at carnivals though this can be toggled off.

287. The Mower Dual-Blade
A two-bladed sword with blades that are designed after those found on lawnmowers with the long handle in between the blades is wrapped in red electrical tape. This specific weapon is enchanted so that when it is thrown like a boomerang, it can travel to a distance of 60 ft before returning back to the bearer's hand without worry about injuring one's self from the blade. This weapon also can inflict more damage upon plant-based entities.

288. Horn of Huckin’ Rocks*
Each blast on the horn fires up to 6 stones, each stone’s weight equal in kilograms to the user’s weight divided by 10.

289. Cherries of Rhythmic Bludgeoning*
It's essencially a club that resemble a large pair of cherries. When two of these clubs are duel-wielded, administering a savage beating as if playing a marimba produces such a musical variety of noises from the victim. Those who are skilled in bardic magic can use these clubs to use their spells.

290. Clarinet of Lightning Calling*
A clarinet that has lightning stripes on it. When one plays this instrument well, lightning will be called upon to strike the player's intended target. However, if played poorly, the lightning will instead strike the player.

291. The Sodacaster*
An electric guitar that, when strummed with a properly refreshing chord, causes any nearby glasses, cups or goblets to magically fill with ice-cold soda.

292. Cursed Cube of Melted Nails*
A block of melted nails from the time of The Great Chicago Fire that, when kicked by a cow or other bovine-based entities, summons multiple Fire Elementals.

293. TalkieBits-flavored Pudding*
Eating this dessert grants the eater five uses of combined Scrying and four hours’ worth of the Telepathic Bond spell, but limited to creatures that consider them a Friend, allowing them to see what their friends are up to and communicate with them. However, one has to have a strong mind & will and additional precautions so that any information being communicated will be intercepted and sold on the Ethereal Plane to the highest bidder.

294. Mug of Pulping*
A coffee mug with a ring of human teeth around the rim that actually chews any solid edible substance to be in a somewhat drinkable form.

295. Suit of Bludgeon Resistance*
A business suit that has been styled after a brick wall. Wearing this increases the wearer's durability to that of a solid wall of bricks, though the cost of wearing it is that the wearer will be weighed down like they are actually wearing a brick wall.

296. Wand of the Clockwork Squid*
A wand that summons a mechanical vampire squid. Once the wand has used up its daily charge, it becomes just a normal-ish metal stick.
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Sparrow9612's avatar
That Scold's Bridle looks like something Jigsaw would lock his victims in. Yikes! Run Away 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Yeah, the medieval ages had some pretty nasty looking punishing tools.

Just wanna ask though, do any of the items in this new batch give you any ideas?
Sparrow9612's avatar
The Sorcery Scolder could be useful to restrain any dangerous magic-wielders. Do the Gluttonous Crates have a limited range, or could the exit box be placed somewhere else as a means of crossing long distances or to get into a secret lair?

In regards to medieval torture devices, the Iron Chair is to me especially nasty
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
With the Crates, I guess you can use them that way, Having the boxes be a form of travel.
One that probably isn't too comfortable unlike say a vehicle or a horse, but it can probably get you to where the other box is at.
Though you'll probably need a shower after going out the exit box.
Also, I doubt that it can work if a box is in another dimension. It be like trying to use a laptop on a deserted island.

I remember seeing those chairs, though I never knew the name of them before now.
And yeah, those look INCREDIBLY uncomfortable.
Sparrow9612's avatar
Right. The exit crate would need to be at least within the same universe, or on the same planet and not obstructed. Rapidly slamming into the bottom of the sealed lid would result in a very bad time.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
So have you done more with D.A.R.C.O. recently?
Sparrow9612's avatar
Not recently, but I'll get back to it at some point. I've mainly been working on MCW/Multiverse Championship Wrestling.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Oh, okay. I was just wondering.
Sparrow9612's avatar
That Visionary Visor sounds absolutely terrifying if it fell into the wrong hands. Amax Kanal would love to get his dirty thieving claws on such a powerful artifact.

On the subject of the Sargasso eruption, I had the idea that the artifacts and Sargassite spewed out into Totality were not bound by time and space, as the Sea exists outside of normal reality. The bits of Sargassite landing in innumerable time periods and universes, are retroactively the culprit behind the birth and rise of legendary super-beings like Hercules (not a god but an inhumanly strong mutant) and Thor (electrokinesis he can channel through Mjolnir and/or summon and control thunderstorms). Tiny (possibly microscopic) slivers of Sargassite could find their way into people (such as Holly Hamilton/Nightingale) early in their lives, and manifest their powers years later. Holly was a teenager when she first discovered her super-strength and healing touch. It could also be surmised that some traveled so far back in time that it landed in primordial ooze, giving rise to entire races and species with unnatural abilities or appearances.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
The Visor would be pretty dangerous in the hands of a person who can change their eye color. That person I actually already created, a cyborg girl in the Cyberpunk District who had gained the ability to only change the color of her eyes and her augmentations aren't exactly all that impressive and since they were an early model, were rather bulky. It wasn't until she found the Visor and became the heroine, "Visionary", did she start to help the poor and destitute in her district. I was kinda thinking of Marvel's Cyclops and how he uses his optic blasts that got me started on Visionary.

Now your ideas with the Sargasso Explosion would be a great origin for a separate universe, one that was near The Sea at the time parts of the Sea were ejected and was peppered with all manners on dimensional nonsense, messing with the Past, Present and Future of that universe like what happened in the Cloverfield movies. Then you could have some of The City's inhabitants also scattered in each place and time period, ranging from The Age of the Dinosaurs to the far future of 20XX. With the contamination of Sargassite in early history, you could end up with creatures like dinomen, insect people, mer-folk, elves and dragons living alongside The Great Race of Yith before a cataclysm wiped most of them from the face of the planet, leaving room for modern humans to develop while the survivors of the previous cultures hid away in the depths of the earth, waiting for the planet surface to be stable enough to exit their communes.
Sparrow9612's avatar
I've been slowly piecing together a possible multiverse. Right now the primary location is Universe-15. Out of how many I'm not entirely sure yet.
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