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The Roman District has several things that make it different from the others. Other then being the only district in Sargasso not from the 19th to 21st centuries, The Roman District has several gods that are from The Roman Pantheon. Though these aren't gods that most people have heard of like Jupiter, Juno or Vulcan, they are relatively obscure and most of them aren't as powerful as the more well known gods. These gods have been known to go outside their district and into the rest of both the city and the continent, to continue their duties as they did back in their world.

Those currently known are as such:

Securitas, goddess of security, especially the security of the Roman empire
Probably the closest thing to a leader to these displaced deities, Securitas is more like the chief of security as she protects her home in The Roman District, which to her is all she has in this world and she doesn't want to fail Rome a second time. While the other gods have taken to working in the rest of the city, Securitas's main focus is on her home district, listening to the prayers of her people to keep them safe from those who threaten them, though she will step in if one of the other gods gets out of line.

Cloacina, goddess who presided over the system of sewers in Rome
A goddess who usually stays in Sargasso's sewers to keep them functioning properly but also has made herself the patron deity of MUCC, as she is also considered the goddess of sanitation. And much like The Basura, she is known to find peculiar things inside the incredibly massive maze that is Sargasso's sewer system and is willing to give them to people who offer her a tribute for it. She has her own temple in the form of a two-story mall hidden deep in the maze that is Sargasso's sewers, which she shares with members of MUCC and the other roman gods.

Laverna, goddess of thieves, charlatans, pickpockets, shopkeepers or dealers, plagiarists, rascals, and the underworld.
Laverna is both worshiped by thieves to prevent getting caught during a heist and worshiped by shopkeepers such as the Basura to get a lot of business at places like Tosher's Market. The goddess has an interest in the burglar known as Kilroy and has considered to make him/it her personal champion.

Lua, goddess of whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons to.
Followers of Lua are warriors who make wages to their opponents. If the follower wins in pitch combat, the opponent has to give up their weapon. Lua herself is more of a Hoarder-esque entity whose main focus is getting many different kinds of weapons for her collection, especially guns since she had never seen firearms in her world before coming to Sargasso. Lua is also very interested in the weaponry of the being known as Artifact, who isn't keen on giving up any of her hard earned gains.

Fornax, goddess of baking and ovens
As the smithing god, Vulcan, has an enchanted forge to create mighty weapons and armor, Fornax has an enchanted oven to create incredibly delectable baked goods. As she has domain over baking & ovens, she makes her places of worship the very few bakeries that exist in the city and on the continent.

Portunes, god of ports and harbors
As almost half of The City borders on the Super Sargasso Sea, Portunes has domain over the the makeshift harbors and ports that line the border. Those who travel out into The Sea pray to Portunes to keep their homes on the shoreline safe as they are out scavenging.

Devera, goddess who ruled over the brooms used to purify temples
Not exactly a goddess with the most impressive domain to rule over, but Devera's brooms are given a unique blessing. This means that the brooms can purify where it is used from any negative energy, but also seems to be able to better clean floors then a normal broom or even a normal vacuum cleaner.

Aescolanus & Argentinus, gods of copper and silver money respectively.
Having domain over copper and silver money, this father/son duo make camp in the banks and other places in Sargasso where pennies, quarters and the like are kept. Aescolanus has an interest in the petty thief and part time heroine, Red Cent, though more in the fact that she has a great fixation and appreciation for pennies and not other forms of wealth.

Fulgora, goddess of lightning
Having made the city power plant into her personal temple, Fulgora keeps an eye on and helps keep The City's electricity running. Though unlike the other gods, Fulgora does require a tribute to keep the lights on in one's home, usually in the form of an electric bill. And if someone doesn't pay their bill, Fulgora will shut of their electricity until they pay. Though what prevents Fulgora from having a complete stranglehold of the city is Securitas, who is powerful enough to punish Fulgora severely if she steps out of line.

Sterquilinus, god of fertilizer
Probably not the most sanitary of the gods, Sterquilinus does play an important role in Sargasso. As the god of fertilizer, he works alongside Cloacina, taking the digestive waste found in the sewers and sells it in large sacks for people who create their own gardens, either on the rooftops in the city, or on their property outside the city limits. This particular brand of fertilizer actually has a blessing granted by Sterquilinus, in that it can accelerate the growth of plants, causing them to mature with supernatural speed, grow to unusual size, and produce in abundance. This allows gardeners in the city to not only produce food for themselves and their families, but also sell their produce to different markets across the city and the outer limits of it for profit.

Those are the ones currently known, as there may be more of them outside the city limits, and there is always a chance of more coming in from other dimensions.
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Great job! To D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's point,The Romans had Gods for everything,even the things that didn't need a God! Having unknown and relatively obscure Gods from Roman mythology be the Displaced Deities is an awesome concept and idea!

You should have a Greek District in Sargasso for lesser known and less powerful Greek Gods,too!

And like you said on the page for Thordis,maybe you could have a version of Hercules in The Roman District(since ''Hercules'' is actually what The Romans called him but the Greeks called him ''Herakles''but he's more popularly known the world over as Hercules) and have him be a normal human who ended up gaining his famous super-strength either with an Artifact or Elohim exposure.

Or another great idea that you mentioned is that you could have Hercules be in The Ever-Changing City's Roman District as one of it's protectors and possibly developing a relationship with the super-strong heroine,Jailbird.

I say you should go for it!

That is,if you ultimately decide to use Hercules for The Ever-Changing City! That was the attitude I had over time with using Hercules(and Thor and other overused and overexposed popular public domain characters,too),I just decided that I would go for it and even though Hercules is overused and overexposed,I felt like I could do something different with him and put my own individual spin on him as character-which is what I also feel I can do for my versions of Thor and other overexposed and overused public domain characters.

If I didn't feel that way then I wouldn't be using the characters.I feel like if people are going to be using overused and overexposed popular public domain characters that have been done to death and that were around long before they were ever even born and that will be around long after they're dead and gone,then it's important for people as creators to know why they want to use them and to feel like they can do something different with them that hasn't been done before and that people haven't really seen before(again,I feel like I'm doing that with my versions of Hercules and Thor and you definitely did that with your take on Thor and I'm sure would you do it with any hypothetical take on Hercules).

But for me,personally,what's ALSO important is not to deviate too far away from what people would expect the characters to be when they think of them.Don't get me wrong,if people want to deviate far away from a popular perception of a public domain character,they can(and do).After all,the DC version of Hercules is a villain,a rapist and a murderer.It all depends on the creator and how they feel they can best use the PD character.

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Well I went and did my own take on two different Greek Gods:



And Aphrodite Pandemos


I was inspired by two videos by the youtube channel Overly Sarcastic Productions, where it turns out that the two gods have a lot more history and information about them then most people in the modern day realize.

So for my version of Dionysus, he's more based on the older interpretations of the character where he was the son of Zeus and Persephone (pre-marrying Hades). And as an infant, Dionysus was torn apart by the titans because the baby was destined to rule the greek gods after Zeus, which pissed Hera so much that she orchestrated the baby's assassination via Titans. Though the only scrap of the baby that was left was the heart, where Zeus and Persephone inserted the heart in the mortal woman Seleme so that the baby could regrow it's body. However after Dionysus was born a second time, he remembered the horrors that he experienced at the hands of the titans and it had done a lot of damage to his psyche from the trauma. This was what gave Dionysus his power as The Greek God of Madness, which can manifest with his habit of throwing extremely lively parties with drugs and alcohol that while he's playing his panpipes, causes those attending to fall into madness and cause widespread destruction and death in the surrounding are the party took place. So to keep Dionysus from continuing being a deadly version of MLP's Pinkie Pie, The rest of the Greek gods gave Dionysus so much wine that he was stupidly drunk, getting him to calm down enough to stop him from going too far with his extreme partying. And they have to keep Dionysus plastered every hour he's awake since they couldn't just kill him because of how powerful he was compared to even Zeus.

As for Aphrodite, or as my version is called, Pandemos, was actually a Spartan Goddess of War as well as the goddess of physical love & sex. And due to her connection to Sparta and the concept of War, it's no wonder why she didn't want to be anywhere near Hephaestus and hangs out with Ares every chance she gets, participating in different conflicts like the Trojan War, the later being one she actually started by kidnapping Helen of Troy. Plus she is the version of the goddess that was the born from the union of Zeus and Dione and represents the more negative aspects of Aphrodite like Maddening Lust, being an Adulterous Spouse, is cruel and spiteful to anyone prettier then her, wants to tamper with people's relationships, despises those who don't want to be in a romantic relationship, and is utterly selfish.

So that's what I got at the moment in terms of Greek Gods in Sargasso.

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Hmm... I dunno. I mean it does sound like an interesting idea. That way we could have an event where gangs from both Greek & Roman Districts duke it out.

Though I also have been thinking of using characters like Ithax & Arke, The Messengers of the Greek Titans since you never hear about them in pop culture.

Some of the other obscure Greek characters that I'd like to use are Keroessa, The daughter of Zeus & Io; Iphis, a child of Telethusa and Ligdus in Crete who was born female and raised male, who was later transformed into a man by the goddess Isis; and Menoetius, Titan of violent anger, rash action, and human mortality.

Now that I think about it, I think I will use Hercules in Sargasso. I mean I did just create something that would definitely make him a unique take on the character. It's an artifact that is what you would get when you combine Ben 10's Omnitrix and The Twelve Labors.

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The Romans had gods for everything, even the things that didn’t need a god. It would be interesting to see these guys interacting with the world