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While cities beyond The Ever-Changing City's horizon are an absolute certainty, though what these other cities are like can be ludicrously different then what the average citizen had ever imagined. Scribble City being one example. Though we will be talking about a more common variant of a city in The Super-Sargasso Sea.

Cargo Cities, to give a brief summary, are "cities" that are massive hodgepodge constructs usually made up of objects such as container ships and cruiseliners that don't have the means to actually travel on The Sea. Though each Cargo City can also have other vehicles added onto them like city buses, transit trains, big rigs, aircraft carriers, and in one instance, a version of the International Space Station. And by "added on", I mean smashed into the collage when it first enters The Sea, which is then welded in place and had holes cut into it to create new pathways into the new piece.

The size of a Cargo City can vary, the smallest being a modern container ship with each of it's shipping containers welded together and modified to function as living quarters, businesses, greenhouses and whatever else is needed, with new ports to and from each container cut out and into individual doorways, with ladders added for going up or down into each container.

The largest known Cargo City is "New Ku", a name given to it by The Basura in honor of one of the major Offal Gods in their belief system. This specific cargo city is actually made with a massive Baseball Stadium at the center of it; with multiple container ships, oceanliners and metro-trains bolted, welded, chained and duct taped to it. Saying that this Cargo City was expansive is like saying that a blue whale is a bit large. The stadium itself had been re-purposed to add hotels, restaurants and shops for the average civilian's convenience.

There is said to be an even larger Cargo City, at least according to The Basura, which was simply called "Ku". It was the main city for the Ancient Basurian Empire that is said to have had actual, full-sized modern cities, medieval kingdoms and even one scifi-esque city added and built into it, dwarfing both New Ku and The Ever-Changing together in terms of it's sheer size. Though after The Great Conflagration War, it is now burning eternally with millions of insane, cult-like, flame-engulfed Basura walking it's streets. This event was what caused a mass exodus of the sane Basurians out of Ku, and spread to different parts of The Sea, with much of them heading to the Cargo City that will become "New Ku" as well as some to what will be The Ever-Changing City.

While more modern people do believe that such a city can exist in The Sea, they and even later generations of Basura would rather believe it to be just a fairytale, cause they do not want to think about the possibility of ever seeing an Enflamed Basura, let alone an entire mega city full of them.

The last Cargo City of note that will be mentioned here is Cloud Nine, one of the Cargo Cities that exists deep under The Sea's surface which usually only The Basura and other lifeforms that can swim in The Sea can reach it. Cloud Nine was actually an advanced, underwater human civilization under a massive glass dome. And unlike other Cargo Cities, Cloud Nine was unfortunately so far into The Sea's depths that it is constantly under attack by lifeforms that only exist in that far down. Though with the human's ingenuity, they were able to create an army that can effectively defend Cloud Nine and actually travel into The Sea itself thanks to help from the local Basura.

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Cargo Cities
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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
These cargo cities sound pretty cool. I can just imagine a massive city made from old ships and shipping containers floating in a sea of junk. Surely some insane scientist or dictator is attempting to give there city a means to travel the sea and conquer other cities?
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That would make for an awesome set-up for a story if you ask me! :)