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If you are or were a writer, have you ever had plans to write a story that hasn't got off the ground?

Have you planned many things for it and wrote those ideas down, such as the setting, characters, magical/technological macguffins & plot devices that are needed for the plot to move forward?

Have you ever have gotten to a point where you look at one or more of your ideas and go, "This won't work" and decided to scrap it?

Or have you ever just looked at the whole project after so much time and decided to scrap it entirely?

Well, I think I have something that writers could use, if only so that their old ideas don't go to waste.

Picture if you will: A continent made from a hodgepodge of vastly different locations from all across time, space and the entirety of the Multiverse, like someone used hundreds of vastly different model location sets and put them all together into a massive collage.

And imagine this continent ontop an almost infinite sea of junk, bits and bobs from different points of totality, from that missing sock from your washer to military vehicles to even abandoned city blocks.

This sea is the Super Sargasso Sea. A dimension into which lost things go, whose existence was proposed by Charles Fort, writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena. And in this context, "Lost Things" can also be entire locations from across the Multiverse.

And in this ever growing continent of Decemillia (Latin for "Myriad Lands") lies a city, made up from other cities that were effectively removed from their realities, like someone moved a location to another spot far from the initial plot. Each district of this ever growing city are from different eras of history. Each district is a physical conglomeration of 10 years in a point of history, so you can have one district that represents the Prohibition Era where the Vampire Mafia rules; A district from parts of the 1940s when WWII was in full swing and gangs made of both Allied and Axis forces battle for dominance with unusual superweapons, both Alien and Supernatural; A district that was taken from The Roman Empire, who's leader wants to expand into the other districts with the help of their local deities and demigods. And two districts based on the 80s & 90s where Punk and Grunge intermingle with one another in a 90s Beat-Em Up fashion.

Outside of the city itself are suburbs made from small villages of time periods such as the Middle Ages, the time of the Puritans, The Wild West and The Golden Age of Piracy. The wilderness that surround the civilized portions are from time periods like the Cambrian Era, The Age of the Dinosaurs, The Ice Age, and even from a reality where beings that evolved from reptiles into humanoids, ruled the Earth from ancient but highly advanced civilizations.

All that is just the basic template for you to work with, as whatever force removed those locations from their worlds and onto the Super Sargasso Sea may have also transported the setting & characters of your scrapped story to this continent while the unused weapons and macguffins you created could become a part of the Sea, where someone may find and have a use for them.

I declare this location to be Open Source, though I would like to have some credit if you ever use it.
In legal terms, This location & characters marked "Open Source" in their title are under the license CC-BY 4.0.

Edit (3/16/2021)

Today is the 4 year anniversary of this project's creation! :D 

(---Sargasso Supplements---)

These Supplements are under the license CC-BY 4.0.
The Superior
The Offal Gods
The 13 Dark Gods of Sargasso
Items Part 1
Items Part 2
Items Part 3
The R-J.A.C.
Imhullu, The Killing Wind
The Filthy Flame Shards
Chaos Contraptions P1
The Pendant of Coronation
Spook Kandies
Multi-City Theory
What They Eat
The Warriors of Freyja
The Constables
The Beckoners
The Techanthropes
The Gravediggers
The Lummox
The Cyberpunk District
The Warehouse Nexus
Scribble City
The Big Boxes
The Floridian Glades
Cargo Cities
Skull Mountain
The Chop Shop Hospital
The Pyramid (by BassoeG)
The Nappa Islands
The Forest of the Austro
The Broken Wastes
-Radia's Cave
Roquefort University
Superior City a.k.a. Villain's Paradise
D.A.R.C.O. "Dangerous Artifact Retrieval and Containment Organization."
Dread End
The Ungulate Isles
Titan City
Empire City
Displaced Deities
Ectolian Ghost Eaters
The Cucaryu
The Vermin of Sargasso
The Daikaiju
Skittering Whiptails
Hoarding Sewer Skuds
Sonargulls & The Sonic Terror (By BassoeG)
Blooddrinker Muuska
Spotted Aokibas
Malignant Flowers
Topiary Crabs (By BassoeG)
Devouring Gourds
Steam Beasts
The Black Door
The Sargassian Expulsions
Sargassian Stripes
Sargasso Facts


These Races are under the license CC-BY 4.0.
(-The Brewborn-)
(-The Basurians-)
(-The Zakos-)
(-The Foul-)
(-The Ahz-Jhi-Rhei-)
(-The Noegin-)
(-The Enliven-)
-Abominable Abodes
(-Ungulate Isles Races-)

(---Recurring Inhabitants---)

These Characters are under the license CC-BY 4.0.
From Oldest to Newest
The Letter Legion
Skull Glider
Mummy Crystal
Baron Boudreaux
The Joint
Trash Ninja
Professor Allen Cal
The MUCCers
Doctor Marceline Magdalene
Token, The Red Cent
The Mechanical Storm
The Matriarchy
The Weird Boys & The Aberrant Men
Leon of the Bu Lei
Mother Trucker
Chemo Crusader
The Primeval Torrent
Scribble City Sentries
Scratches Malone
Dubya, The Hungry God
Nitrox, The Plasma Edge
Pow Wow Percy
Benjamin, The Banner Bandit
Honest Kevin
Reddie Redback
Weathervane, The Storm Sorcerer
Andra, The Sassy Cyborg
Mik'Eal, The Bee Dragon
Methlab, The Sultan of Substances
Roast Spider
The Penitent
Alaia Pelarbien
Jotunn, The Moon Mistress
Leadfoot, The Speeding Scoundrel
Duper Kan, The Basurian Super Bin
Princess Shoal
Ferro Kan, The Iron Engineer
The Horrid
The Bone Knives
Deathmate Pink
Amy, The She Lion
Black Opal
Tramp, The Roadster
Power Mane
Cold War
Edith, The Wife of Lot
Rose Web, The Scarlet Spinner
Truhkkin, The Angel of Vehicular Death
Femchinell, The Forest Nymph of Death
Remix (by Sparrow9612)
Parcel Knight, The Recycled Retainer
Power Sword, The Mighty Force Super-Tron
The Universal Challenger
Father Vroom
Officer Richard Powretti
Naranga, The Citrus Lich
Princess Kong of Skull Mountain
Arrthree, The Living Rocket
Deathmates Orange & Black
The Cultist of Tehff-Jha
The Dead Head Club
Crownbreaker Champions
Heart Lass
Miss Spider
Regan Lockhart
The Shopper
Walnut, The Nutcracker
The Signalizer & Beetle Man
Madcap Molly
Mastermind & The Death Patrol
Squink, The Sewer Shrieker
Big Bling, The Prismatic Man
T.H.O. The Id of God
Atmos Fear, The Demon of Flame and Frost
V.C. Ranger (formerly Video Ranger)
Lergy Foulmonger
Wonder Man
NewsFlash, The Libel Lightning
Soda Jerk
The Brainless Cyclops
The Cash, Quickest Buck Alive
Green Trashcan, The Emerald Asphyxiator
Omphalos, The Stone of Rage
Da Thang
Razbestos, The Salamander
The Devil Dragon
Dynamic Boy
--Dynamic Beast
Bootleg Pete
Dr. Fuzor
Ku-Shu Fieldtender, The Herald of the Harvest
Streetwise, The Citymancer
Larz Boggart
The Flaming Hands of Angel Eyes
The Urban Diviner
Fate Ball
Gonzo Girl
The CVA-95
Rotayta, The Spinning Spud
Vis, The Green Psycho
Goetia, King Solomon's Protege
Doctor Mayhem, The Master of Electricity
Jailbird, The She-Hunk
Glen, The Gravedigger
Dr. XXX, The Mad Doctor
Terri Thunder, The Girl Dynamo
Manowar Zeta aka Zee
Vampire Girl
Wiggles, The Wonderworm
Torgo, The Man Goat
The Terrible Shroud
Overmind, The Evolved
The Miracle Kids
Slora's War Maiden
Freako-Rex & Botty
Tsucasa Faulkner
Miss Mallet, The Queen of Hammer Time
Mall Master
Benny, The Street Breaker
Styr Spookslasher
Radia, The Crusader Girl & The Sign Saw of the A'Punk'alypse
Thomas Murnov, The Reluctant Bone Lord
Black Bat
Big Dix, The Venomous Dapper
Terzin Clawhopper
Ricky, The Black Streak
Kid Terror, The Junior Reaper
Black Friday
Sonic Bat
Wonder Boy, The Comet Kid
Audrey Jr.
Logger's Bane
Roadie, The Combating Car
Ticlock, The Blade Ghost
Roquefort Students Set 1
Nancy Neutron
Mr. Crime
Miss Superior
Ms. Justice
Captain Climate
Ariana Rojo
Great-Big Huge Mam
Ro-Gar, The Conqueror
Olga Mesmer, The Girl with X-Ray Eyes
Max Speed & The Gonzo Gang
The Phantom Beetle
The Fallen Virtue
Roarg Greatmane
Ms. Muscle
Miss Aggie, The Smiling Sadist
Detective Ginger, The Sleuthing Seal
Black Atom, The One-Woman Rogues Gallery
Aran Mickey, The Irish Tiger
Wooly, The Yunlu
Orumcek, The Spider Boss
Full Metal Ninja
Miss Phantasma
Madame Strange
The Ninja Killer
Orapheal, The Scapegoat
Carthena, The Red-Haired Giantess
Irene Iddesleigh, The Warrior Versifier
Howard Carter, The Reluctant Monster Hunter
Red Moth, The Rent-A-Hero
American Marvel
First Class
The Broad
Top Notch, The Girl Flash
Major Victoress, The Spirit of Old Glory
Atoma'am, The Atomic Ghoul
Atoma'am, The Nuclear Maiden
The Diamond Gang
The Blockbusters
Gangway, The Linebreaker
Sarah Gyger, The Dynamo Damsel
Vicki McAllister, The Red Wolf
Hercules, The Mighty Champion
Rokkon, The Flying Geode
Spotty, The Iron Dog
Gort, The Republic Robot
Black Fury, The Silver Gulch Slugger
Dionysus, The Greek God of Madness
Azkabore, The Skull of Magic
Tanya Torbellino, The Archer of the Wind
Xindis, The Discarded Shell
Iggy Rocksnacker
Danny Mixton n' His Fantastic Beasts
Nightclock, The Clockwork Nightmare
Shigaraki, The Metal Tanuki
Reaper, The Angel of Death
The Unworthy
Adrian, The Angel of Guidance
Nightingale, The Winged War Nurse
Battle Eagle
Burning Tempest
Sky Cutter
Babylona, The Hellfire Angel
Jericho, The SHIELD Bearer
The Spinning Death
Thirty-One, The Aerial Courier

(---Other Info---)

Sargasso-Based Games
Possible Inspiration: /r/Bossfight
Possible Inspiration: Destroyed and Abandoned

Possible Inspiration: Crappy Taxidermy
Possible Inspiration: The Free Universe
Possible Inspiration: Obsolete Scientific Theories
© 2017 - 2021 Amanacer-Fiend0
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papapalpatine2008's avatar

Sounds like a cool project. If anyone can contribute, I've got an idea for a fictional technology that may have found it's way there:


Developed in an alternate version of the 21st century, Constructors are machines that can build nearly anything as long as they're provided with the necessary raw materials and an Electronic Blueprint File (EBF). They come in sizes ranging from the desktop models common in households to gigantic industrial machines big enough to build vehicles, houses, and even entire skyscrapers. Communities of people who called themselves Blueprinters specialized in creating EBFs using a piece of software known as Crafting Bench.

One of the most notable impacts Constructors had on the world back in their home timeline was rendering laws restricting or prohibiting the ownership of weapons pointless as anyone could have their Constructor make them any weapon they wanted as long as they had the EBF for it. China was the last hold out when it came to such laws, right up until the CCP was overthrown by a rebel faction. EBFs for weapons such as firearms were widely available on the Shadow Net and usually came with companion files that told the Constructors how to make the ammunition and magazines needed for them.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

That does sound very interesting! :)

Like I can imagine that a Constructor the size of a shipping crate ends up in The Ever-Changing City where both Catalyst and The Unicorn Foundation in The Cyberpunk District want to get their hands on it. Like when they're finally allowed access to The Hive and they fully understand the mechanics of The Constructor, they can upgrade the Hive and turn it into their own version of a Constructor to more easily manufacture their products.

PhoneixFeather's avatar

Wow, you've clearly put a lot of time and passion into this! That's really cool you're making this stuff available to people too

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Thanks! :D

Yeah I was kinda sick of the kind of content that Hollywood, Mainstream Comics and the rest of the entertainment industry are shoveling out in recent years. So I went "Screw it! I'll do it myself!" and made Sargasso and 99% of the material in it, my setting that people of all stripes can use and contribute to. Kinda like how the SCP Foundation works. And I've been making all sorts of content for others to use.

Like if someone wanted to make their own Spiderman story where the main character hasn't sold their marriage to the devil and is in a happy relationship? There's a character for that. They want to make their own Superman story that isn't dark and edgy because "It's more mature"? There's a couple characters they can use for that. If they want to make a Captain America story that doesn't have the horrible retcons that current year Steve Rogers has thanks to how poorly he was handled by current day Marvel aka Hydra Cap, there's a character for that too.

syn1111111's avatar

So to sum this up "pick it up, and push it somewhere else" am I right?

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Well that's one way of putting it.

Though it's more like "Steal it from their Universe and stash it with the others."

syn1111111's avatar

so like the movie "Land of The Lost"

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

I had to look that up since I haven't heard of it before. And now that I have read about it, I can see why you make that comparison.

syn1111111's avatar

good movie, i recommend you watch it

question if I have an idea that might fit how do I submit it?

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Technically there isn't like an official submission process or anything like that.

I mean if you do want it added to Sargasso, just leave a link to it and I'll add it to the list.

If you want to make it open source for other people to use, you could either use a creative commons license like this:

Or you could add a paragraph in the description that says something like:

"(Character/Concept) is an open source (Character/Concept) created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit."


"The character of (Character Name) is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving (Character Name), in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

Or even

"(Character Name) is an open source character free for anyone to use with no copyright restrictions. Creator citation is not required, but would be appreciated."

This is mostly so that people can understand that they can use it.

wow, really interesting, I have a thing I have been working on that might fit, got to replace some names before I go forward with it.

SebasChavez's avatar

This project sounds interesting.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Thanks! :D

And you can use any of it's pieces for your own creations if you'd like to.

I even have characters that are elastic in their powerset that could interest you.

Like Tsunade here:

Open Source: Tsunade

And Sockette Launcher:

Open Source: Sockette Launcher
SevenSidedCube7's avatar

Again, some or all of this would be great to add to the shared comic book wiki universe! You might be surprised at some of the content there already which would harmonize with your own creations!

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Transcentral does sound interesting.

Again like I said with my last comment, I'll think about it.

HanamiYumeno's avatar
This is a wonderful idea~ 
I love how you include everyone who wants to join and give the characters a new life!
Every info you gave here is so detailed and perfectly explained! The places, realities, weapons, items. Perfection <3
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
I'm glad that you like it! :D
Sparrow9612's avatar
Not sure if they have already been mentioned somewhere, but there are several disappearances that could involve the victims ending up in The Sea: The Roanoke Colony, the Legio IX Hispana/lost Roman legion, the USS Cyclops and her crew along with perhaps some of her equally unlucky sister ships, and Flight 19.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
I did mention the Roanoke Colony before under the Miscellaneous section.
Sargasso Supplement - MiscellaneousMain Article: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City
This is for info that is too small to be made into a full entry. If I write more info on each of these, I'll separate them from here and make them into a separate entry.
Edit (2/15/2019): Added The Lakes of Tehff-Jha to the list.
(---The Lakes of Tehff-Jha
If one were to sail among the sea of junk in The Super-Sargasso Sea, and find a spot free of clutter but replaced with a massive lake of rainbow-colored liquid, then you have found one of The Lakes of Tehff-Jha, The Offal God of Alteration. Each being the size of one of America's great lakes, these "lakes" are in fact full of liquid Elohim, meaning that anyone who even puts a single finger in the liquid will be mutated. And in these specific waters are li

Though with that the colony is a part of a separate continent called The Free Republic of America, where the original 13 colonies along with states that didn't materialize in our actual history were dropped in The Sea. And during the time when this land ended up in the Sea, this free republic had just finished gaining it's independence from Britain. And since it was dropped during the time of The Great Basurian Empire, life in the Free Republic would probably be different that how things developed in our time.

The Cyclops and Flight 19 I'm familiar with but not the Legion. Though since The Roman District is a part of The Ever-Changing City, The Lost Legion could end up there. So yeah I would like to add these to Sargasso.

You got your own ideas for these?
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