Flooded Again

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I said this once and I will say this as many times more: Nature is such a B**ch.

Why do I say that you guys ask?

Well with this rainstorm that just passed us, our basement has been flooded Yet Again.

It rained Four Inches in half an hour.

And we spent the last few hours trying to drain our basement of all the water.

I'm taking a short break right now since I've been busy sweeping up water for the past few hours non-stop.

In fact the flooding is so bad where I'm at the road our house is on had to be closed off temporarily.

Anyway I have to get back to work, I'll update this when we're done for today.

Edit 1: Well we cleaned up the water. Now we just have to let the fans and dehumidifier do their job in getting them dried off.

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Damn.Sorry to hear that but it's good to hear that you cleaned up the water.And it's also good that you caught the leaks in your floor early enough so that you could pick up everything that would get ruined off the floor.

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Yep. Now we just need to get it all dried up now. We got fans and a dehumidifier running right now.

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Well shit that sucks. On the brightside you seem to have succeeded so that's a plus.

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Yeah, We did manage to get everything cleaned up luckily. :)

Though now we have to try and get everything dried off before we start getting mold.

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I assume it went well? XD

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As far as I can tell it's all dried up now. So hopefully we won't be getting mold now.

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Aw man, that really sucks. Here's hoping you didn't have any valuables or electronics down there. Seriously, give Nature a chance and she'll walk all over you.

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Well luckily we caught the leaks in our floor early enough so we can pick everything that would get ruined off the floor.

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Oh good. Since this is a recurring problem, that means you'll be able to catch it next time too.

Ouch, as someone who's suffered from heavy rains and floods, I'm sorry to hear. Good luck, man.

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Well we finally got rid of the water, but now we have to get it all dried up before we start getting mold.

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