Sargasso Supplement: Items part 5

Deviation Actions


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Like the previous lists, all of these items are in the public domain, legally speaking under Creative Commons 0, so you can do whatever you wish with them.

511. Manacle of Chicken Riding
A tiny manacle with a chicken design etched in the metal that has the Chicken Riding spell enchanting it. When the manacle is fastened onto the leg of a chicken, the spell will activate and the chicken will grow to the size of a horse. Unlike the spell itself, as long as the chicken wears the manacle, the effects are permanent.

512. SP2A Converter
The SuperPower 2 Artifact Converter. A metal device the size and shape of an average shipping crate and a hole on the top. When a superhuman inserts their arm or other appendage into the hole, the device will actually extract the super energies from the person, making them into a normal human. However with the drained energy, The Converter will actually create an artifact that is built around that specific power. This artifact can be used to remove powers that are actually detrimental to the superhuman.

513. Phreakin' Phonebooth
A red, Norweigan-style telephone booth that looks like it's not connected to any phone lines. However when the phone inside is used, the person using the phone will end up teleporting to another Phreakin' Phonebooth. And the distance between phonebooths could actually span across universes. These phonebooths are usually found out in the middle of nowhere or are hidden away in abandoned locations where hardly any person could find them. Each of the booths come equipped with a phonebook that contains the phone numbers connecting to booths to each other and these books are incredibly heavy as a result of the amount of phone numbers they contain.

514. Crusader's Atomic Shield
A high-tech shield that is powered by atomic energy. When held, the bearer will be infused with atomic energy. This will either kill the bearer or they will transform into an Atomic Superman with superhuman strength, invulnerability and flight. This shield was once used by a superhero called The American Crusader.

515. Polarite Plate
A type of armor made of a mineral found only on the frozen wastes of a distant planet. Polarite has the ability to attract and neutralize weaponized particles like those used in rayguns, plasma weapons and other energy-beased weaponry.

516. Thermatron
A compound that makes it possible for ships to achieve faster than light speeds. However this compound is dangerous for ships that are not built for moving at such intense speeds and will be torn to pieces from the intense inertia.

517. Radurium
A valuable and potent serum used as a topical treatment for cosmic and radiation burns. If an individual is exposed to it for too long, it can be fatal due to poisoning.

518. Vial of Chameleon Fever
A vial that contains a viral culture. This disease that one can catch in Madagascar, causes one to grow layers of skin of different colors, which allows a person to blend into his surroundings.

519. SP2G Harness
The SuperPower 2 Guardian Harness. When worn by a superhuman, the harness will actually create a Manifested Guardian that is designed after and based on that superhuman's powers. The Guardian created by this harness is not sapient, however it does have the capacity to detect threats and protect it's creator accordingly.

520. Eternity's Phone
A ghostly pale, 1980s brick phone. When one first dials a phone number and then utter the word "Eternity", the bearer can summon anyone from mythology or history connected to the phone number that represents that person. The bearer will also be able to call upon comic book characters with the phone's power. The summoned person will return back to their place of origin after the phone's bearer hangs up. The phone unfortunately has a rather short battery life of 30 minutes and it takes around 10 hours to charge it back up.

521. Fehrjarn's Wrench
A old-fashioned wrench once used by a God of Iron & Industry named Fehrjarn. When used by it's chosen wielder, this indestructible wrench grants the bearer Supernatural Strength & Durability, Flight, Enhanced Senses, cloak their visage in shadow to hide their identity and cover their body in a thin aura of Iron Energy to shield the bearer from fae & other supernatural attacks such as possession by spirits & demons. The wrench can be thrown hard enough to smash through multiple tanks and will return to it's wielder's hand like a boomerang. The iron-like mineral used in this weapon's creation allows the bearer to hit immaterial enemies and neutralize magical energies upon contact.

522. Daily Blade
A short sword with a blade that appears to be made from newspapers treated to make the blade have properties similar to steel. Thes swords can create a trail with every swing that can actually show an image of page of the newspaper that talks about current events like a Pixel Visual Poi.

523. Daily Blast Spell Scroll
When the formula on this scroll is recited, a blast of newspapers will erupt from the scroll with the force of a blunderbuss, causing some concussive damage onto the target. The newspapers will crumble into dust a second after the blast occured.

524. Copper Tinderbox
A copper tinderbox with the image of a mastiff's face on it. Striking the tinderbox will summon a mastiff that has copper eyes as large as saucers.

526. Silver Tinderbox
A silver tinderbox with the image of a doberman's face on it. Striking the tinderbox will summon a doberman that has silver eyes as large as mill-wheels.

527. Golden Tinderbox
A golden tinderbox with the image of a wolf's face on it. Striking the tinderbox will summon a wolf that has golden eyes as large as a round tower.

528. Lord's Tinderbox
A platinum Tinderbox with the faces of a Mastiff, a Doberman and a Wolf on it. Strike the tinderbox up to three times to summon the three Tinder Dogs.

529. Shield of Micro Saucer
What looks like a round shield designed after a generic flying saucer. However, when the shield is thrown into the air like a discus, the shield actually transforms into a miniature flying saucer, acting as an unmanned drone for the bearer. The Saucer can be commanded to perform functions such as: Attack a target by either ramming into it or using it's tiny ray guns; can attach itself to the bearer's back and using anti-gravity to grant them the power of levitation; can unleash a tractor beam that draws the target towards the saucer; create a forcefield around the bearer; or it can just be called to return to it's owner and return to a form of a shield.

530. Decade-O-Tron TVs
A set of Televisions that are designed after TV from different decades. These TVs are able to play the channels found in their respective decades and play each episode depending on the current date up to 10 years and will go back to the very first day of their decade after 10 years have passed. For an example, an 80s Decade-O-Tron would play tv shows, commercials and movies that existed during the 80s and will play them on the corresponding day as if it's actually connected to different TV stations in real time. There are Decade-O-Trons that seem to come from realities that aren't based on normal Earth TVs, such as ones that look like they're made in a fantasy universe where they play shows & movies that take place in that world.

531. Trumpet of Defeat Inducement
A somewhat dented trumpet that is horribly out of tune. However, when it is used as a bludgeon, it can induce defeat in others and events in every conflict or a physical challenge. This power overrides abilities that allow others to achieve victory through supernatural means such as Plot Armor. So beings who are unable to be defeated normally will lose their power when struck with this weapon and be defeated & knocked unconcious.

532. Idol to the Faceless Saint of Thrift Trash*
An idol depicting what some think is a deity that came from The Super-Sargasso Sea. When prayed to and given the appropriate offerings, the Saint depicted in the idol will grant the one who makes the appropriate prayer ten cubic meters of the random crap you find in thrift stores: ties with stains, coffee mugs from radio station promos, unmatched shoes, hideous ceramic figurines, mysterious kitchen utensils, “Sing Along with Mitch” records, stuffed animals that obviously smell like cat urine, etc. However, among all that crap, there is a chance that at least 1 of them that is actually valuable like a magical artifact, documents from a lost civilization or even a random Quest Item.

533. Kusanagi Air Rifle
A Kunitomo Air Gun similar to The Pecos Bill Air Rifle (From Part 1 at #82). A rifle found within one of the tails of a giant, multi-headed & multi-tailed serpent, The Kusanagi Air Rifle has the ability to create a massive gust of wind by firing a shot in one direction and the whirlwind will move in that direction. However if the rifle is first "fed" rice wine via poaring it down the barrel, the gust of wind will actually become more powerful as the wind is upgraded into a tornado that is engulfed by flames.

534. Robe of The Crustae-Drake
A scaley-red robe that transforms the bearer into a dragon/lobster hybrid that allows the wearer to swim underwater and hide on the bottom of say a lake by growing similar vegetation on their body to blend in.

535. Hypnosis Wheel of Metamorphosis
A hypnotizing wheel that cam mesmerize those who look at the wheel as it spins, letting them become suseptible to suggestion. However unlike other forms of hypnosis, when the hypnotizer makes a command for their victim to act as a certain thing, the victim will actually undergo a metamorphosis as they become the thing they are compelled to become.

536. Edison's Afterlife Communicator
A steampunk-esque communication device created by Thomas Edison himself back in the 1920s, this device was invented for the purpose of allowing communication between the living and the dead. This device uses a simple method of supplying 'raw' audio that spirits and other entities can use to form voices. It does so with a specially modified radio that sweeps its tuning across AM, FM, or shortwave bands. The sweep can be random, linear or even done by hand. The theory is that the spirits piece together words and phrases from these broadcasts to relay messages.

537. Voodoo Clock
A clock that was made by a native jungle tribe of clock worshippers. When one utters the magic phrase that is etched on the clock, the timepiece will produce a card that has three time stamps. Each time stamp has a short sentance that actually predicts a future event, however the predictions aren't usually what one would expect if one were to take the messages literally.

538. Bracelet of Amorphous Negation
A bracelet that grants the wearer an ability like they've used a Scroll of Amorphous Punch, allowing the wearer to neutralize an amorphous entity's resistance to bludgeoning damage upon contact, making creatures like blobs and other amorphous creatures susceptible to melee attacks.

539. Mr. Crabb's Scorpion Tank
A mech that is designed after a scorpion. This mech comes equipped with crushing claws, a lightning gun on the scorpion's tail, and a pair of beam generators on the front that can emit beams that can actually drain the power of some superhumans, weakening them greatly.

540. Felix Phone of Feline Fancy
An old corded phone that has the design of the cartoon, Felix the Cat. A phone that, when the reciever is off the hook, the eyes of the cat actually open up. This specific phone has the strange ability to channel the thoughts of near-by cats and cat-like beings through the reciever translated to english as if the cats are actually calling on the phone.

541. Fiddle of Herpetomorphia
A cursed fiddle that, when played, causes nearby creatures to develop reptilian features like a medusa-style snake hair, a reptilian head, dragon-like wings and turning their fingers into miniature snakes.

542. Balo Blade of Paper Slaying
B.A.L.O. stands for Big Ass Letter Opener. In that this sword was actually just the letter opener that belonged to a giant at one time. In fact it was originally no different then a normal sized wall hanger sword. However with this blade, it has the ability to shred most forms of paper such as the paper of a spell book that is normally able to resist tearing, shredding and other forms of damage.

543. Dentures of Radioactive Man
A pair of mechanical dentures with teeth glowing gamma green. When these dentures bite down on a non-human entity such as an animal, that creature ends up gaining the physiology of a human. An example of this is if say a fox ends up getting bitten by these dentures, that fox will become a human with some of it's old features like it's ears and tail remaining. There are rumors that there are other dentures designed after the jaws of animals like sharks, cats, dogs, foxes, spider mandibles, eagle beaks and other beasts. Each of these will inflict similar effects to other creatures, especially humans.

544. Rival's Mirror
A full-body mirror that is actually enchanted. Standing in front of the mirror will show a completely different person in the reflection, one that is similar to the original in terms of powers and abilities. And when one stands infront of the mirror and when the phrase "Maza Vitri Rivalis" is uttered, the reflection will actually come to life and escapes the mirror. The figure from the mirror will have all the abilities of the original person and will be psychologically compelled to defeat the original in some way.

545. Plum Duck of Vulture Ghosts
A massive, plum-colored, inflatable rubber duckie full of the spirits of hundreds of vultures and other scavenging birds. When the duckie senses that it is in danger, it will unleash the souls trapped inside which all amalgamate into one massive entity the size of a stealth bomber. This spiritual construct will attack the source of the danger and tear into it like a living vulture does to carrion. This construct does also have a taste for the flesh of dead giant monsters.

546. Scorpion's Bottle of Poison
A white bottle dotted with purple bumps that has a poison strong enough to kill a giant monster.

547. Badge of Instant Arrest
A police badge that has the power of Command Inducement. How that works is that if you show this badge to a target and say the phrase, "You're Under Arrest!", your target will immediately stop what they're doing, put their hands in the air and comply with the user's further orders even if that target is much stronger then you. This ability only works if you are aiming a gun at the target, but if you stop aiming your gun at the target, the target will slowly regain control until you point your gun at them again.

548. Handcuffs of Instant Submission
A set of handcuffs that when secured around a target's wrists, they will be compelled to lie down onto the ground even if the target tries to resist the control. However, these cuffs do not work on those who have an Indomitable Will.

549. Tactical Musket of Mauling Lions
A home-made, muzzleloader, percussion rifle made by zimbabweian poachers that didn't have access to modern firearms. This specific rifle has a pair of pistol grips, one behind the trigger mechanism and the other further up halfway towards the front of the gunstock. Firing this gun will summon the spirit of a dead lion that will maul the target that's been hit with the bullet. However usage of this gun is rather risky as it could explode in your face upon firing or the lion will turn it's attention towards you and maul you instead.

550. Capitan Jupiter's Akashic Belt
An extra-terrestrial belt which grants the wearer six different powers at the touch of a button:
-Button 1 - Invisibility
-Button 2 - Supernatural Hearing
-Button 3 - A force field granting invulnerability to attacks up to and including nuclear explosions
-Button 4 - Optic Blasts
-Button 5 - High-Speed Flight
-Button 6 - Protection from hostile environments such as being under water or in space, no need to breathe
The wearer can only activate two of the buttons at the same time.

551. Hero Mask of Secret Identity
A plain-black domino mask that, when worn, prevents those around them from knowing who is under the mask. How this works is that this mask creates an aura of Dubiousness and Doubt around the wearer that will cause the average being to not actually recognize or even believe that the wearer before and after wearing the mask are the same person unless the wearer wants it so. Even if you put one photo of the bearer before and one of the bearer after wearing the mask side by side, the average person will say that they don't see the resemblence.

552. Lars of Mars' Power Gun
A "power-ray" gun that has multiple settings. In essence, it could function as a heat ray, a freezing ray and a tractor beam. The heat ray's power could be adjusted - it could be mild enough to shoot weapons out of his opponents' hands and powerful enough to blow up an enormous factory with a single blast. The freeze ray's power can also be adjusted so that it could either just coat the target in a layer of ice, generate a stream of sharp ice shards or create massice ice structures.

553. Cosmic Crystal of Amalgamation (by Marz Workman)
10,000 years ago in another universe, an alien sorcerer battled and eventually imprisoned an ancient (even then) evil in order to save the galaxy from annihilation. The evil one was imprisoned within a cosmic crystal of nearly limitless power. Over the millennia, the alien sorcerer learned to tap this power and transfer it to others. It would only empower those of a race that were different; mutants. And only then, it would select those whose mutations complimented, or balanced, each other, and enhancing their natural mutations. Only selecting five or six at a time, the crystal selected many teams over the thousands of years, and only until the threat was vanquished. The cosmic crystal enhances the team members' powers, giving them the ability to gestalt, or merge together to form a more powerful being, and bonds them together empathically to make them better teammates, and friends.

554. Elixer X
A result of 18 months of scientific development, British scientist Keenan King developed a formula that granted those injected with it via hypo with it the powers of a Speedster. Meaning they possess an enhanced physiology suited for movement at immense speeds. The cardiovascular and respiratory system of the injectee are many times more efficient than that of a normal human being. Their brain processing speed will most likely be hundreds of times faster than the normal human's so that they can operate at immense speeds. The chemical process of their musculature is also highly enhanced so that their body does not generate fatigue poisons, the normal by-product of physical locomotion, which force the body to rest. The joints are smoother and lubricated more efficiently than those of a normal human being.

555. Coins of Returning (by BassoeG )
A small treasure chest containing sixteen identical golden coins with an unidentified person's face and squiggles that are probably untranslated writing. Both the treasure chest and coins are absolutely indestructible. If any of the coins are ever removed from the chest, in precisely one day time after their removal, they will spontaneously levitate and fly in a straight line back to the chest, smashing through anything in their way. They will always travel at a speed such that it takes them one hour to return, which depending on the distance from the chest they've been taken, can have consequences varying from harmless to indestructible projectiles burrowing through the planet at hypersonic velocities to reach another hemisphere, causing earthquakes in their wake. Do not, under any circumstances, place either the coins or chest into portals leading out of Sargasso, unless you make absolutely sure to send all of them.

556. Scientific Wishgranter (by BassoeG )
A 'scientific' genie. It wears a white labcoat, inhabits a stoppered test tube instead of a lamp and will grant 'three wishes allowed by the laws of physics', no time travel, no exceeding the speed of light, no violating the second law of thermodynamics, no being in two places at once and no perpetual motion machines. If at any point, anyone within earshot points out that the existence of genies is hardly scientific, it'll immediately vanish off back to its test tube to sulk for decades on end during which the stopper becomes temporarily irremovable and not grant any remaining wishes.

557. Stardust 290 Digital Caster
A digital camera from the late 1990s. This camera actually comes pre-packaged with built-in spells that can be selected with the directional buttons and then casted onto a target via pressing the camera button on top. Those spells that come prepackaged with the camera are as follows:
-Transmitting Ray - Physically lifts and transports identified populations to where the caster directs them.
-Repelling Ray - Physically pushes objects and people away.
-Attractor Ray - Identifies a specific object or substance and pulls it toward the caster.
-Television Ray - Allows remote observation.
-Anti-Motion Ray - Removes all momentum from the targeted object.

558. Subjunctivisor
A device created by one Prof. Haskel van Manderpootz from the retro future year of 2015. It allows one to see "what could have been" scenarios (basically parallel worlds, but limited to the possibilities contained within the user's life experience; i.e. one wouldn't be able to see a world where they've never been born or where the divergence from our timeline had nothing to do with the user's own life and choices).

559. Boots of the Beach Bully
A pair of black boots that, when scuffed up on any solid surface, will kick up a large cloud of sand infront of the wearer. This "Sand" is actually converted material from the surface the boots kicks up on into smaller particles the same size as a grain of sand. So if the boots were kicked on something like a pane of glass, the resulting sand will actually be tiny particles of glass that are much more dangerous then normal sand made from stone or dirt.

560. The Hand of Horror
A large mechanical robot hand/gauntlet created by the genius inventor known as Crimesmith to kill his enemies. It has superhuman strength (sufficient to rip apart steel bars), and could leap at least six feet in the air (at times, it appeared to have the ability to fly). It could also wield weapons such as knives and guns. It generally strangled people to death, but also comes equipped with slashing talons. Those that have this device are able to control it from a distance, but at times, it seemed to act autonomously or semi-autonomously.

561. Scriptonite
A mineral from a dimension far beyond any fictional universe. A weapon forged from this mineral is able to harm entities that have Metaphysical, Conceptual or Plot-based abilities such as Plot Armor, Plot Empowerment, Plot Device Techniques, Self-Power Bestowal, Reality Warping, Nigh Omnipotence, Nigh Omniscience, Causality Manipulation & Plot Convienence. This mineral's main effect is to significantly weaken these entities till they are on a level best suited to the current universe they are in, actually following the rules of said universe to the letter. This effect is permenant for those affected.

562. The Ultimate Time Dialator
A device said to be one of the most dangerous gizmos ever built in the multiverse. When fired at a being, that being's history, both in-universe and metaphysical history, is reset to the time period set on the device. So someone like an old man can be Time Dialated to become a younger man again with his memories ending up to that point, so they will not have the memories of future events but as if they were plucked straight from the earlier time period. This device is so powerful that it can even affect god-like beings and revert them to an earlier point in their lives or have the Dialator set to the far future where they are aged dramatically.

563. The Deus Ex Machina Device
A simple red push button that when pressed, will create a deus ex machina to any scenario so as to resolve it immediately, no matter how contrived or convenient it could be.

564. Orsini's Evocation Device
A handheld version of what looks like to the average modern observer to be a miniature Naval Mine. When the numerous pins around the device touch an object, the device will detonate and all the metal pieces, which seemed to be a lot more of then the device's size suggests it would contain, will reform into some kind of automaton that takes the shape of a random animal or monster that will obey the orders of the device's user until 5 minutes pass and the machine will disassemble and re-assemble back into the initial sphere.

565. Hand Gun of Serpent Summoning
A kind of pistol that when the trigger is pulled, the gun will actually fire a long serpent from the barrel like it was a grappling hook. When the serpent reaches it's target, it will bite down on the target with it's long fangs and it will either pull the target back to the user, or if the target is a fixed structure, will pull the user towards the target like it was an automatic grapnel gun.

566. Guntana of Gun Shattering
A rifle that instead of having a barrel, it has a solid pole for the barrel with a katana handle on the end. Even though it's more or less a club, this weapon has the power to make firearm shatter into many pieces when the Guntana touches it. And it doesn't have to be regular handguns, armaments like rayguns and cannons end up getting destroyed as well.

567. Cadmus' Bag of Dragon Teeth
A bag full of dragon teeth from one world's Ancient Greece during the time of the Olympian Gods. When a tooth is planted into the ground, a fully formed being called a Spartoi will rise up from the ground after 30 seconds after the tooth has been planted.

568. Deely Bobbers of Psychic Shock
A pair of one of those headbands with the antenna on top. When one concentrates on a target while wearing this headband, the antenna will shoot a bolt of psionic electricity to shock the opponent, stunning them.

569. Super Brat's Magic Cape
A raggedy-looking cape that grants the wearer Tactile Telekinesis, Telekinetic Flight, Telescopic & X-Ray Vision and other powers like Hurricane Breath.

570. McCormick's Magic Omnibus
An anthology comic book that collected many different stories from the 1940s. Powered solely by the imagination of it's holder, this comicbook is able to summon forth constructs based on the comic book characters that star in all the stories contained in the book.

571. The Iron Nail of Horagalles
An iron nail that is said to create an wooden, mechanical avatar of the Sami god, Horagalles, but it has to be nailed into a living tree during a thunderstorm. Removing this nail will revert Horagalles back into a tree. The Nail can also be used as a power source after it has been hit with electricity to help power up a pair of hammers that are said to belong to Horagalles.

572. The Twin Hammers of Horagalles
A pair of indestructable hammers, one a sledgehammer called Wetschera & a cross-hammer called Ajeke respectively. One hammer is used to summon thunderstorms & lightning while the other withdraws it to prevent damages. Both of them can be thrown and can return back to their user's hands like boomerangs similar to Thor's Hammer. To properly function, one has to have The Iron Nail of Horagalles on their person to give the hammers their power or else they would be no more functional then regular hammers.

573. Gríd's Járngreipr
A pair of iron gauntlets from a universe of Norse Mythology. What was once the trinket belonging to a Jotunness, This gauntlet allows one to safely hold Divine Weapons that are normally too powerful for mortals to grasp without endangering themselves to the gods' wrath.

574. Gleipnir
The binding that formerly held the mighty wolf, Fenrir. The Norse Gods had attempted to bind Fenrir twice before with huge chains of metal, but Fenrir was able to break free both times. Therefore, they commissioned the dwarves to forge a chain that was impossible to break. To create a chain to achieve the impossible, the dwarves fashioned the chain out of six supposedly impossible things:

The sound of a cat's footfall
The beard of a woman
The roots of a mountain
The sinews of a bear
The breath of a fish
The spittle of a bird

Therefore, even though Gleipnir is as thin as a silken ribbon, it is stronger than any iron chain.

575. Svalinn
A legendary shield that was once used to shield an Earth from the rays of the sun, making sure that the planet isn't scorched by the sun's light. It looks to have been made with some sort of enchanted ice as it is completely impervious to Solar Energy and most forms of heat.

576. Epic Bag of Vender Trash
A simple-looking leather bag that contains a vortex into The Super-Sargasso Sea. However, this bag allows the bearer to specifically pull out items that are of lesser quality and value to the user's current equipment in their possession. Much of the items pulled from this bag are mostly used just to sell to venders who are in need of inventory.

577. Hell Razor of Hell Razing
An old-fashioned shaving razor with a black wooden handle and a metal blade that looks like it was made with a dark-grey form of Damascus Steel. In the presense of a being or energy that comes from a Hell Dimension, The razor will grow in size until it could be reasonably be called a sword with the power to evicerate most demonic entities in half. With more powerful demons like Demon Lords, this razor requires multiple strikes to put them down.

578. Kalthar's Grains
A pair of sacks that contain different colored grains, one bag full of red grains and the other bag containing green grains. Consuming a single Red Grain will make the consumer grow till they are 15 ft tall and highly durable. The Green Grains will nullify the effects of the Red Grain and return the consumer to normal.

579. Bracelet of Garbage
If the wearer can successfully jam their hand into a portable hole or some other magical storage space, they have to hold it there for a full minute. After that minute passed the contents of the storage space will be replaced by an equal volume of useless garbage taken directly from the Super-Sargasso Sea.

580. The Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator
A British product from the 1920s, this device is a scroll-map navigator in the shape of a watch. It comes with tiny interchangeable instructions that you scroll manually to see which roads to take when driving.

581. Skiibladnir
An enchanted ship from the time of the Norse Gods. Created by the famous dwarven smiths for a bet, this ship has the ability to shrink down and fold itself to the point where it becomes portable enough to fit inside of a pocket when it's not in use.

582. Dread End Manhole Shield
A round shield that is designed after a manhole cover. When the command is spoken, the cover will actually open up, revealing a dark hole where no light can enter. After the cover is opened, a giant, claw-like hand attached to a thick, sinuous, lizard-like arm of unknown length launches itself out of the hole and will reach forward towards it's target, crushing them in it's grip when it catches them. This can be used for both grabbing far away enemies or have the shield be used as a grapnel gun. However using this shield is dangerous as the hand can turn against the shield's bearer when it hasn't been fed yet.

583. War Paint of Empowerment
A series of paint cans that contain a special form of paint. This paint grants enhancements to whatever it is painted on; like vehicles, structures and even organic lifeforms; depending on the color:
Red: Supernatural Strength
Blue: Supernatural Wisdom
Yellow: Supernatural Speed & Reflexes
Brown: Supernatural Durability
Green: Supernatural Stamina
Purple: Supernatural Senses
White: Light Generation
Black: Shadow Stealth

584. Manos' Hands of Horror
A pair of red & black metal gauntlets that allows the bearer to summon familiars in the shape of red demonic hands that can be commanded to do various tasks. Mostly involving attacking the bearer's target alongside their summoner while in close combat.

585. Saiyaku, The Sword of Catastrophe
An enchanted katana that contains a very powerful spirit. Legend has it that if the sword's bearer kills a Ninja Master with the blade, the sword will gain strength and power from that master's blood, slowly turning the blade a glowing red color and allowing it able to more easily cut through most forms of hard substances and even slay more ethereal entities when enough Masters have been slain with the blade. In fact, if enough Ninja Masters were killed, the sword can then be able to slice through the fabric of reality, opening a portal in the process.

586. C-2-P Spell Scroll
Name meaning Convert 2 Pumpkins. When the formula on this scroll is recited during night time, a blast of orange and black energy fires out. If something us struck by the beam, that object will be converted into a pumpkin. When the beam hits a sapient being, that being will be converted into a humanoid pumpkin with a Jack-O-Lantern face. These conversions however are temporary and will revert back to their normal selves at the next sunrise.

587. Kabocha Gloves
A pair of metal gauntlets made from a kind of orange metal plating on top that have jack-O-Lantern symbols drawn  on them. In layman's terms, these gloves can create energy constructs that resemble objects and creatures you find during the Halloween Season like Jack-O'-Lanterns, Ghosts, Zombie Hordes, Vampire Teeth, Mummy Wrappings, Werewolf Claws & Heads, Frankenstein Monsters, Bats, Sewer Mutants and other horror / spooky related objects.

588. Menace's Mirror
A version of The Rival's Mirror that was corrupted by evil forces. Like the original, standing in front of the Mirror will show a completely different person in the reflection, one that is similar to the original in terms of powers and abilities. Though with this mirror, the reflection will be one of a much darker nature. And when one stands infront of the mirror and when the phrase "Maza Vitri Minacia" is uttered, the reflection will actually come to life and escapes the mirror. The figure from the mirror will have all the abilities of the original person and will be psychologically compelled to not only defeat the original in some way, but also indulge in their own dark impulses.

589. Leather Plot Armor
A set of leather armor made from the tanned skin of a being who had the ability of Plot Armor. Those that wear this armor are able to greatly resist damage that should either severely cripple them or outright kill them. Even a nuclear explosion would not actually harm the wearer in any meaningful way. Though the tanning process to create this armor has made it so that the Plot Armor does tend to not activate at random times.

590. Kafka's ShovelWere
A shovel that has a rather strange sort of curse. Those that are scratched by the shovel's blade contract a very strange sort of Theranthropy. In that under a full moon, the victim ends up changing into a shovel until they are no longer exposed to moonlight.

591. The Eye of Argon
A scarlet emerald that was a religious artifact for The Cult of Argon. It seems to have a life of it's own as when one looks at it more closely, they could see some form of energy swirling within the gem.

592. Bone Dagger of Rodent Control
A dagger made from the bone of an unusually massive rodent. This weapon allows the bearer to influence and control most forms of Giant Rodents.

593. Sir Berrant's 100 Knights
A series of one-hundred automatons that resemble medieval knights once used by a version of a Knight of the Round Table known as The King of 100 Knights. These automatons are stored in a back-pack like device that contained a pocket dimension where the robots are stored. When called upon, a portal opens up near the bearer where the machine pops out and does it's prescribed function before retreating back into the pocket dimension.

594. Irene's Violet Proseblade
A long sword crafted with a strange, violet-colored ore with magenta cursive writting etched in it. This sword's blade becomes energized with strange, purple / magenta energy, making it stronger and sharper as one speaks with purple prose until the bearer swings the sword hard enough to unleash all that energy at once. Purple prose is characterized by the excessive use of adjectives, adverbs, and metaphors, with each sentance so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as if it were part of a novel, it would break the flow of the story and draw excessive attention to itself.

595. Evolven, The Legendary Prismatic Falchion of the Ruby Golem
A prismatic falchion that has the ability to summon forth and control a large golem made from what looks like a gemstone like that of a ruby. This golem is around 15ft tall to 17ft wide and can fire a ruby laser beam from it's singular eye.

596. Diusitor, The Legendary Bag of Epic Spells
A burlap sack that has multiple lines of colored energy scattered around it like a circuit board. When this bag is opened towards a target, the bag will cast a spell. However these spells are chosen randomly so the bearer won't be using the same spell twice in a row. These spells include ones like "Ruby Missile"; "Coral Miracle"; "Shear Undeath"; "Meteor of Fauna" and many others.

597. Burlafay, The Legendary Morphing Roasted Chicken
A roasted chicken that has gained an unusual enhancement from a wizard who was both drunk and high at the time of the spell being cast. This chicken has the ability to shapeshift into many forms of fully functional weaponry such as melee weapons like swords, spears and clubs to firearms like a cannon or a missile launcher. Though every form this cooked bird takes all look like they were made from chicken parts such as having a brown cooked skin and chicken bones sticking out of it.

598. Sargon, The Legendary Tentacled Emerald
A green gemstone from a world ruled by Eldritch Abominations that was worshipped by The Cult of Sargon. This gem has the power to produce yellowish-green slimy tentacles that can be commanded to lash out against certain targets like a living whip or work as a grappling hook for both dragging enemies towards the bearer or latch onto a high ledge for the bearer to reach. This gem does contain a great amount of power that can be channeled by those more magically inclined.

599. Donsolif, The Legendary Sharp Coin
A rusty coin made from some strange form of golden metal. Said to have been a weapon of Mammon, The Demon of Greed, this coin has the ability to cast magic depending on how much money the bearer spends on it. These spells include creating a swirling barrier made of razor-sharp coins that damage enemies that touch it; Fire a barrage of coins at an enemy like a machinegun; Creating a long whip made of coins or even create a massive tidal wave of coins that crushes all opponents in it's way.

600. The Door of Janus
A door that belonged to an Earth's God of Doorways. Ripped from the hinges of it's doorway, this iron door is actually inpenetrable, making it a great bludgeon for anyone with the appropiate amount of strength as well as an effective shield. Though when this door is latched into an empty doorframe, The Door of Janus is actually able to open a portal to a random spot on the planet that the Door is on.

601. Rescuer's Mirror
A version of The Rival's Mirror that was purified by the forces of good and the polar opposite of The Menace's Mirror. Like the original, standing in front of the Mirror will show a completely different person in the reflection, one that is similar to the original in terms of powers and abilities. Though with this mirror, the reflection will be one of a much more positive nature. And when one stands infront of the mirror and when the phrase "Maza Vitri Rescouen" is uttered, the reflection will actually come to life and escapes the mirror. The figure from the mirror will have all the abilities of the original person and unlike the other two mirrors, are not psychologically compelled to defeat the original in some way. In fact the living reflection is actually psychologically compelled to do good and have all the positive qualities of the original amplified by 50x their normal amount while also decreasing their negative traits by the same amount.

602. Ginseng of Stellar Brawn
A ginseng root with a great and powerful gift. When planted in an area like say a forest, a jungle or any place with a lot of life in it, the ginseng will absorb the nutrients and energy of the area around up to around a 50 mile radius around where the ginseng was first planted. This causes that area be drained of both nutrients and energy, causing all the flora to wither and die as the ginseng grows larger. When the area is fully drained, the ginseng will actually boost the power of whoever eats it by 50x their original strength, making it a food that is sought after by many a supervillain wanting a power boost.

603. Ukonvasara, The Thunderstone Axe of Ukko
A boat-shaped stone axe once held by The Finnish God of Thunder, Ukko. This axe has the power to both fire bolts of lightning, create a loud thunderclap, and heal the wounds of both it's bearer and others.

604. Ilmarinen's Golden Bride
A beautiful automaton created by Ilmarinen, The Eternal Hammerer, after his first wife was killed by a sorcerer's curse. Made from precious metals like Silver and Gold, this machine is rather cold and hard towards other people since it was not programmed with the code to make her feel for others. Maybe if one has the right amount of skill, they could give The Bride some much needed adjustments.

605. Bombshell's Golden Sword & Shield
A magic sword & shield once used by the son of one Earth's God of War. The sword has the ability to slice through almost anything, however thanks to an enchantment, the blade cannot harm humans so it can pierce heavy armor but it will not damage a human. The Shield is practically indestructable against everything except for the sword.

606. Iron Monkey's Paw
A grisly prosthetic arm designed after the infamous Monkey's Paw. The Iron Monkey's Paw can grant an infinite number of wishes, but it has a very strict limit to what kind of wishes the bearer can make. The wishes that The Paw will grant are those like grabbing a distant object and pull it towards the bearer; Fire The Paw towards an enemy for a long-ranged attack that rapidly hits a target; or even grapple and throw objects that are much bigger then the bearer.

607. Gun-Tree Seeds
A bag of seeds that come from The Kingdom of Oogaboo that grows trees that actually produce fully functional firearms like how apples are grown from apple trees. The riper the gun, the more powerful it is after you plucked it from it's branches. While normally these trees only produce muskets, depending on what kind of soil they are grown in, the weather conditions, what kind of fluid they are watered with and just how they are tended overall can result in the tree producing different kinds of firearms outside of the regular muskets, even guns of a more esoteric nature.

608. Box of Instant Shot
A wooden box full of an unusual kind of unfired bullets. As while they could not be fired from most normal firearms, when one actually grabs a handful of them and throws them at a target, the bullets will instantly accelerate like they've been fired from a gun and pepper whatever the bearer throws the bullets at.

609. Green Giant's Size Belt
A technologically-advanced belt that allows the power of Size Enhancement, Gyrokinetic Flight and Supernatural Strength & Durability. With this belt, one can increase their overall size to around 100 ft tall. However if one were to modify the belt in a few ways, they could end up growing specific body parts instead of just the entire body overall such as their muscles.

610. Library Tree Seeds
A bag of seeds that come from The Kingdom of Oogaboo that grows trees that actually produce different books & tomes like how apples are grown from apple trees. The riper the book is, the higher quality it's contents are. Depending on the conditons as the tree grows, the subjects and genres will be different. As such if one uses a more arcane way for tending these trees, the resulting books may end up becoming fully functional spell books, even if they don't have the same kind of variety one can find from spell books written by actual wizards.

611. Wooden Armory Pack
A wooden, mechanical backpack-like device carved from a Oogabooian Gun-Tree with leather straps. Inside this pack their is a minature terrarium made of living Gun-Tree Branches. This pack was enhancted and chemically augmented so as to allow the bearer to quickly grow a firearm for their convenience. However since the growing process is so quick, the resulting gun may not form correctly and can easily jam when fired.

612. Rave Sword of Limit Breaking
A magic sword that constantly flashes lights of alternating colors. This cannot be turned off and may trigger a seizure in those with epilepsy if the sword is not within it's scabbard. The bearer of this sword is now capable of using powerful attacks and/or techniques after they fulfill certain requirements, such as channeling enough power or being near-death.

613. Dunfern's Violet Gauntlet
An artifact made to work in synch with The Violet Proseblade (#594), this gauntlet can actually absorb energy that The Proseblade emits and contain it within the six nodes located on the top-half of the metal glove. The bearer can then use up one node to fully charge the blade briefly for an attack, or use up all the nodes at once to supercharge the blade for one uber-powerful attack, causing the blade to glow even more brightly and wildly then before.

614. Defiance & Dissent
A pair of dark-grey leather gloves with orange symbols on top of the gloves that resembles a buzzsaw on one glove and a chainsaw blade on the other. When one clenches their fists like they are grasping a weapon's handle, the gloves will create a pair of one-handed, spectral chainsaws made of reddish-orange energy in each hand. Or if the bearer holds their hands like they are grasping a normal chainsaw, the gloves will create one larger chainsaw that's the combined size of the two previous constructs. The gloves could also work for fist fighting as when the bearer punches forward, a spectral buzzsaw launches forward for a short distance before retracting back to the gloves like a yo-yo.

615. Shifting Headband
A cyan headband that actually contains multiple functions that switch depending on what the bearer wants. It can change into a pair of head-mounted binoculars, a pair of bat-like ears that enhance the bearer's sense of hearing or it can form a megaphone infront of the bearer's mouth to increase the volume of the bearer's voice.

616. Mind-Eating Ring
A cursed ring that, when worn, will slowly drain the bearer's mind. Psychic and magical powers are the first to go, followed by the victim's actual intelligence until they are reduced to a vegetative state and effectively dead if the ring stays on for long enough.

617. Brain Drain Ring
A twin of The Mind-Eating Ring. Only instead of draining the mind of it's wearer till they are effectively dead, it actually drains the minds of those AROUND the wearer in a 10ft radius and adds that drained intelligence to the wearer's own brain. Allowing the wearer to gain both psychic powers and arcane knowledge from their victims.

618. Ring of Storage
A magic ring with a small jewel built in it that has the power to store one item inside a pocket dimension built into the jewel on the ring. The overall size of an item that the jewel can contain can be up to the size of a standard rowboat. This ring can be upgraded so that it can store up to six items at once.

619. Malebranche's Evil Claw
A grappling hook-like device created using materials native to a version of Hell. Once used by a Malebranche of Hell's Eighth Circle, this extendable device was used to pull out damned politicians from The 8th Circle's Boiling Lake of Pitch & Tar so the demons could further torment them.

620. Calcabrina's Grace Stompers
A pair of greaves that have a dark-blue coloration and white trimming. This weapon is infused with the frozen essence of Hell's 9th Circle. Made for those whose fighting styles revolve around various forms of kicking, these greaves are capable of freezing whatever they hit and also freezes the ground that the wearer treads on. Even ground that is so hot as to burn unprotected flesh is frozen by these boots.

621. Malacoda's Evil Tail
A more powerful version of the regular Evil Claw. This weapon has twice the range that a standard Evil Claw has, can engulf it's claw in hellish flames to burn whatever it grabs, and even has a mode where the grappling claw becomes a spear, allowing the device to pierce most solid objects.

622. Graffiacane's Dog Scratcher
A modification to the Malebranche's Evil Claw. The hooks of The Claw will configure into like that of a weaponized rake that can easily rend flesh. This modification also allows the claw to rip open portals connected to The 8th Circle of Hell that fires a geyser of boiling tar and resin at a target.

623. Frozen Bird of Polycarp
What was a frozen turkey attached to a chain that was once used by a serial killer known as The Frozen Turkey Killer, who murdered homeless people with the weapon. This specific weapon has been augmented to actually coat itself in boiling cooking oil to burn whatever it hits. When the turkey is swung hard enough, it will create a big splash of boiling oil that will douse whatever it hits.

624. "How To Speak In Subtitles" Audiobooks
A series of audiobooks that contain instructions of how to speak in Subtitles of different languages. Those that finished the tapes can talk in such a way that actual subtitles can form in front of them even if they are speaking their native language. Like if a person finishes the tapes, they could speak English while French Subtitles appear in front of them for native french speakers can read.

625. Fuzzy Boots of Epic Static
A pair of what looks like a mix between fuzzy bunny slippers and work boots. When worn, the bearer can shuffle around a carpeted floor & other hard surfaces and they will slowly build up static electricity. However one should be careful to not build up too much static electricity, as if the person touches something with too much static built up, the result will be a massive explosion of electricity that resembles a nuclear bomb. The amount of static build-up can be gauged by how much the bearer glows with electricity along with loose objects around the bearer are drawn towards them.

626. Magic Carpet of Vehicle Morphing
A magic carpet with an unusual power to go with it's power of Flight. This carpet is also capable of transforming into a modern vehicle and back again. Even if in it's more modern form, the carpet is still able to fly.

627. The Morphing Ring of Plain Tools
A plain grey but enchanted ring that has the power to change into a highly durable but pretty basic metal tool of it's bearer's choosing such as a shovel, a crowbar, a length of chain, a woodsman's axe, a frying pan and an unlit torch.

628. Weaponizing Ray Gun
A retro-looking raygun that has an unusual form of transfiguration ray that, when a being is struck by the beam, it will actually transform what it hits into a weapon. What weapon they become depends on the person, their personality, their appearance and more importantly, their abilities & skills. The switch on the gun's side can be flicked so as to fire a beam that will return the transformed being back into their normal self. Though it's best to use this gun on those who are tired out and can't properly fight off the transformation. This ray gun is one of a set of weapons created by a cult that worships their world's God of Alteration.

629. Bird-Man's Magic Knife
A magic knife once used by the superhero, Bird-Man. This magic knife alerts it's bearer of any immediate danger or any event that may require their presence. The knife can send repelling waves at enemies, allows the bearer to fly, can analyze living organisms and also has a vast amount of knowledge over several subjects. The knife can also produce an electro-magnetic force field.

630. Airboy's Birdie
A small, one-seated aircraft that was once used by the WW2 aviator hero known as Airboy. Birdie has wings that actually flap. It comes equipped with multiple machine guns, its wheels could grasp other aircraft, and it could be controlled by a voice activated remote control, which was under Airboy's lapel. It was able to home in on it's owner and may actually have some limited degree of artifical intelligence.

631. U-235 Carrots
A type of carrot that is irradiated with Atomic Energy. When injested, the user gains abilities of Flight, Supernatural Strength and Near-Invulnerability. However these effects mostly work on those who are similar to rabbits & hares as everyone else ends up getting cancer from these carrots.

632. Airmale's Flight Fluid
An experimental formula that makes whatever being touches it lighter then air. As currently there is no antidote for this fluid, one has to wear weights in order for them to stay on the ground.

633. Automaton's Mirror
A version of The Rival's Mirror that was created by a race of highly advanced magical machines. Like the original, standing in front of the Mirror will show a completely different person in the reflection, one that is similar to the original in terms of powers and abilities. Though with this mirror, the reflection will be one that shows the person as a form of robotic duplicate. And when one stands infront of the mirror and when the phrase "Maza Vitri Machina" is uttered, the reflection will actually come to life and escapes the mirror. The figure from the mirror will have all the abilities of the original person though they will be altered to fit the mechanical nature of the duplicate. Unlike other duplicates created by magic mirrors, duplicates created by this mirror are able to be re-programmed.

634. The Daggy Mirror
A version of The Rival's Mirror that has some defects. Standing in front of the mirror will show a completely different person in the reflection, one that is similar to the original in terms of powers and abilities. And when one stands infront of the mirror and when the phrase "Maza Vitri Rivalis" is uttered, the reflection will actually come to life and escapes the mirror. However due to the previously mentioned defects, the resulting duplicate will not turn out as one would think they should, as not only would the powers of the duplicate be somewhat altered & warped, but their appearance will reflect a more ghoulish visage as well as the duplicate's mental state being rather diminished & feral.

635. Techronomicon Micro 110
A palm top computer from the 1990s that is a miniaturized version of the regular Techronomicom (#40). However this specific computerized spell book has been augmented with more modern parts to provide faster RAM and more storage for spells and other programs. Plus it has components that allow this computer to be used as like a modern smart phone, but the overall design of it isn't the most ergonomic for phone usage.

636. Hammer of Wall Breaking
A large hammer similar in shape to Thor's Mjolnir. And like said magical weapon, this hammer has the power to break most forms of barriers. However one of the hammer's most promenant feature is that it actually allows the bearer to break The Fourth Wall, gaining an awareness of the true nature of their reality as they actually see their "audience." And not everyone can handle the realization that they and their world is fictional and made for the amusement of others, so some may end up going mad from knowing the truth.

637. Solidium Shield
A arm-mounted shield that was made using a piece of protective plating from a salvaged spaceship. The properties of this metal allow the bearer to block most energy-based attacks.

638. The Micro-Mask
A full-face mask that contained a built-in microphone (which allowed the wearer to amplify and throw their voice), a hearing amplifier, a set of "photoelectric lenses" that gives the wearer x-ray vision and they can also attach telephone wires to the mask to make phone calls.

639. Dracula's Chiroptera Formula
A formula created by the modern descendent of the infamous vampire known as Count Dracula. This formula was synthesized using the brains of bats and it was intended to heal those with brain damage, but instead it grants those that drink it the power to transform into a small Bat-like creature that somewhat resembles a Popobawa via a plume of green flames. While in this form, the drinker has abilities of both Vampire Bats and the Popobawa along with High-Speed Flight, Enhanced Strength, a Sonic Scream, Projectile Body and the ability to take control of normal bats.

640. Cinderella's Glass-Steel Greaves
A version of the famous Glass Slippers that were granted to Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother. However, these slippers are different in that the can transform into a pair of armored, transparent greaves made from a transparent form of metal that covers the bottom half of her legs. In this form, the wearer can inflict powerful blows with their kicks as well as be able to walk over some forms of hazards like razor sharp spikes.

641. Dorothy's Poleaxe of Winds
A poleaxe once used by a version of Dorothy Gale of Wizard of Oz fame. What was made using the same kind of metal that was used to create The Tinman along with some of the gems fron The Emerald City, this poleaxe allows it's bearer to call forth the winds that had brought Dorothy to The Land of Oz in the first place. Meaning that the whirlwinds that this weapon summons can easily lift an an entire average-sized house off the ground and move it miles into the air.

642. Saber's Transformo-Ray Suit
A red & yellow, high-tech super suit from the retro-futuristic year of 1997. Those that wear this suit gain the abilities of Gyrokinetic Flight and the ability to transform into a small, flying ball of energy the size of a softball. In this form, the wearer can fly at high speeds as well as become a living projectile that can pierce through solid metal. If the wearer has abilities that don't normally require limbs such as Mental Powers or Energy-Based attacks, they can still use those abilities in this form.

643. Law-Enforcing Guns
A series of weapons that are of similar function to The Square-Cube Cannon (Part 2 at #247), except that these guns resemble normal glocks. However each gun in this set has a set of bullets that actually enforce one of The Laws of Physics or The Laws of Thermo-Dynamics onto a target briefly if they are struck with one of these bullets. These bullets are most dangerous in universes where such laws are pretty much non-existent.

644. The Belt of Twelve Labors
An artifact that came from a world of Greek & Roman Mythology created by that world's version of Hephestus/Vulcan. Wearing this belt allows the wearer to gain the superhuman strength and physical form of Heracles, The God of Strength and Gatekeeper of Mount Olympus. However the main ability of this belt is that the wearer can use the essence of Heracles' Twelve Labors and change into a form that embodies each Labor.
-Labor 1: The Nemean Lion
-Labor 2: The Lernaean Hydra
-Labor 3: The Golden Hind of Artemis
-Labor 4: The Ermanthian Boar
-Labor 5: The Torrent that cleaned the Augean Stables in a single day
-Labor 6: A Symphalian Bird
-Labor 7: The Cretan Bull
-Labor 8: A Mare of Diomedes
-Labor 9: An Amazonian Queen
-Labor 10: Geryon
-Labor 11: Ladon, The Serpent-like Dragon that guarded The Golden Apples of the Hesperides
-Labor 12: Cerberus

645. The Belt of Typhon
An artifact that came from a world of Greek & Roman Mythology created by that world's version of Hephestus/Vulcan, but was corrupted when the blood of both Typhon and Echidna was used during the belt's creation. This specific belt contains the essences of Typhon & Echidna. Wearing this belt allows the wearer to use those essence to temporarily transform into one of the monstrous children that were born from those two.
-1: Gorgon
-2: Orthus
-3: Chimera
-4: Sphinx
-5: Caucasian Eagle
-6: Colchian Dragon
-7: Lernaean Hydra
-8: Nemean Lion
-9: Crommyonian Sow
-10: Scylla
-11: Cerberus
-12: Ladon
Main Articles: Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City
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Well it's about time I made Part 4 since I did get Part 3 filled. And like the previous lists, all of these items are in the public domain, legally speaking under Creative Commons 0, so you can do whatever you wish with them.

If you want to create your own artifacts, Here's a couple of websites that you can go to for some ideas:
Museum of Artifacts
Artifact P**n
* = Random Item Drop

If you have your own ideas for weapons, armor, and other kinds of equipment, feel free to share them down below and they may end up added to the list.

Edit (3/8/2021): I apologize for the technical issues. Deviantart decided that it wanted to have a stroke and erased everything on this page. I am trying to fix it as of now.

Edit (3/8/2021) Part 2: Okay so I got it mostly fixed, but now I think that I should do a brand new list since I think that this one has reached it's limit of how many I can add.
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WOLFBLADE111's avatar

That's a lot of items. 0.o

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Yep! And they are all available for people to use with absolutely no strings attached. :)

See any that you like to use?

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If I can get my brain to remember them. XD

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Also, might there be an opposite or twin of the Mind-Eating Ring? One that would drain the powers and intelligence of those around the wearer?

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

That's entirely possible that one exists in The Sea. You just have to scavenge in The Sea for long enough to find it.

Also, do you think that The Mind-Eating Ring could be used to depower criminal psychics or mages? Like maybe leave the ring on a mage's/psychic's finger for a few minutes and effectively disarm them, pretty much making them a regular person?

That could be the start of a story, a mage gets captured and is forced to wear the ring for several minutes and loses their powers, and during the story they have to learn their craft again until they could go back to their peak.

Sparrow9612's avatar

Right. If D.A.R.C. acquired the Brain Drain Ring (or whatever its called), they could use it to de-power dangerous super-villains.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

It's called The Mind-Eating Ring. Though thinking about it, does that go under the area of Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Sparrow9612's avatar

Brain Drain was referring to the hypothetical opposite/twin of the Mind-Eating Ring that doesn't hurt the wearer. As for cruel and unusual punishment, it might be if the depowering went too far. Just nullifying dangerous abilities I don't think would be cruel if the subject is a threat. There could be other artifacts used in conjunction that protects the mind/intelligence of the one being depowered.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Ahh okay. I was gonna call it "The Ring of Mind Absorption Field" Though The Brain Drain Ring can work too.

Ohh, I see what you mean.

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The Gun-Tree Seeds would make a nifty explanation for some of the bizarro guns found in the Sea and around the multiverse. By some means those seeds got scattered and grew in all manner of different soils and conditions.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Yeah, that would make a great explanation! :)

Like in The Broken Wastes, you have a Gun-Tree that grows more ramshackled together firearms you see in Fallout or in our world with Zimbabwean Poachers' hunting rifles. Though with some added powers (and unstabability) due to how broken The Wastes are.

Or maybe something like this: There is a church dedicated to The Offal Goddess of Firearms near The Ever-Changing City that crime bosses want to get their hands on, and in this church is an entire grove of Gun-Trees of different types. Plus the people of this church have done some splicing with these trees to create "Armory Trees" like how people created "Fruit Salad Trees" in real life by grafting different fruit tree branches on one tree.

Also, you know all those plant-themed superbeings you see in comics and other media? I kinda want to mix the concept of those like Poison Ivy, Wildvine (Ben 10) & Groot with The Gun-Tree to make something a bit more unique.

Sparrow9612's avatar

Right. It would very, very bad if criminals got their mits on gun-seeds, such as mafias or dictators.

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Donsolif, The Legendary Sharp Coin. Eddy from Ed, Edd and Eddy would probably like this one. He just has to be careful not to accidentally spend it, unless it returns to the owner if lost. Sargon would also be handy for reaching high places.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Eddy would definitely use something like Donsolif, but considering his luck with getting money, he'd probably not have enough ammo to use it effectively. I mean it's not like DMC5's Faust Hat where he could get a lot of money very quickly. Though maybe The Boots of Loot from Items Part 1 could help with that, even if he gets nothing but pennies from it.

With Sargon: Yeah, you could definitely use it that way.

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Could the Menace's Mirror work the opposite way? If an evil person recited the words in front of it, would they create a good version of themselves? Or would it potentially make an evil more wicked version instead?

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

I think it would be the latter. Like if DC's Joker stood infront of the mirror when the spell is cast, an even MORE evil version of him is created that probably would want to screw over and kill EVERYONE like he was Marvel's Carnage or DC's own Batman Who Laughs.

Though that does give me the idea that maybe there is a version of The Rival's Mirror that was modified by the powers of Good and the resulting reflection ends up creating a positive version of a rival. Or make a hero version of a villain. Though a version of a hero that is even more Good and Positive would result in the Good is Dumb trope and just be a stereotype of a heroic character.

Sparrow9612's avatar

Right. Can you imagine what would happen if someone that already is pure evil, like Emperor Palpatine, got his hands on the Menace's Mirror? I guess whatever came out of the mirror would be a mindless omnicidal maniac.

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So what do you think of the other artifacts that I submitted this time?

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Well, I could see Bloody Bones using the Kabocha Gloves. He already fits right into the spooky season as it is.

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A small treasure chest containing sixteen identical golden coins with an unidentified person's face and squiggles that are probably untranslated writing. Both the treasure chest and coins are absolutely indestructible. If any of the coins are ever removed from the chest, in precisely one day time after their removal, they will spontaneously levitate and fly in a straight line back to the chest, smashing through anything in their way. They will always travel at a speed such that it takes them one hour to return, which depending on the distance from the chest they've been taken, can have consequences varying from harmless to indestructible projectiles burrowing through the planet at hypersonic velocities to reach another hemisphere, causing earthquakes in their wake. Do not, under any circumstances, place either the coins or chest into portals leading out of Sargasso, unless you make absolutely sure to send all of them.

A 'scientific' genie. It wears a white labcoat, inhabits a stoppered test tube instead of a lamp and will grant 'three wishes allowed by the laws of physics', no time travel, no exceeding the speed of light, no violating the second law of thermodynamics, no being in two places at once and no perpetual motion machines. If at any point, anyone within earshot points out that the existence of genies is hardly scientific, it'll immediately vanish off back to its test tube to sulk for decades on end during which the stopper becomes temporarily irremovable and not grant any remaining wishes.

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-Just imagine they mayhem that could happen if just One of those coins is left behind while everything else is in a separate universe. That's a disaster of EPIC proportions waiting to happen.

-That's a pretty unique take on the Genie concept. I mean we had fantasy settings with Magic Systems that follow the laws of physics a bit more closely, but I don't think we had Genies or or other wish granters that follow that concept.

So what are some of your thoughts and ideas for some of the items that are on this list?

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I'd say Capitan Jupiter's Akashic Belt. Aside from only two powers being usable at a time, does it have a limit to its power source? 3, 5, and 6 would be the worst ones to have cut out on you in a bad situation.

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Well in the original Capitan Jupiter comics, it doesn't seem to have one.

Also that two power limit is my own addition to the belt.

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