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PD Redesign: Thundergirl v2

Real Name: Marie Fawcett
Powers: When Marie prays to the gods, Marie gains The Cleverness of Prometheus, The Zeal of Zelos, The Power of Kratos, The Force of Bia. In order: Enhanced Wisdom, Fearlessness, Super Strength, Durability & Endurance and Kinetic Energy Manipulation through physical contact. Can transform back to normal by willing herself back.
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942)

Rebooted Origin
"Marie Fawcett is the older sister of Freddie Fawcett, her crippled brother and superhero, Thunderbird. Though that changed when Freddie gained the powers of the Titans, giving him the ability to walk without crutches again and becoming his city's superhero. Though Marie was proud of her brother, she felt like she couldn't help as much as she wanted, since she swore to help Freddie after what happened to him. And she does whenever Freddie comes back after saving the day and in need of someone to talk to, since The Memory of Mnemosyne makes Freddie remember every excruciating detail of every bad thing that happened to him, down to the very nanosecond where his spine was broken.

Even though Marie is a valuable asset to Thunderbird, She couldn't be with her brother as she would be a major liability as she could end up as part of the collateral damage during a really heavy brawl and Freddie would not risk that.

That changed, as one day when Thunderbird was out patrolling the city and Marie was at their abandoned apartment, Marie is visited by Nike, The Greek Goddess of Victory. Nike tells Marie that Zeus is willing to give her the power to help her brother, since with her, Thunderbird wouldn't have to worry about his sister being in constant danger.

Marie accepted the offer, having a bolt of lightning strike her. After the hit, Marie became a young adult with the powers of Nike's siblings, Zelos, Kratos & Bia along with the cleverness of Prometheus. Though Marie now has powers, there was something that Nike failed to mention. Its just not just the Zeal that she got from Zelos. Zelos was also the god of emulation, eager rivalry, envy & jealousy, so whatever amount of envy and jealousy Marie had for her brother, no matter how miniscule, that jealousy for Freddie becomes more and more amplified whenever Marie became Thundergirl."

A redo of my pastiche of Mary Marvel, Thundergirl. I went for a look similar to Thunderbird, but with the blue like Captain Marvel Jr.

For this version's origin, I'm sticking with Greek Mythology instead of Norse, mostly because I imagine that Zeus wouldn't like a champion of the Titans flying about, being something of a human made god amoungst mortals. So he uses Marie as a weapon against the Titan's Champion, since she has Bia's power over Kinetic Energy would make Thunderbird's strength useless since you can't make a punch without having the force behind it. Also with Prometheus' wisdom, Marie can use her power over Kinetic Energy in many different ways.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.
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This is a fine redo of your pastiche of Mary Marvel,Thundergirl! Nice!

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Thanks! :)

Glad you like her!