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Open Source: Trash Ninja

Trash Ninja
Given Name: Harry
Powers: Garbage Mimicry, Trash Swimming, Underwater Senses, Stench Generation, Body Storage, Skilled Street Fighter and a Practitioner of "Ninjitsu"
Equipment: Whatever he has collected and stored inside himself.
First Appearance: Deviantart (7/17/2017)

Rebooted Origin
"Considered a legendary hero among The Basura and an urban legend to the other people of Sargasso, The Trash Ninja was said to appear from trash cans, dumpsters and piles of trash whenever a Basura or an innocent bystander is in danger and they cannot escape. According to legend, The Trash Ninja was said to originate from the 80s district, where street gangs clash with ninjas, and The Trash Ninja was a humanoid Bag-Type who was taught the ninja's ways, combining it's natural abilities with Ninjitsu.

Though in reality, The Trash Ninja, whose given name is Harry, was a normal Bag-Type who stumbled on a cardboard box full of VHS tapes of 80s Ninja movies during a dive. Having a working VCR and TV in his dwellings, Harry went through the entire box, watching multi-colored ninjas fight other multi-colored ninjas in films such as "Golden Ninja Terminator", "Ninja Force: Trial by Combat" & "Guns of the Ninjas."

These "Cinematic Masterpieces" inspired Harry to become a ninja himself, knitting himself a ninja suit made of burlap, finding a dark brown beach towel & splatter the word "Ninja" on it with paint to use as a sash, and searching for ninja weapons during his dives. Though he had to make due with whatever he can find as a substitute, such as a hockey stick for a bo-staff, an aluminum bat for a sword, spray paint for blinding enemies, pieces of sharp metal for shurikens & caltrops and his own gases for a smokescreen. His overall fighting technique isn't all that impressive as it was more street brawling with poor imitations of a ninja's fighting technique, so his ninja flips would usually result in him falling flat on his face."

So recently I was reminded of the Godfrey Ho ninja films like Ninja Terminator & Full Metal Ninja. Then I remembered the web series, "Ninja The Mission Force" which was a comedy series based on the Godfrey Ho Ninja films. That's when I decided to do The Trash Ninja, a Basura that tries to be a ninja warrior to protect his kind and the innocent, though he's less Sho Kosugi and more TMNT's Casey Jones mixed with Kung Tai Ted.

Edit: Spelling correction.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

The Trash Ninja is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Ive come to realize you really like garbage-themed characters. Guess I cant talk Ive got lets see...5 characters based on chickens. Cawknocker and Cawkblocker, Rubber Chicken, Fried Chicken and Super Coward (who is open source).

Super Coward…
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So did you actually draw these characters (besides Super Coward) or are they still in the development stage?

Also I kinda have an idea for using Super Coward, but have him work for either Dagmar Enterprises or Sargasso's Evil Mega Corporation, Catalyst. The later would involve Ima getting and testing out Speedster-Type Bioware, though his unique genetic structure altered how the implants worked, which like his original backstory, was affected by his increased flight response.

I kinda see him as if Glass Joe from the Punch Out games was a speedster, who also makes contact with other Sargassian Speedsters such as Nitrox and the genetic template of both Nitrox and Ima's implants, Sammy Swift of the Weird Boys.
Open Source: The Weird Boys by Amanacer-Fiend0
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Ive got something like 380+ characters written up but only about 45 have been drawn so far. So the other guys are still in development, although when they group together I call them The Chicken Coop.

There is another failed speedster I'm putting together from the same program Super Coward was in, this one is called Intensity. He's in constant motion, cant really turn his speed off. He's always eating and cant sleep so he has to take lots of serotonin to maintain some sort of stability. It's a lot like he's hopped up on speed all the time.

Someone on the Public Domain facebook was looking for ant characters so I'm also gonna work one up called Fire Ant. I live in the South and the place is lousy with those things in the summer. Fire Ant is kinda a Spiderman type with the added feature that she will spit a flammable acid that she can choose to ignite with an electric charge from her antennae.
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Since you brought up that PD facebook, and it seems that you are a member, do you know if people in that group know about my Sargasso Project?
I remember the last time I checked they saw my redesigns of Carter-Ethan Rankin's King Henry IX & Mrs. King Henry IX. But that was years ago.

And before you ask, I don't use facebook now a days since A. My highschool friends are always too busy with their own lives to even so much as talk to me. And B. I didn't want give the Reptilian Cyborg in charge of Facebook any more of my personal data so that he can sell it.
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Im not overly busy on social media myself but Ive never seen anyone mention the Sargasso project. I'll put a link to it in the group if you'd like and clue them in to your plethora of open source goodies. Most of the people I see posting there are introducing new OS characters theyve created.
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You can post it there. :)
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Well I made the very first Basura because I happen to like the pokemon Trubbish and the Pooka from Dig Dug.
Plus they were first made when youtuber Sargon of Akkad was called a Garbage Human by prominent Feminist Anita Sarkeesian during a panel at Vidcon.

Guess it all kinda went off the rails after that.
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I remember that, Im an avid watcher of Sargon.
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I love this character. The idea of guy (or Basura, in this case) doing ninja stuff when they have absolutely no capacity for it is quite an interesting idea. No doubt he is extremely enthusiastic and naive. I also doubt he could be stealthy, since his stench would give him away. 
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True, but just imagine how he would do if he was actually trained instead of just imitating what he saw on tape. Like finding an actual Ninja Master willing to train him.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
Then he truelly would be a force to be reckoned with. The ability to hide in the form of trash, using stink bombs to distract his enemies. Who knows what else he could do with that kind of physiology.
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