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Open Source: The Weird Boys

Sammy Swift (middle)
Real Name: "None"
Powers: Speedster Physiology, Determination Embodiment & a unique ability that involves running fast in place, creating a pair of wheels of green speed energy he calls Speed Wheels around his legs as he peels out, stepping out of those wheels, then picking them up and throwing the wheels onto a target, causing itself to run at high speeds, even if that target doesn't have legs. Sammy can form these energy wheels via gyrating his arms and form the wheels around his wrists to more easily grab them, thus allowing him to throw the wheels out faster. The green speed energy Sammy's body produces also surrounds his body and whatever he's holding which prevents them from being affected by intense friction while moving at super speeds.
Equipment: Friction-proof clothes and a hat that stays on his head even when using his super speed.
First Appearance: Deviantart (October 10, 2017)

Creepy Crawler (left)
Real Name: "None"
Powers: Spider Physiology, Enhanced Leap, Enhanced Speed, Organic Web Generation from the ends of his spider legs, wrists and in the form of Web Breath, and finally Enhanced Vision
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Deviantart (October 10, 2017)

Slug Boy (right)
Real Name: "None"
Powers: Gastropoda Physiology, Slime Generation & Manipulation, Shell FormationEnhanced Intelligence and finally Enhanced Synesthesia with being able to see sound waves, spoken words and text in the form of certain colors which Slug uses as a replacement for his non-existent sense of hearing.
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Deviantart (October 10, 2017)

From a poorly drawn, 2-dimentional, black & white world, The Weird Boys were the young defenders of their nameless city. Each of the three members were exposed to radioactive ooze, but each of them gained a different super powers under different circumstances.

Sammy Swift was a very active young boy who found a can of ooze that he thought was a new brand of soda. After drinking it, he discovered that he gained superhuman speed as well as being able to "throw" his spinning cartoon speed lines onto objects and make them run as fast as he can.

Creepy Crawler was a boy who was bullied relentlessly at his school. Until one day after school, the bullies took their antics one step further. Kidnapping the boy, stuffing him into a sack and tossing him into the shallow end of a lake that was next to a nuclear power plant that contaminated the water with it's nuclear slime. While he was mutating from the slime inside the sack, a spider made it's way into the bag through small tear on the sack. When the mutating was complete, the boy managed to tear open the sack with renewed strength, revealing that he became half spider.

Slug Boy was a boy who also found a can of ooze, though unlike Sammy Swift when he drank it, The boy became half slug and was as fast as one, though he was also able to quickly spit up balls of slime.

Through some unwritten circumstances, the three united to become a superhero team, though Slug Boy had to have Sammy use his speed throwing powers on him to help him keep up with the others.

Their first and only adventure together was that a giant reptilian monster was attacking the city, so the three split up for a combined attack which resulted in Creepy shooting his webbing into the monster's eye, inflicting some pain onto the beast.

And that is when the quakes in reality began to erupt. The world around the three started to fracture and fall apart as colored portals started to pop in and out of the air. Each of the three fell through the portals, overpowered by both the power emitting from the portals and their first sight of colors besides black & white and were knocked unconscious.

The three slowly regained consciousness some time later, feeling a subtle pain all over their bodies. As the three opened their eyes, they saw that they were in a hospital room much more detailed then their world. Each of them laid on a hospital bed with Slug Boy's being covered in a plastic sheet, possibly to prevent the bed sheets and mattress from getting soaked by his slime. When they spot each other, not only have their bodies have changed to less sketchy forms and have been aged up to be teenagers, but each of them gained some additional features such as Creepy gaining four new limbs & additional fingers and Sammy gaining a hoodie with green stripes & a yellow chest and hood.

The three then looked out the window of their room to see the sky a patchwork of colors and also having a view of the city they were in, with some much taller buildings seemingly out of place amoungst the rest of the city, though the three didn't seem to get that. As they were enamored by all the new colors that they can see for the first time in their lives.

"I see you three are taking in the sights." They heard a Japanese-accented, male voice coming from behind them. The three turned to see a green spandex-wearing man with a skull mask and a pair of folded up bat wings on the back standing in front of the open door.

Sammy Swift immediately got angry and went into a fighting position, "Who the heck 'r you!?" he yelled, "Are you a bad guy!?"

The winged man held up a skeletal hand towards the three, "Easy there, child." He said, "I do not wish harm upon you three; I was the one who found you and brought you here, I wanted to make sure you're all well after your trip through the portal."

Sammy didn't relax after hearing that, still looking ready to fight, but Crawler placed his hand on Swift's shoulder, "Wait a minute, Sammy." He uttered, "Let's just hear him out first."

Sammy turned towards his eight-eyed friend, "But Crawler!" he argued as he pointed at the man, "Look at the guy! He has a skull for a head and bat wings, That's like... villain costumes 101!"

Slug Boy shifted his head towards Sammy, "Think about it, Sammy." he began, "If this guy really was a villain, he'd probably have us locked up when we got here... Wherever "here" is."

"But Slug!" Swift blurted to his slimy friend, but stopped himself when he heard the skull-faced man laugh.

"Ohohohoho! I am just enamored by the energy you exude, my cap-wearing friend!" he admitted, "Such a passion to fight injustice, though you seem to lack the proper amount of prudence & wisdom like your friends. A rather simple form of both, but still."

Sammy glanced at both of his friends before looking back at the bat-winged man.

"Just who're you, and where 'r we anyway?" He asked warily.

"I'm glad you asked," answered the man as he bowed, "I... am Skull Glider, and allow me the pleasure of welcoming you to your new home of Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City!""---)

Sammy Swift and The Weird Boys are my second earliest creations from when I was about 10 years old if I remember correctly, though before them I did my very first comic involving a giant monster orange that was terrorizing a city and it got a large hole blasted through it by a tank. And I have to point this out, I didn't keep the original sketches of The Weird Boys so this was done completely by memory.

Anyway, Sammy Swift and Creepy Crawler had different names back then, being called Johnny Quick and Spider Boy respectively while Slug Boy stayed the same. Also the two had to get a costume change since Sammy's was first imagined with a red shirt and baseball cap with lightning bolts, which made him look too much like a young Jay Garrick. And Crawler's costume was a near copy of Spiderman's just without the mask, gloves and boots; that and he didn't have the extra legs back then.

Since the three are part of Sargasso now, in story the three decided to be the city's heroes like they were back home. However, the three are a bit single minded, acting completely identical in terms of personality in their old world; but as they continue to live in Sargasso, the three develop their own individual personalities. Which could result in them having a few spats with one another, such as Creepy and Slug Boy feeling self-conscious and envious that Sammy still kept his human form while they looked like freaks, though this is tempered by the fact that the citizens of Sargasso aren't all that fazed by the three since they've seen stranger things.

With Slug Boy, he did gain the power to manipulate the slime he creates so he can surf on it and the ability to create a very durable snail shell for protection so he's happy to not rely solely on Sammy for transportation. With Creepy he gained four additional limbs but now acts as a teenager would when they feel ostracized due to being bullied before their change.

So there's those bits of info for them. If you want to write how the three interact with the city and all it's wonders, that's up to you. Though that does leave the question on how the three can live since they don't exactly have any family but each other to rely upon. I guess they could live with the other heroes in the city such as Fusion & Skull Glider. Or maybe work as assistants for people like Brewhilde, Doctor Allen Cal or Professor Magdalene. Or worse, end up on a dark path by being tricked into working with crime bosses like Baron Boudreaux as hired goons.

Edit (11/27/2018): Have added new costumes for Creepy Crawler and Sammy Swift.

Crawler's new costume was inspired by something that I discovered yesterday when looking for information about Jack Kirby's original design for Spiderman. Apparently Ben Cooper, Inc. a company that sells Halloween costumes, actually made a yellow Spider Man Costume 8 years before Marvel's Spiderman's first appearance. Here is a link to a blog called "Hero-Envy" where they talk about and showcase the 1954 costume and the possibility that Spiderman's costume was inspired by it.

Sammy Swift's new hoodie and goggles were inspired by a commission I asked Tim-Solomon to do of a Redesign of the Weird Boys. His design of Sammy did make me think that maybe the original's hoodie was a bit too busy, so I reduced the number of stripes and I added a pair of goggles as I think that it's a good thing to have to prevent objects getting into his eyes as he runs.

Storywise, The Weird Boys' costumes overtime can get damaged during their crimefightng careers and there is only so much you can do to repair their old costumes, especially Crawler's since his were pretty much rags even when he first started out. It was also early on where Crawler discovered that he like to do work as a tailor, so in his off-time, he does a business for repairing super suits and other garments, using the webbing he produces as extra threading and his additional limbs to hold all the materials he needs. And because of his passion and profession, he is a follower of Turina Ragkeep, The Offal Goddess of Textiles. Though he still likes to keep wearing his original outfit as his casual wear since he feels too much of a personal connection to it to just throw it away.

Edit (12/30/2018): Added a bit more to the Origin, though I am also doing separate pictures for each of the three to better explain some more about each one, how they developed during their time in The-Ever-Changing City and under the tutelage of Skull Glider. To try to add a few more dimensions to them.

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Edit (7/19/2020): Updated the powers of both Sammy and Crawler.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

The Weird Boys are an open source superhero team created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
I like the updated outfits.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
I figured that it was time to give them some kind of new look.
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Oh... this is so cool.  I've got to find my original group (now they're the Power Cell, before they were the Power Pak, intentionally misspelled, because, I dunno.)

I was younger than 10, so it was Monkey Man, The Eagle and Man Mountain. (Man Mountain's still around under his original name.)
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
Sargasso must be an incredibly large city given the number of heroes and villains that live there.
I like these three, you’ve given them an interesting backstory.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
It does grow in size when city blocks from other worlds end up there by whatever force is in charge. Though I probably should add some material about the rest of the continent like the more rural areas outside the city or any other environment that exist near it.

And I'm glad you like the three. :)
How do you think Nuke Girl would react to them?
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
She’d probably be suspicious at first given that most superpowered being she encounters have either escaped from one of Olympus City’s labs or have been sent be a certain anonymous entity, but after seeing they’re good guys and misunderstood she’d be best friends with them.
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Creepy Crawler was a boy who was bullied relentlessly at his school. Until one day after school, the bullies took their antics one step further. Kidnapping the boy, stuffing him into a sack and tossing him into the shallow end of a lake that was next to a nuclear power plant that contaminated the water with it's nuclear slime. While he was mutating from the slime inside the sack, a spider made it's way into the bag through small tear on the sack. When the mutating was complete, the boy managed to tear open the sack with renewed strength, revealing that he became half spider.
The obvious twist here would be along the lines of  Alan Moore’s take on Swamp Thing where Alec Holland died, Holland’s Bio-Restorative Formula caused some of the swamp vegetation surrounding Holland's corpse to mutate, taking on traits of the body and the Thing that arose from the swamp was in fact a plant replication precise enough that it copied memories and personality, incorrectly believing itself to be Alec Holland.

Possibly Crawler isn't even dead. Sort of a reverse of spiderman's backstory combined with Timmy. After a combination of a spider bite and mutagenics, the human remained unchanged but the spider took on human traits including massively increased intelligence and false memories leading it to believe that it was the human following some kind of horrific mutation.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Not a bad idea to run with, especially since Crawler was the only one of the three that had some added backstory back then.
Got any ideas for the other two?
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You are incredible! And deserve much more support! Here is :+fav: from me! Have a great day! :la:
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