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Open Source: The Sewer Shrieker

Squink, The Sewer Shrieker
Real Name: Squink
Powers: Mutant Avian Physiology; Egg Mimicry; Shell Formation; Tentacle Extension; Night Vision; Camouflage; Sonic Scream; Contaminant Immunity; Danger Sense; Urban/Subterranean Adaptation i.e. Sewers; and can warp it's wings to make it a functional pair of humanoid arms and vice versa.
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Deviantart (1/13/2019)

Not many people besides those daring enough, or in the case of some people, persuaded at gunpoint, to enter the expansive sewer system of The Ever-Changing City. Expansive in the sense that it rivals the size of The Catacombs of Paris, so massive that you can get lost rather easily and never find your way back to the surface.

The sewers are pretty much a world unto itself, with a menagerie of lifeforms that have mutated via the more condensed amounts of sargassian energy in the environment, to navigate and hunt within the tunnels. One example that the people in the city above are familiar with being Scratches Malone, however there are many other creatures that prowl the sewers' dark passageways, some of the mutants are themselves sapient and developed their own societies within. Though due to how many different species that exist in the darkness, conflicts do flare up now and again as each species gets into a brief fight with each other. Each commune is rather tight-knit and  rather avoid getting the surface people's attention since criminals from above have came into conflict with the sewer mutants, which colored the mutants perception of the people on the surface in a bad way.

One of the creatures that can actually fly within the sewers being the creature called Squink by it's fellow mutants. Squink started out as thirteen chicken eggs that ended up getting transported into the sewers, where the mess of broken yolks and egg shells ended up getting contaminated by a floating piece of Sargassite that drifted into the mass. This exposure resulted in the mess coagulating together and mutate, resulting in a purple, tentacled, avian creature being born. The tiny creature had several adaptations that allowed it to navigate and protect itself as it traveled, where it ended up in one of the mutant communes that formed within warehouse-sized pockets that are interconnected with each other with the tunnels."---)

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

The Sewer Shrieker is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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I can use The Sewer Shrieker.But my version while still freakish,hideously ugly and the stuff of nightmares,will be SLIGHTLY more reined in,in terms of it's appearance.It won't have a piece of egg on it's head and will have human arms(while still having the bird talons).It will also still have the tentacles.

My version of Sewer Shrieker will be a mentally ill vagrant(and one of many) who was abducted and experimented on by a powerful,unethical corporation.As a human,the Shrieker was strongly believed to have killed people but that was of no concern to the company as Sewer Shrieker was supposed to operate as one of the company's in-house super-powered goons. But unlike the rest of the company's goon squad,it soon proved to be impossible to control and the mutated beast escaped and took up residence in the sewers,as with it's new appearance and shape,it could no longer live in alleyways and underneath bridges as it once did in human form.

Sewer Shrieker will be yet another villain who is beaten by The Clock and subsequently incarcerated in a specialized prison for Super Villains.The creature(who is an omnivore and will eat ANYTHING-including people) will be so dangerous,mentally unstable,unpredictable and so out of control,that even OTHER Super Villains will be terrified of it(in one of my stories when a prison escape is attempted,the villains will actually refuse to try and free Sewer Shrieker as they RIGHTLY think the monster would just turn on all of them and try to kill them once free) and it will be held in solitary confinement and in the prison's version of ''The Hole''in Maximum Security Prisons.Great character and one ugly motherf***er just like The Predator! Ha! Ha!

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Nice! :)

Though to be honest, I didn't think The Shrieker would be THAT intimidating when I made him as he's pretty much a small fry in comparison to the other sewer mutants. I mean there are much scarier monsters that lurk within the sewers like Scratches Malone.

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Just noticed that it’s wearing a piece of egg on its head. That makes it slightly less terrifying. Nice work on the design.
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Only slightly? :)
And thanks! :D
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Well thats just the stuff of nightmares!
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Just wait till you see one of my Howling Maggots. :)
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I'm kinda getting mixed signals from this.
From what I'm seeing you like it but you're rather confused by this.
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My reaction is basically it’s weird and messed up but I still liked it
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sure I take a look when I get the chance :thumbsup:
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