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Open Source: The Miracle Kids

Miracle Jr. (Top Left)
Real Name: Todd Allen
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Captain Miracle #1 (October 1960)
Powers: Upon saying "El Karim!", Todd is transformed into Miracle Jr by a cloud of magical energy with saying "El Karim!" again will revert Todd back into his civilian identity. As Miracle Jr., Todd gains the following powers:
Type 1 Supernatural Strength, Speed, Durability & Intelligence; High-Speed Flight; A telepathic link to Maggie; able to survive in space without ill effect; and finally able to cause Shockwaves by clapping his hands.
If both Todd and Margaret say "Captain Miracle!" at the same time, Todd and Margaret will merge together to become Captain Miracle.

Maggie Miracle (Top Right)
Real Name: Margaret Benning
Equipment: None
First Appearance: The Free Universe Forums (3/15/2011)
Powers: Upon saying "El Karim!", Margaret is transformed into Maggie Miracle by a cloud of magical energy with saying "El Karim!" again will revert Maggie back into his civilian identity. As Maggie Miracle, Margaret gains the following powers:
Type 1 Supernatural Strength, Speed, Durability & Intelligence; High-Speed Flight; A telepathic link to Todd; able to survive in space without ill effect; and finally able to cause Shockwaves by clapping her hands.
If both Todd and Margaret say "Captain Miracle" at the same time, Todd and Margaret will merge together to become Captain Miracle.

Captain Miracle (Bottom)
Real Name: Todd Allen & Margaret Benning
Equipment: None
First Appearance: Captain Miracle #1 (October 1960)
Powers: Gestalt Form of both Miracle Jr. and Maggie Miracle, which results in this form having the combined power of both and allowing the form become powerful enough to say produce Shockwaves with a flick of their finger. Though the gender of this form changes depending on who initiates the fusion. If Todd starts the fusion, the Captain Miracle form becomes male but Maggie is in control. If Margaret starts the fusion, The Captain Miracle form is female but Todd is in control. If the two say "El Karim" together while in the fused form, the two separate back into their individual, civilian selves.

Back on their home dimension, Todd Allen and Margaret Benning were a pair of homeless, English orphans who had the opportunity of becoming something greater then themselves by their Earth's Greatest Hero, Captain Miracle. After the two had split the dosage of a magic formula; they along with their mentor became the defenders of their Earth. Though since the two teens each took only half the normal dosage of the formula, they were only half as strong as their mentor, though they were still powerful enough to handle threats that would've killed a normal human.

However, after a couple of months since they started their career as superheroes, Captain Miracle started to partake in some unusual research, using his highly advanced intelligence to concoct a brand new formula using rather unusual chemicals for this specific mixture along with specialized equipment that energized the formula once ingested.

This formula was dubbed "GALAP", each letter representing one of the greatest thinkers the Earth had ever seen.

Galileo, Master of the Galaxies
Archimedes, Master of Physics
Leonardo da Vinci, Master of Invention
Aristotle, Master of Philosophy
Pythagoras, Master of Geometry

When the formula was finished, Captain Miracle ingested the first bottle of the concoction and then used the new equipment to energize himself. This resulted in the original formula being overwritten and replaced as Captain Miracle became Captain Universe, The Super Marvel!

As Captain Universe, not only did he attain a new costume, he also gained new abilities including: Galaxy Attacks; Physics Combat; Supernatural Inventing; Supernatural Intelligence & Wisdom and finally Geometry Intuition.

Though since some of the ingredients used in the formula were extremely rare, he couldn't make another formula for his two sidekicks. However in hindsight, this may be seen as a good thing, as after becoming Captain Universe, he slowly started to become more and more detached with his humanity as he was not only stayed in his hero form almost 24/7 and was much harsher on crime and the alien invasions that plague the Earth on occasion but he did all that without the slightest bit of remorse or any emotion for that matter.

And Todd and Margaret's moral compass couldn't handle this radical change.

The final straw was that one day, Captain Universe told the two that he realized that in order for the Earth to stay safe, someone had to unite everyone on not only the Earth, but all the cosmos under one rule, specifically his rule. The two junior heroes finally had enough, telling Universe that he'd gone completely mental. Though Captain Universe only replied that it wasn't madness that made him come to this conclusion, but pure, unrestrained logic. And that no one, not even the two he considered family, will be an obstacle to his goal. So the two will have to choose, side with him and become the prince and princess of the cosmos or stand aside and not get in his way.

The two orphans looked at each other, both with a determined look on their face before facing their mentor, ready to fight to protect not only the Earth, but everything else in the cosmos.

Captain Universe and his two former wards' resulting battle had then travel not only across the Earth in a short period of time, but even outside of the Earth's atmosphere in different parts of the solar system  and other parts of the universe. Though since the two teens each took only half of the original formula, they weren't as powerful as Captain Universe, who not only had the power of galaxies, but is able to modify the physics of himself and everything around him. The battle was almost completely one sided, though the teens still fought with all their strength to save the universe.

However after several earth hours of fighting, the two teens were entirely exhausted while Universe was still at full strength. And Universe decided to end this skirmish by creating a massive orb of galactic energy the size of a planet-killing asteroid and threw it at the two teens, who were to exhausted to escape in time and could only close their eyes and tearfully say their apologies towards everyone in the universe.

Though forces outside their universe had other ideas, as before the massive orb could hit them, an orb of light enveloped the two of them and vanished before they could be pulverized into atoms.

The two tumbled through the rainbow-colored tunnel for several minutes before falling out of the exit, in the middle of a forest with a strange looking sky that looked more like multiple nebulae then a normal earth sky.

They have ended up in The Super-Sargasso Sea."---)

These characters are an updated version of Mick Anglo's Captain Miracle and his sidekick Miracle Jr. The thing about those characters is that Mick actually redrawn and re-lettered his previous Marvelman strips to make Captain Miracle here. Though when people talk about Marvel Man these days, they'd think of Alan Moore's Miracle Man. Plus after years of legal battles over who actually owns Marvel/Miracleman, in 2009, Marvel itself actually bought the rights to the character and gave Anglo and his family some of the profits when they reprinted the old Marvel Man stories. Though as I heard, they didn't sell as well as they'd hoped.

Though Captain Miracle isn't the only other Marvel Man-esque character Mick made in his lifetime, as he also did an actual Miracleman before Alan Moore took the name and Captain Universe, whose powerset is actually kinda vague as they don't seem to actually influence what Universe actually does in the comics he appeared in. And yes I did take some inspiration from Alan Moore's Miracleman when writing my version of Captain Miracle / Captain Universe.

So anyway back to Todd and Margaret, I'm actually going to have them actually be two of the few defenders of Hallowsville, who protect their town from threats from both inside the forest that borders it and threats that may come from beyond The Sea. Much like how Duper Kan goes with sailors out into The Sea to protect them from things like giant monsters. And the two will be very surprised when they discover that they can actually merge together to become a form similar to their former mentor before he went off the deep end. Though they become completely flabbergasted upon finding out that not only does the gender of that form change depending on who starts the fusion, but one of the two end up controlling the combined form. Though Todd gets control of the female form while Maggie gets control over the male form. Which can result in some hilarity since people would be rather put off with the male Captain Miracle acting kinda like a teenage girl while the female Captain Miracle acts like a teenage boy.

Though with these two's introduction, this does also gives a writer the option of introducing my version of Captain Universe as one of the big threats to The Super-Sargasso Sea if the portal over the continent that opens every night ends up connected to The Miracle Kids' former universe. In fact that's actually one of the major events I wrote down alongside an alien invasion.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

The Miracle Kids are open source characters created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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