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Open Source: Shatterpillar

Given Name: Frank
Powers: Garbage Mimicry; Trash Swimming; Underwater Senses; Stench Generation; Body Storage; four extendable, worm-like appendages clad in green kitchen gloves that allows Frank to grab objects.
First Appearance: Deviantart (3/24/2018)
Equipment: The Filthy Flame Shard- An artifact from an ancient basurian civilization, The Shard allows the user to wield the power of The Filthy Flame, a form of Basurian Magic similar to pyromancy, but with a puke-green & yellow, rusted flame. In the hands of a Basura, The Shard also grants the bearer the physical might of a dump truck, so their strength and durability is amplified. With The Filthy Flame, the bearer can use pyrokinetic techniques such as firing streams of flames from their eyes, throwing fireballs and finally create wings made from the Filthy Flame to achieve flight.

The Filthy Flame Shard was created several millennia before The Ever-Changing City was first put together, during the time when an expansive ancient empire populated by The Basura existed. And during this time, one of the giant beasts that prowled The Super-Sargasso Sea was one of the recurring threats to the civilization. A skeletal demon that burned with hellish flames that ignited the surrounding refuse to grow the boundaries of it's Smoldering Sea.

Dubbed by the ancient Basura as "Kukui I' Ka Quedor", which translates to "Junk Burner", the demon ravaged many of the empire's trade routes and had once tried to reach the main city of "Ku", though fortunately it was driven off by the city's army and their jury-rigged, but surprisingly effective weaponry. Though while the demon did retreat, flickers of it's flames still remained in it's trail.

As is the Basura's nature to scavenge and recycle, the empire's scholars collected much of the fire for study, finding out that the flames were unlike any other flame The Basura had seen, having unique properties that would be perfect for crafting new weapons and other advancements, but as it was in it's then current state, it was too dangerous to use. And with many days and even months of experimenting with both Basurian Magic and Science, much of the Junk Burner's residual flames was converted into a greenish-yellow, rust textured flame that was dubbed "'O Kau Fuego", meaning "The Filthy Flame", that was contained and kindled by green gems called "Ka Papas" or "Shards" that vary in size depending on how The Flame was being used, and the more refined the gem is, the more of The Filthy Flame it can produce as the flame itself uses the gem as fuel until it burns out like a match.

And with The Ancient Basura's skills in magic, they developed a form of Pyromancy dubbed "Kauque" that adds to their arsenal of unusual magics and tech, replacing the normal fires used for things such as smithing, resulting in more unique weapons and armor to be crafted.

However, while The Filthy Flame is safer to use for the Basura then it was pre-conversion, it still had it's dangers for those who wield it like almost any other kind of fire. Some that didn't become apparent until much later after The Filthy Flame's initial creation. One of the common issues The Filthy Flame has is that when the Shard the flame is fueled by is almost consumed, the flame has the tendency to spread and latch itself onto the nearest fuel source, specifically the Basura using it. Another, more serious issue is that some of the Basura using a Shard end up being rather attached to their flame, saying that they can hear the voice of one of their gods, telling them to spread their word and their flames. This resulted in some Basura intentionally letting the flame spread wildly onto themselves and try to ignite everyone else around them to quote unquote "Share the gods' love."

When The Basurian priests of the empire asked the Offal Gods, gods born from The Super-Sargasso Sea itself, for help, they found out that The Filthy Flame still had traces of demonic influence from The Junk Burner, though this "impurity" can be purged with a thorough purification ritual. And while the ritual was able to purge The Filthy Flame of demonic influence into new batches of Shards, majority of the empire still used too many of the Shards that contained the still tainted flame to be replaced in mass, resulting in more and more of the civilians to be affected by The Junk Burner's taint.

The Basura that have not been affected had to fight back against their own with both weaponized firefighting equipment, and the newly purified Shards, though so much of the tainted flame has spread quickly all across the empire, more then the unaffected can handle, resulting in a mass exodus and scattering of the still sane citizens away from the empire to beyond the horizon into parts unknown to escape the now burning empire and it's legion of "Enflamed Basura".

Millennia have past since the Empire's fall, with The Basura still scattered and divided all across The Sea. Though some still kept the purified Shards in case they had to fight the beasts in The Sea. And some of these Shards were blessed by the Offal Gods themselves, allowing select Shards to still burn for much longer then others and grant their bearer's the physical might of a dump truck. And these Shards are a valuable item that many Basura, and other beings who know of their power, try to get."---)

Five Basura characters in a row? Not what I intended but alright. So with this guy, I first wanted to do an open source version of Caterpy from Dragonball Z. Don't know him? Not surprising, since his only appearance had him participate in a tournament against Goku, was pretty ineffectual in fighting and his attempt to achieve his ultimate form by wrapping himself into a caccoon. Though unfortunately, the time it takes for him to fully mature and hatch was about 10,000 years, so Goku won the match by default and the character was never seen again.

But like usual, the resulting character was much different then the initial premise. Still keeping some of the caterpillar aesthetic, but make him a Basura and mixing him with some O.W. Comics Corp's Firefly and Fox Comic's Wonderman.

Yeah I know the bio was mostly about the origin for his Filthy Flame Shard, but it still adds a bit to The Basura and some of their backstory. Plus, you can also make a story where explorers from Sargasso find the still burning empire and have to survive the still mad, Enflamed Basura. Also if you want to know what The Ancient Basurian language is, it's a mix of Hawaiian and Spanish.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Shatterpillar and The Filthy Flame Shard is an open source character & item created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Great backstory and origin! Like you said,the backstory and origin was more for The Filthy Flame Shard but still very well done,imaginative,detailed and thought-


My version of Shatterpillar will be an ally of my version of Linkara's Lightbringer(which I'll be calling ''Lightmaker'')and he'll also be an acquaintance of Spacehawk and Space Patrol.

As wielder of The Filthy Flame Shard,Shatterpillar will be a powerful and formidable character! Just like I was saying on the page for The Ahz-Jhi-Rhei,in the world of my comics,characters can be good and good-looking,good and ugly or they can be bad and good-looking or bad and ugly. My take on Shatterpillar will be a hero but he won't look like one,similar to The Thing,Hellboy,Swamp Thing,characters from Warcraft,Werwolf By Night,Beast,Nightcrawler,etc.

In a lot of ways,Shatterpillar will be more of an anti-hero-similar to Jack Sparrow and Han Solo.

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I could imagine an Enflamed cult making its way to Sargasso and tainting it’s inhabitants, and not just the Basura.
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That may be the case, as like their tainted flames, The Enflamed will try and spread & consume all in their path as to share their god's "love" with every intelligent lifeform in The Sea.

And I have just finished designing a form of a Shard Witch, or Ka Papa Brujha to use the ancient tongue.

The more I've read about The Enflamed the more I like them! Like I said on the page for The Ahz-Jhe-Rhei I don't usually agree with making a race good or bad by default because of their race or looks but it's an approach that can work for some people,it certainly works when you do it and I do like what you did with The Enflamed and how even with them,there are a few of them that aren't as crazy as the rest of their kind.

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Glad you like them! :)

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Looking forward to meeting her
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Hey Hatter! :)
Just wanting to give you an update on The Shard Witch, since I realize that I could use Stash to show progress.
Open Source: Ka Papa Brujha by Amanacer-Fiend0
Her basic bio is finished, though her origin isn't finished yet.
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Love her design. Interesting how the female Basura are more humanoid, though if I remember correctly you said that Sargasso has that effect on non human females. Can’t wait to read the finished origin. 
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That's right, but I probably should design some female Basuras as more like the Males to try and balance it out.
It wasn't intentional by the way. It just sort of a spur of the moment kind of thing.
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It would make sense if female Basura looked similar to the males, though I think the more humanoid look works with the Shard Witch, especially if it’s a result of the magic.
Looking forward to seeing more for the Shard Witch.
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