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Open Source: Sammy Swift

Character  The Flash Barry AllenCharacter  SuperheroObject  SpeedLocation  Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City
Sammy Swift
Real Name: "None"
Powers: Speedster Physiology, Leadership Intuition, Determination Embodiment & a unique ability that involves running fast in place, creating a pair of wheels of green speed energy he calls Speed Wheels around his legs as he peels out, stepping out of those wheels, then picking them up and throwing the wheels onto a target, causing itself to run at high speeds, even if that target doesn't have legs. Sammy can form these energy wheels via gyrating his arms and form the wheels around his wrists to more easily grab them, thus allowing him to throw the wheels out faster. The green speed energy Sammy's body produces also surrounds his body and whatever he's holding which prevents them from being affected by intense friction while moving at super speeds.
Equipment: Friction-proof clothes and a hat that stays on his head even when using his super speed.
First Appearance: Deviantart (October 10, 2017)

Edit (2/18/2021): Click Here to read about Sammy Swift's current skillset.

Sammy Swift was a very active doodle of a young boy who found a can of ooze that he thought was a new brand of soda. After drinking it, he discovered that he gained superhuman speed as well as being able to "throw" his spinning cartoon speed lines onto objects and make them run as fast as he can.

Some time later, he joined a group of two other doodle kids who also had similar exposure to the radioactive ooze: Slug Boy, who became a humanoid slug that can spew orbs of slime from his mouth, and Creepy Crawler, who became a half-spider mutant due to exposure from being bathed in water contaminated by the ooze.

And together, they became The Weird Boys, Defenders of the Innocent!

Though during their first, rather daunting adventure, the kids had to defend their city from a giant reptilian monster. Which was interrupted when quakes in reality began to erupt. The world around the three started to fracture and fall apart as colored portals started to pop in and out of the air. Each of the three fell through the portals, overpowered by both the power eminatting from the portals and their first sight of colors besides black & white and were knocked unconscious.

Sammy woke up some time later along with the other two, feeling a subtle pain all over their bodies as they saw that they were in a room with a window, laying on hospital beds. They then looked at each other, seeing that they all have changed drastically from their former appearances such as aging up to now being teenagers. Their attention was then shifted towards the window, where it showed a city unlike anything the three had ever seen. Though their attention was diverted when a new person appeared in their doorway, Skull Glider, who welcomed them.

Their first meeting was a tense at first as Sammy Swift immediately assumed Skull Glider was a supervillain due to his costume, but after a few words from both Crawler and Slug, Sammy relaxed enough to listen to what the skull-faced man wanted to say.

After the introductions were a made, with their introduction to their new home of Sargasso, The Ever-Changing City, Sammy and his friends ended up staying in Squatter's Square for the time being as Skull Glider wanted the three to have time to settle in.

A lot has happened since their first day, such as:

-Partaking in Skull Glider's training so as to better prepare them for the more dangerous parts of The Ever-Changing City. That with learning how to use their powers in way that they didn't think of before. Not only does Sammy take his training seriously, but he also has to build up his skills as a leader of his team because while he does seem to outwardly be the least changed of the original three in terms of personality, he does take his team's well being rather seriously and he wants to be the best leader he can be; giving it 110% in his efforts.

-The three getting hobbies outside of crime-fighting, such as Sammy doing work as a courier as well as keeping himself limber and in shape with a strict exercise regiment. Though as a speedster he has to take in more calories then the average person so his body burns through that instead of his muscles. And due to the existence an actual Offal God of Crimefighting, Sammy becomes a follower of him.

-Finding out that Sammy & Crawler cannot consume things like soda, coffee or anything with large amounts of caffeine in it. While Crawler ends up exhibiting signs of drunkenness, Sammy ends up so wired that he ends up a bit loopy and moving so fast as to be nothing but a vague blur and speaking over 500 MPH.

-Discovering that two other people* from their old world ended up in The City, thing is that they're both villains.

-The three first interacting with a pair of "heroes"** that have powers similar to Sammy and Crawler. Though after seeing that one of them can actually create solid afterimages just with speed alone, Sammy decided to fasten almost 20 lbs weights to his ankles and wrists to help build up his muscles further with his training.

-The three hearing stories about a City of Doodles that sounded similar to their old world, and it's out beyond the horizon.

-The three finding a tucked away warehouse where they could re-purpose it as their secret headquarters, their Fortress of Weird-itude. Here, they renovated it with the help of a few other heroes and made it a new home for themselves, with parts of it done to suit each specific Weird Boy, with Sammy having a spot for himself with a set of training equipment such as a treadmill, speed bag and other kinds of exercise equipment.

-Helped out other heroes and the civilians in the city during The Battle of Rossen's Street.

-Gained new members for their group with Chroma-Ki, Rose Web & Brain Lass. And with their membership, renovated The Fortress to help accommodate each new member. Though Sammy's relationship with Rose Web does develop during their time together, however Sammy has a rather simple understanding of romance. Despite that he still does his best to help her through her problems.

-Fight against a small group of people transformed by The Horrid's offspring.

-Taking on Za Naked Foot's increasing number of Aberrant Men*** as well as new villains in general. However, The Weird Boys' relationship with The Aberrant Man is one of mutual respect, since The Aberrant Men don't go further with their crimes besides robberies and that the criminals aren't so villainous as to intentionally harm innocent civilians during their crimes. And during times when innocent people are in danger, both groups do drop what they're doing to to make sure that the people are safe before resuming their conflict. Such as when Beetle Man was fighting a couple of heroes and the two groups were busy keeping civilians safe from the collateral damage.

-Meeting with new members of The Catalyst Quintet****.

-His friend, Crawler, designed new outfits for the two to wear to replace their tattered old clothes with Sammy donning a pair of goggles so as to keep objects like insects from getting into his eyes while he runs.

And so on."---)

Like I did with Creepy Crawler, I made a separate entry for Sammy Swift, who was originally called Johnny Quick when I first made him back in the year 2000. I changed the name since DC has a character named Johnny Quick, who is a evil version of The Flash from The Crime Syndicate. And as you could tell by reading on, The Aberrant Men are kind of "The Rogues" to Sammy's "The Flash". With both them and The Weird Boys having a mutual respect for one another, with Sammy once telling the villains that they could do better being heroes, but Za Naked Foot and the others told Swift and the other Boys that "Being a hero isn't as fun."

So overall, If I were to start actually writing stories about the people of Sargasso, I would start with The Weird Boys since they are after all, my very first creations and I have a bit of a personal connection with them.

*: Za Naked Foot & Pimple-Puss.
**: Nitrox & Reddie Redback
***: Dana Backslide, Hot Rock, Slorg, Tom Bat & Princess Runabout
****: Andra, Ferro Kan & Tsunade

Edit (3/5/2020):
Here's 8 Facts about Sammy Swift that you didn't not know about till now.

8 Facts about Sammy Swift

1. During their time in The Ever-Changing City of Sargasso, The Weird Boys had collected several artifacts to use to help tip the scales in their favor in their battles against villains like The Aberrant Men, who have also gained an arsenal of artifacts. With Sammy, he gained the following artifacts*: The Shiv of Law, The War Leader's Gloves & the Liquid Lightning Energy Drink. With the latter, Sammy is one of the very few people in the city that can handle ingesting the full amount of the drink and not have his body break apart from the sheer amounts of stress of moving at such intense speeds. Though because of his superhuman metabolism, the energy drink in his system is burned through much quicker. That and he doesn't use it too often because he considers it cheating when he wants to become The Fastest Boy in the city with his own power & training.

2. Not too long ago, Sammy discovered that he can actually create his famous "Speed Wheels" by gyrating his hands & arms, removing a step of creating them and allowing Sammy to throw them out much quicker then normal.

3. As a speedster, Sammy is actually rather tough as his body was built to handle moving at super speeds, also not worrying about problems like friction that would burn a normal person while moving at super speeds. So he is also physically stronger then a normal teenager, but not to the level of someone who can lift buildings over their heads.

4. Underneath Sammy's clothes are a variety of different scars that he collected during his career as a superhero. Though most of them were the result of Sammy heroically jumping in front of both civilians and other heroes to save them from getting hit with things like bullets and other attacks. He's not down for long as his body does heal at a much faster rate then a normal human as well as having a body that is pretty tough so Sammy takes advantage of this.

5. The speed energy that Sammy's body produces actually has a secondary effect in that while not seen, it envelops whatever his body touches so that things like friction wouldn't burn both his clothes and whatever he's carrying if he were to move faster then normal.

6. While Sammy is adamant about following The Hero's Code of The No-Kill policy, he's slightly more lenient when it comes to fighting monsters since most monsters he comes in contact with aren't usually capable of being reasoned with or be able to be rehabilitated. Even so, Sammy is still rather uncomfortable at the prospect of killing anything in general since to him, Heroes are suppose to inspire to people with their heroism & good deeds and killing criminals would be anathema to that.

7. Sammy does not like or use any form of firearm since with his super speed he could throw objects at the speed of a normal bullet. Also while Sammy doesn't like guns, he knows that not every civilian in his city has superpowers and require weapons like handguns and the occasional magic artifact to defend themselves in case there isn't a hero around to protect them.

8. After reading an issue of Gonzo Comics, Sammy decided to experiment with a technique that he discovered within the comic's pages. That being the creation of whirlwinds via gyrating his arms. He found out two things while practicing: 1. He also discovered his ability to create Speed Wheels this way and 2. He can actually use these whirlwinds to propel himself in the air like a helicopter, giving himself the power of Flight. Though he hasn't perfected this form of travel yet as he hasn't figured out how to stabilize himself while in the air so he ends up falling ungracefully to the ground very often.

All of these artifacts can be found in these lists right here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.

Edit (7/19/2020): I updated Sammy's Powers section so as to clarify a couple things about Sammy's Speed Wheels along with adding some of the 8 Facts into it as well.

Edit (9/1/2020): I decided to update this picture by showing what exactly the Speed Wheels look like for people to have a better picture of them.

Edit (7/4/2021): Well it's the Fourth of July, so here's an Alternate Costume for Sammy Swift. It's a design I was saving since last year for this holiday.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Sammy Swift is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Just imagine Sammy getting trained by Krillin or Vegeta so that he could do his own version of The Destructo Disk and throw out those Speed Wheels at an even faster rate.

WOLFBLADE111's avatar

That'd be awesome. :D

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Yeah! :D

While Krillin's and Vegeta's disks can cut through stuff, getting hit by Sammy's Destructo Speed Wheel would be like getting hit with a truck tire due to how thick the wheel is.

Yeah,I'll keep it simple and PRIMARILY use Sammy Swift and Max Speed but yes,I'll use all of the other Weird Boys,too(but just in a much smaller capacity than Sammy and Max).

The other Weird Boys(great group name,by the way) will be incorporated from time to time in stuff that I do that has Sammy appear.The other Weird Boys will be great for team-ups-and I'll probably tweak Creepy Crawler and Slug Boy's look some and I won't have Slug Boy leaving a trail of slime behind him everywhere he goes.I'll have him be able to control it(like how the Spider-Man villains,Sandman and Hydro-Man don't leave trails of sand and water behind them),since it would get pretty inconvenient,messy,aggravating and even gross, for others around him if he left slimy ooze lying around everywhere he goes. That's how it would be when people would get perms or Jheri-curls(a great example of that is displayed in the Eddie Murphy movie directed by John Landis,Coming To America).

For my own specific take on your characters,the way I will approach it is have The Weird Boys already be their own group and out there doing their own thing as Super Heroes and have them be aware of Sammy and Max just like how Sammy and Max are aware of them and then they'll extend an invitation to both Sammy Swift and Max Speed to join the group and then have Sammy become the leader of The Weird Boys(I'll have Max respectfully and politely decline to join The Weird Boys as he was already the sidekick to Sammy and wants to do his own thing as a Super Hero but he will agree to help them should they ever need it and Sammy will still be able to go off and do his own thing thing as a member and leader of The Weird Boys-no different than how members of The Avengers and The X-Men and The Justice League can still go off and have their own solo adventures).

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Hey JR, I have a possible RIval for both your versions of Sammy Swift and Max Speed.

Open Source: The Human Meteor

This is Dash Dartwell aka The Human Meteor.

The original was actually a living construct created by a magic mirror that reflected Sammy Swift's image with Dash having all of Sammy's powers.

Though for both your comics and my Gonzo Boys novel, we could have it that Dash was an actual person who got his powers naturally via his parents with Dash seeing Sammy & Max, who both got their powers artificially, as innately inferior and Dash tries to demean them and show them up every chance he gets. Mostly to prove to his peers who is the better speedster.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Oh, alright. :)

With The Weird Boys name, I'm planning on writing a novel where the team is called The Gonzo Boys, where they are kind of a separate version of the regular team. Same characters but each of them have some tweaks to their looks and powers due to their histories getting rewritten in-story. Can't really say more about that without revealing major spoilers.

That idea with Slug Boy controlling his slime is actually what I had in mind for the character. Since in my canon he learned how he can actually perform Slime Bending from training with Skull Glider to make use of the massive amount of slime he produces such as creating a small wave to ride on so as to keep up with the action as without it he's still slower then the rest of his teammates. Though when he's sleeping, he sleeps in a bathtub with a saran-wrapped pillow so that all the slime he makes in his sleep goes down the drain instead of soaking a bed and have it thrown out in the morning.

That sounds good. :)

For my own take and the way I would use Sammy Swift and Max Speed,respectively, is probably have them originally be a duo like like Batman and Robin and have Max Speed be Sammy's protege and Sammy his mentor(even though Sammy is still a teenager,it'll be like how for some people when they were younger, an older sibling is a mentor even though they were both still young) like how Barry Allen was Wally West's mentor.

And then Max Speed will go on to go do his own thing as a Super Hero like how the first Robin,Dick Grayson later went on to become Nightwing and broke away from Batman and went off to do his own thing as a Super Hero. But I will still have them be on good terms and occasionally team up just like we see with different versions of The Flash and how Nightwing will still team up with Batman. And they'll exist in a world where other Super Heroes exist and I'll have them face all sorts of Super villains as well as non super powered street-level criminals and team up with other Super Heroes and speedster-characters(since I love speedster-characters and feel like no comic universe can ever have enough of them).

For Sammy using the whirlwinds to fly,yeah,my intent is to do exactly what you were suggesting in your question and have him wear a special harness IN ADDITION to special high-tech boots that keep him steady and stabilized in the air just like how helicopters have stabilizer tails to keep them balanced while still in the air. And I'll have one of the more tech-savvy heroes in the world of my comics whip up the tech for Sammy like how in the MCU,Tony Stark is the one who makes Peter Parker's Spider-Man costume for him.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

Awesome! :D

So do you plan on using some of the other Weird Boys?

Like Creepy Crawler, Slug Boy, Rose Web, Chroma-Ki & Brain Lass?

Or you want to keep it simple and use only just Sammy Swift and Max Speed?

Sounds awesome! Just like I'll use Max Speed,I'll use Sammy Swift,too. In the world of my comics,there will be multiple speedsters,too. But for the last superpower that you mentioned,as AttackAngel85 said,at first I had some trouble understanding it and how it would work but then when you explained that you might update the visuals of his power and make them into green wheels of energy,I thought,''That's perfect! I'll go with that!'' The Speed-Energy protecting his body from friction is a great explanation for him being protected from friction-which I'll keep..

I'll keep the no-killing policy for Sammy but it makes sense that he would be slightly more lenient when it comes to fighting monsters and beings that aren't capable of being reasoned with or rehabilitated.From the way you described him,the character seems very idealistic but realistic while being less cynical,jaded,grizzled,skeptical and world-weary than some other Super Heroes in terms of his attitude towards fighting evil,killing and being a hero,in general. He's a fine character! It's awesome how your speedster-characters have different kinds of speed-based powers and how it's not like the same template being used over and over again like the CW Flash series or how some other speedsters in comics will all have the same types of powers.

His stance on guns is impressive and respective, too because just like how in real life,not everyone like guns and is comfortable with them and their existence so too,in comics there should be that diversity of opinion on firearms.It's very thoughtful how you've had him understand that not everyone has super powers and that some people need to use firearms and other weapons and artifacts to fight evil and to protect themselves and others(and I'll have Sammy exist in a world where there are Super Heroes who use guns and who kill if they have to-just like how idealistic characters in Marvel and DC exist in the same world and universe where there are other heroes who have no qualms and compunctions about killing and using firearms and weapons).

It's funny,Sammy's attitude towards guns made me think of Batman because as much as I love Batman as a character and while I can understand why,given Batman's history and origin,he wouldn't like guns,the perspective Batman has that a gun is a coward's weapon and that it's a shortcut and shouldn't be used by other Super Heroes couldn't be more wrong and I have never once agreed with the character's stance on guns. Of course,a coward and a bad person can use a gun but there are many brave,tough,competent,good people who use guns in real life,so it shouldn't be any different in comic books. So it's important to convey a message like that about guns in comics and to have Super Heroes who understand that guns have their purpose,that some Super Heroes and civilians need to use them(as obviously,Batman wouldn't expect the Gotham Police and Jim Gordon to not use guns) and that it's not the gun-it's the person using it.My opinion is that there's no such thing as as a good gun or a bad gun only good and bad people.

Sammy not using guns makes perfect sense.Even if you did have him like guns and weapons,he doesn't really need weapons,anyways.He has about as much need for a gun as Superman(who depending on how you look at it,is KIND OF a speedster,too as he does have super-speed but obviously that's not his MAIN power) or The Flash or Quicksilver does.

Sammy Swift practically IS a weapon and just about anything he throws at super-speed would become as dangerous as any speeding bullet. In fact,in The Ultimate Comics from Marvel in the ''Ultimatum'' story-line when Cyclops of the X-Men is killed by an unseen assassin's bullet,it's later revealed that the ''sniper'' wasn't really a sniper at all and that the bullet wasn't even fired from a gun but that it was Quicksilver,who moving at super-speed,actually pushed the bullet into Cyclops's head!

Sammy using whirlwinds to propel himself through the air like a helicopter is a clever use of his powers but maybe having another hero create some kind of technology for him where he can stabilize himself while still in the air,is how I'll approach the stabilization problem.

Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar

So how would you use both Sammy & Max Speed?

Yeah sorry if what I wrote about his Speed Wheels didn't make sense at first. Though yeah, I wanted to update his Speed Wheels to match more with his clone, Nitrox, who uses Speed Energy to not only make Speed Wheels but also form it into energy blades.

With Sammy's No Kill Policy, I wanted him to be like a mix of Superman or The Wally West Flash (The DCAU version.) A bit of an immature goof at times, but one always willing to jump to the rescue of anyone in need. His bullheaded determination to do what is just and moral is his greatest strength, though he didn't start out that way as he needed the training from his teacher, Skull Glider, to get him to where he is today. He's not perfect, he's still a teenager (well technically he's younger then he looks but was aged up via Sargassian energy along with Creepy Crawler & Slug Boy) so he's bound to make mistakes, but he strives to be the best hero he can be. Plus he has to be a hero to not only to the citizens of his team's district, but also be a hero to his teammates, being the beacon of hope for when a teammate needs help or is going through a bad time.

You are right that Sammy's entire body could be a weapon in and of itself. I mean if he were a more evil person, he'd just speed through people into a bloody slurry like what happened with A-Train in The Boys.

With Sammy using his whirlwinds to fly, you mean something like how an actual helicopter has a stabilizer tail to keep them balanced while in the air or something like that? Like maybe some kind of harness or boots that help keep him steady like how Tony Stark made stabilizers for his repulsor tech?

I'm having some trouble understanding that last superpower mentioned; "running fast in place and then stepping out of his spinning feet animation, then throwing the animation onto a target, causing itself to run at high speeds, even if that target doesn't have legs."

Is this animation like an afterimage?

I just want to know because I plan to use a version of Sammy Swift for my story.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That last power looks like & was inspired by this gag from the Ed Edd n Eddy episode, One + One = Ed.
Though with Sammy, he can actually grab & throw the "Speed Wheels" at his targets, which can cause the target to speed off into a direction with minimal control over where they speed into.
I have been thinking of updating the visuals of that power by making the "Speed Wheels" into wheels of green energy.
Thanks, my Sammy is from a parallel version where the Weird boys never fell into Sargasso and remained in their world long enough to be established superheroes before Sammy joined the Nemesis Alliance working for Worldwide Wonders. He'd be in his early thirties at the point the story takes place in.

It would be interesting if both sets of Weird Boys met. I wonder how the original incarnation would react to their alternate selves.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That would make a pretty interesting story. Two versions of the same team, but one that could be mistaken for the junior sidekicks / children of the adult Weird Boys to the rest of the world. Who should probably have a different name since if your Sammy and the others are in their thirties they aren't really "Boys" anymore. You can use "The Gonzo Gang" if you want.

Part of that story could be that when the original Weird Boys end up in  the Nemesis Alliance's world, they might at first be mistaken for the sidekicks of their adult versions. Though since their adult versions never went to Sargasso there's bound to be some major differences between the two groups such as having the three other members like Chroma-Ki, Brain Lass and Rose Web in the original Boys' team since they originated from separate realities.

Also I have thought of an alternate hero name for young Sammy to separate himself from his adult counterpart, "Peel-Out", since it fits with his Speed Wheel power. That way you don't have a situation where both Sammy's react to someone calling their name at the same time.

Though all this could happen AFTER your Sammy's story in a separate "issue" so that it doesn't get too cluttered with characters.
I could see the regular Weird Boys appearing at some point. They would likely be mistaken for the Teenage Olympians of the Nemesis Alliance's world, as that team started off with sidekicks of other superheroes.

Its possible that the lack of Chroma-Ki, Brain Lass and Rose Web might have made things worse for Nemesis Alliance version, sorta like an Its A Wonderful Life kinda thing. The lack of success compared to the regular Weird Boys would explain Sammy's decision to leave them and join the Nemesis Alliance.

The younger Sammy could give him a "what the hell" over this.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
I just thought of a possible idea.
Since The Weird Boys come from the 2000s, they'd probably be confused & put off by things like Social Justice & Diversity Quotas since they never had experienced things like that before entering Sargasso. I mean they have met people similar to Captain Heroic in the form of Hyperstar (who is a former SJW with hulk powers), The Matriarchy (Think The Squad except they have superpowers) and The Crownbreakers (my antifa analogue). I mean the concept of replacing someone with a minority because they're white or because it would look like they're supporting Trump would probably sour their view of the world.

Sammy would be flabbergasted by this since he genuinely blind to things like race or sexuality as The Ever-Changing City is made up of locations from all across reality where people from different cultures, timelines & species have to work together to survive the horrors that exist within The Super-Sargasso Sea. So getting bent out of shape over a person's race or sexuality is typically frowned upon by Sargassians, plus due to the city's place in The Dumping Grounds of Totality, EVERYONE is capable of being armed with whatever weapons and artifacts they can find within the sea to defend themselves. And arming yourself is actively encouraged since not everyone gets a beneficial mutation upon their entry into The Sea and there are plenty of super criminals who are bold and/or crazy enough to cause problems within the city.

Also just imagine far-left activists seeing The Weird Boys and trying to shame them for not being diverse enough. To which Sammy would be like:

"Umm, My team is made up of a super smart giant slug who can use magic, a giant spider boy, a girl bonded to a slimy creature, a guy with chi powers, a cyborg zombie girl, the separately alive brain of said cyborg girl and *points to himself* a speedster who can throw speed lines at things to make them move very fast."
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
That's entirely possible.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
With all this information I’d very much like to read some stories about these guys. You should definitely post some stories.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
I actually have a couple of Crossover stories I want to make.

The ones I want to do are:
-Justice League or Teen Titans / Weird Boys
-Teen Titans / Dynamic Boy
-The Aberrant Men / Suicide Squad
-The Catalyst Quintet / Suicide Squad
-Avengers: EMH or X-Men / Weird Boys
-Marvel Cinematic Universe / Sargasso
-Spiderman / Creepy Crawler
-The Flash / Sammy Swift
-Men In Black TAS / The Letter Legion

And those are the ones off the top of my head.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
They would make for some intriguing adventures. You should give them a go.
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
I'd like to at some point. Though I got other projects I need to do before I can start on one of them.
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