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Open Source: Roquefort University

Roquefort University
First Appearance:
The Dover Boys of Pimento University (9/19/1942)
Redesign Date: Deviantart (12/12/2019)

One of the few places of learning that exist near The Ever-Changing City of Sargasso, Roquefort University functions as you would expect a 1900s University to function, though the classes that this school teaches have to be retooled so as to teach youths of different ages how The Super-Sargasso Sea works and more importantly how to survive out there along with your standard Math, Literature and Gym classes.

And due to the nature of The Super-Sargasso Sea, there have been some Extracurricular Activities and Student Guilds that students at R.U. can sign up for to learn new skills that will be of use to them in the long run.

Examples of these Student Guilds are as follows:

Hunting: A side group connected to the main Hunter's Guild that teaches would-be hunters what is in The Forest of the Austro; the different animals that live within it: which territories belong to the Austro and which are free game; and all the different weapons and technique hunters use to bag their targets.

Martial Arts: For students who want to learn how to defend themselves with hand to hand combat.

Armed Combat: For those who want to learn how to fight using whatever weapons and artifacts they could find in The Sea.

Blacksmithing: For those who want to learn how to forge their own weapons and other parts that are needed for repairs.

Engineering: For those who want to build their own devices or make repairs for devices using the resources provided by The Sea. This guild is home to studies in Techromancy for those more magically inclined.

Equestrian: For those who want to learn how to ride different animals like Horses, Yales and Cucaryus since working automobiles are hard to acquire for a student.

The Sargasso Mystery Guild: A guild made by those who want to solve the many different mysteries that exist within their part of The Sea.

And The Sailor's Guild: A guild made up to teach about how to navigate and sail across The Sea, the various wildlife in The Sea, how to catch them, and how to prepare them for meals so as to not have one become sick from it's consumption.

Though ever since this school ended up in The Super-Sargasso Sea, students have reported strange happenings in the building itself. Objects moving around by themselves, drawings appearing on the chalkboards and other strange occurrences. With the one that does frighten student is that late at night, those who stayed up have a feeling that they are being watched along with the walls moving as if they are breathing.

This has caused the rumor that the building itself is alive and aware of everything within it. Though fortunately it doesn't seem any way malicious, in fact it does have a bit of a mischievous streak as it messes with different students when they least suspect it. Though it does tend to get angry when say delinquents decide to graffiti different parts of it, with the walls actually punching the tagger in the face and the graffiti melting off and absorbed in the walls."---)

Well I'll be, I've actually got an actual picture of a location that exists in The Super-Sargasso Sea at last! And much like other pieces within The Sea, the building itself has changed when it first entered The Sea and near The Ever-Changing City. So when I'm making students, you can bet that a couple of them will end up Here.

(---List of Students---)
Sonic Bat
Dynamic Boy
Wonder Boy
Dana Backslide (Formerly)
Rose Jackson
Joey Verre
Goho Li
Katherine Manx
Carl Stalong

Nancy Neutron
Madame Strange
Dr. Hamster
The Gage

(---Other Inhabitants---)
Audrey Jr.
Roadie, The Combating Car

Roquefort University is an open source concept created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.
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Nice. It would be cool if Roquefort University had the ability to evolve over time or better, had a interdimensional portal. 
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Well part of The Sea is that currently citizens have no way of escaping it and going back to their old universes.
Though it is possible for the University to evolve like you said.