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Open Source: Roast Spider

Roast Spider
Real Name: Richie Hanson
Powers: Skilled Fighter, Enhanced Physical Prowess and finally when he insults someone, that person can get so annoyed that they will be enraged to the point that they will try and flat out beat Richie to death just to shut him up. However this also makes that person lose their focus while fighting.
Equipment: Roast Spider's Soul-Forged costume was weaved and enchanted by The Nephilim. Not only does it make the costume nearly indestructible except to holy attacks, but also allows the wearer to wallclimb, which is shown as green spiderwebs that form when Roast Spider places a body part on a solid surface, even those that are very slick like glass.
First Appearance: Deviantart (5/7/2018)

This character is a redesign of a PD version of Spiderman called The Two-Legged Spider made by one Alejandro Bruzzesse, who can be found in both the Public Domain Heroes group and Open Source Characters group on Facebook. Anyway, after a bit of experimenting with the very basic design I kinda had an idea. You see, you can make the observation that Reddie Redback and her siblings could be a veiled reference to Spiderman's Clone Saga, since they are clones of Creepy Crawler. So with that in mind, I figured that Roast Spider here could be a veiled reference to one of the OTHER massive missteps that Marvel had done with Spiderman, the one which retconed years of great stories and split apart one of the most beloved couples in Comics. That's right, I'm talking about Spiderman: One More Day, the infamous deal with Mephisto.

Personally, I would use Roast Spider as a form of commentary showcasing the major repercussions of these kinds of Retcons, ones that not only make the hero look like an actual villain, but also gives whatever achievements they made up until that point have such a big stink from the retcon that you can no longer enjoy those older stories until the retcon is fixed. Though also I would let Roast Spider actually remember what he'd done, having to deal with the guilt of not only betraying the trust of his loved ones with his selfishness which involved wiping their own children out of existence, but also to which that he does end up actually trying and fix what he'd done, but the people around him also started to suspect that he may have gone crazy since he is the only one that remembers what happened and his depression and stress gets in the way of his crime fighting.

Though since I also have the idea of adding Richie to Sargasso, he also has to contend with the white-clad, blood-stained spirit of punishment called The Penitent, who constantly hunts Richie until Richie can actually fix what he'd done. Plus since he has effectively sinned, he also tries to do his penance by assisting The Nephilim, mainly being additional protection for their town of Hellington alongside the Star-Spangled Saytr, Freedoom.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Roast Spider is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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I haven't bought a single issue of Spiderman since One More Day, and he is my absolute favorite Marvel character. I refuse to go back until that travesty is erased from continuity. And I had been reading Spiderman comics since 1976.
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Have you read DC's Sideways yet?
I heard that it was good. Like DC's way of saying, "Hey Marvel, we can do Spiderman better then you've been."
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Not yet, Im much more of a Marvel guy. But I am reading DCs Fantastic Four, the Terrifics and I plan on reading their Hulk, Damage. The new stuff is looking good and giving politically correct Marvel books quite the middle finger.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
Cool character, and quite an interesting super power to be able to roast people into a violent rage. The Penitent also looks like a very cool character. Will we be seeing more from him?
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I can't place an exact date. However, If I do manage to write down at least a brief summation of what he's about, I'll probably post it immediately.