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Open Source: Officer Richard Powretti

Officer Richard Powretti
Given Name:
Race: Basura (Bag-Type)
Powers: Garbage Mimicry, Trash Swimming, Underwater Senses, Stench Generation, Body Storage and an extendable, worm-like appendage with green gardening gloves attached that allows Richard to grab objects.
First Appearance: Deviantart (10/17/2018)
-A modified glove called "The Tazer-Fist" that when used with Richard's extendable appendage, can function similar to a tazer or a stun gun.
-A night stick lined with aluminum that works in tandem with the Tazer-Fist, electrifying the club.
-And a belt that holsters a magnum revolver.

To say that a couple of Basurians had been badly affected by The Battle of Rossen's Street would be an understatement. Some of them were badly injured after the battle with some scars being more mental then physical. And most haven't been affected more then the Bag-Type Basura known as Richard.

Before Richard had been involved with the conflict, he was your standard Basurian, someone who just wanted to go scrounging in The Super-Sargasso Sea, do trade and avoid conflict as much as possible. Besides being a junkmonger by day, at night is when Richard can sate his passion of one thing, 80s Action films, which he watches on a jury-rigged VCR and a cracked 16 inch flatscreen TV. His favorites being the action films about police officers who can deal with crime when regular law enforcement is ineffective. Such as the "Power Cop" film series starring his favorite actor, Arnold Van Jean as the badass officer, Max G. Powretti.

While Richard himself wasn't that strong and had the usual skittishness of his subtype, he does like to imagine himself in the shoes of Max Powretti as he watches the films.

After The Battle of Rossen's Street, several of his friends either severely damaged or dead, with himself getting struck with a blade to his head. And on that night as he slept in his bed, recovering from his injury, he had a dream where he is in the empty streets of NYC and right in front of him was Max Powretti himself. Van Jean tells Richard that his people need him, that they need someone who can deal with what's going on in the streets. As while the superheroes deal with the big fish, people like Richard and that one ninja need to help those on the ground level.

When Richard asked Powretti what could he possibly do. Arnold just smiled and told him, "You've watched my movies, you know what to do."

So Richard woke up the next day, realizing what he needed to do. He started building himself up, not only by adding to his bulk with more garbage, but also do strength training to his worm-like appendages. This training is also paired with him learning how to use a handgun; With The Walking Gunstore, Matt, showing him the ropes.

8 months later, he approached the police station in the 90s district, where the local Chapter of The Constables resides, now more burly then a normal Basura outside of a Dreadnaught, but is still a head shorter then a normal human. At this point, Richard also took the surname Powretti and emulated his hero's accent, which with him sounded more like trying to do an Austrian accent with the right side of your jaw not working properly."---)

I know I did showcase The Constables, but I figured that I should do some of their notable members. Plus it gives some material for another genre (Cop Drama and/or Police Procedural) for people to use besides Superheroes. Kinda like what DC did with Gotham P.D. which from what I heard was actually pretty good. And since Richard and The Trash Ninja have a similar background, I can see the two teaming up in a story or two.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

Officer Richard Powretti is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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He definitely looks a lot meaner than the average basura, and superheroes so often get too busy to deal with less superpowered criminals.
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Well he has to look intimidating for the average goons to take him seriously, even if Richard's tough guy voice may not help his image that well.