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Open Source: Ocarrium

First Appearance: Deviantart (10/13/2019)
A form of Sargassite that originated from fragments of the planet, Ocarro, which emits radiation that has properties of the planet's atmosphere. When in the immediate proximity to Ocarrians, they will not experience their species' equivalent of biological maturity. Though when exposed to an Ocarrian that already experienced full biological maturity, said Ocarrian will revert back to their premature forms but also reduces any gained physical prowess they had to the level of an average human. However these effects are not permanent, as once the Ocarrian is no longer exposed, they immediately revert back to their previous form. When exposed to those with Elohim-based mutations, those beings may end up losing their gained abilities and features until they are no longer exposed to the stone's radiation.

This specific subtype is actually very valuable to the heroes and police of The Ever-Changing City, as it allows for safer containment of Elohim-mutated criminals when they are detained and held within the city's jails and prisons, though heroes and creatures changed by Elohim have to be very careful when handling Ocarrium, as they too will be affected by the mineral's radiation."---)

A substance originally only made for Dynamic Boy and his fully grown self, I figured that why stop at just Ocarrians, why not make this the Kryptonite of ALL the heroes, villains and everyone in between that gained their mutations and powers from their exposure to Elohim.

This stone was made using Hero Machine 3.

Ocarrium is an open source concept created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.

The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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My version of Occarrium will still be fragments of the planet Occaro but where it will differ is that it will be like Kryptonite for a VERY wide range of superhuman beings(ALONG with Occarrians) and it will be capable of killing extremely powerful superhuman beings-some can survive it but not very many,similar to how in comics,there are characters that can survive nuclear explosions but not really a whole lot.

My version of Occarrium can also be enriched like uranium and just as uranium can be used for nuclear weapons,Occarrium can be used to create unimaginably powerful bombs/weapons of mass destruction(and at the very beginning of the solo-comic that I'm doing for Triumphant Victory,where roughly over 200 Super Heroes are killed in a series of brazen,merciless surprise attacks ,it will be an Occarium bomb planted by one of The Seaweed Queen's villainous super-powered goons that kills well over 150 Super Heroes convened at an UN and G7-like-summit/ meeting for Super Heroes).

And what I think I might do is have an Occarium bomb then used against The Seaweed Queen to destroy her and her stronghold,similar to how in the Stargate movie,a nuclear warhead was used to destroy the evil Ra and his ship! Turnabout truly is fair play so having Triumphant Victory and his allies use a tactical Occarrian bomb to destroy The Seaweed Queen(whose appearance I'm thinking of basing on Angelina Jolie) and her stronghold after battling and defeating her Seaweed monsters and her group of Super Villains/super-powered goons will be fitting!

I'll even have one of the Super Heroes who will accompany Triumphant Victory to the distant water-world where The Seaweed Queen lives mention getting the idea to use an Occarrium bomb against The Seaweed Queen from the movie Stargate(I'll probably have it be Fatman The Human Flying Saucer who suggests it).

I think using ideas from other works of fiction IN a work of fiction can work when you directly reference it and make a point of showing that that's what your're

doing in the first place,which I think Marvel has done really cleverly in their movies- especially with Spider-Man in the MCU being an avowed and dedicated cinephile and actually using ideas he got from movies like Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back and Aliens as strategic tactics to defeat opponents.Where I think it doesn't work and falls flat and just comes off as blatantly stealing an idea(as opposed more to paying homage) is when people do it but then don't acknowledge where they got the idea from and pretend like they came up with the idea all by themselves-which I've seen done in a lot of movies,books,TV shows and comics.

A great and cool creation/concept as always! I'm looking forward to using Occarrium in my comics!

By the way,have you thought of having an ''Occarium Man''like how DC has The Kryptonite Man and The Anti-Matter Man?

I think that would be an awesome kind of character to have!

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Nice! :D

An Occarium Man? Funny you mention that, since I actually do have a concept in Sargasso that's kinda similar to Krypotonite Man.

It's a type of recurring mutation that can happen in The Sea, turning people and other creatures into Sargapaths, which can be found in the Miscellaneous Supplement.

Think of them as like Living Quarries of Sargassite who can manipulate the Elohim in the atmosphere. But every time they use these powers, parts of their body slowly ends up turning into Sargassite with the end result of them turning into a solid statue made of Sargassite and are effectively dead. Criminals find Sargapaths a very valuable prize to take since they can kidnap one and start mining Sargassite from their bodies.

So it's entirely possible that a Sargapath can become a living statue of Occarium and actually be able to stay alive and move about like Ben Grimm.