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Open Source: Nitrox

Nitrox, The Plasma Edge
Real Name:
Nitrox Zauber
Powers: Clone/Speedster Physiology, can utilize high speed to create a solid afterimage, realistic enough to actually attack and bleed from injuries. In others words, moving fast enough to be in more than one place at once; Can acquire the relativistic mass by traveling at great speeds, and hit blows of tremendous force; And finally can build up and manifest it's internal energy the same way Sammy Swift can, by running fast in place and while Nitrox can create similar wheels of speed energy like Sammy, it can also manifest this built up energy in the form of energy blades.
Equipment: A Kevlar Weave Friction Proof Containment Suit that is used to contain the massive amount of energy Nitrox produces while running and better focus it through the ports on the arms, shoulders and helmet to create his energy blades.
First Appearance: Deviantart (10/27/2016)

The Cyberpunk District's Evil Mega Corporations, Catalyst and The Unicorn Foundation, have a vested interest in the potential uses of the many wonders inside The Ever-Changing City and The Sea as a whole. Using spy drones, Catalyst's R&D Department have kept an eye on several superbeings, studying their abilities and coming up with ideas of how they can be better implemented.

With the research into Sargasso's superbeings, Project Zauber was created. The basic summary of this project is first clone several superbeings to better study the abilities and how they function in a controlled setting. Then after enough information is collected, perfect the surgical procedure and clone the necessary individual body parts to sell under their Bioware line of products, after they made sure that there isn't a very high chance of very serious tissue rejection.

And one of the "donors" for this project was Sammy Swift, the brash leader of The Weird Boys. For you see, Sammy's abilities are a great interest to Catalyst's CEO, who thought that they were being wasted on things such as superheroing and Sammy's side job as a delivery boy. For as the R&D Department have observed, Sammy can generate a kind of energy that manifests as a kind of visual representation of velocity itself, able to create literal wheels of acceleration that can be placed on objects and make those objects move just as fast as Sammy.

So after collecting samples from the superbeings such as hair follicles, saliva and blood via insectid drones, the individual clones are grown in their vats, with Sammy's clone growing the fastest out of the others and was the first to be "born." Codenamed "Nitrox", the clone was trained by his caretaker, going through different experimental, training protocols to have a better grasp of his speed powers then the original, developing techniques such as creating a solid afterimage i.e. a Speed Clone and turning the velocity energy into something more physical like an energy blade after running for a bit.

And while Nitrox was raised to be loyal to Catalyst, the CEO had several "command words" installed so as to keep Nitrox under their control, and have a "kill switch" at the ready should the worst happen. And Catalyst has plenty of genetic material to make replacements."-)

A redesign of Plasma E.D.G.E. and one I'm glad to finally get right. I had the idea of Nitrox being a rival to Sammy Swift for a long while, though I didn't figure how they would be so till now. And like the original, this guy is available for everyone to use just like the majority of Sargasso's inhabitants.

Edit (3/13/2019): Here is a link to 8 Facts about Nitrox if you like to have some more information about him and his relationship with both his own team and his genetic relative.

Here is a list of other characters connected to Nitrox and Catalyst:
Reddie Redback
Andra, The Sassy Cyborg
Ferro Kan

'Nitrox is open source created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.'

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.
The image is copyright AFD Studios/ and is posted here as a fair use reference.
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My version of Nitrox will be a Reverse-Flash to Sammy Swift's Flash.

I might have my take on Nitrox still be a clone(and an extremely dangerous and powerful one with speedster physiology,amazing powers and abilities and an advanced containment suit/armor) with specific ''command words'' and a ''kill-switch''

at the ready developed by his creators should the worst happen.I'll decide if I want him to be a clone created by the government or a shady,influential and powerful evil corporation(but it'll more than likely be a corporation that is responsible for creating Nitrox).

I'll have Nitrox be in the Triumphant comic as a minor supporting villain and he'll be one of the many villains taken down by Triumphant not too long after he receives his extraordinary powers from the freak accident in The Broken Wastes(as incredibly fast as Nitrox is,he won't be nearly quite as fast as Sammy Swift is or nearly quite as fast as Max Speed is or as fast as Dash is or as fast as Triumphant is but he WILL still be faster than a LOT of other PD speedsters and a LOT of other Superman analogues who have super-speed as a super power).I'll also use Nitrox for the Sammy Swift comic that I want to do in the future!

He's the kind of character that would readily lend himself to be a good recurring villain in different comic books for different characters!

His powers and equipment are awesome and for my version of him,his blades will be very similar to light sabers from Star Wars(and just like light sabers,Nitrox's laser-blades will be retractable)and he'll have claws,too!

Nitrox will get his blades( AND his claws )broken by Triumphant in the comic,which will will be fun to depict in a comic book! It'll be like the equivalent to Superman breaking a light saber in two!