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Open Source: MUCCer v2

Real Name: Jennifer Beines
Powers: Has access to a pocket portal for throwing in body parts for incineration
Equipment: A modified mop that has a bottle of a powerful cleaning solution that dissolves blood and other body fluids. The solution however is so powerful that one has to have protection to prevent getting chemical burns.
                  A helmet that has a flashlight and a scanner for detecting stains and any other messes.
                  The Patch on the front and back of the suit prevents zombies, animals, aliens and other hostiles from attacking a MUCCer.
                  For each MUCCer, they have a vial of a formula that prevents their bodies from being contaminated from infected body parts and fluids such as zombies.
First Appearance: Deviantart (7/1/2015)

Rebooted Origin
"The MUCCers' base of operations is situated in the city of Sargasso, where the higher-ups are equal opportunity employers that hire just about anyone in the city that has a strong stomach, a sense of cleanliness and a set of good work ethics, though being desensitized to seeing mountains of blood & gore is a recommendation if you wanted to start working for MUCC.

The Multi-Universal Cleanup Crew or MUCC for short, are the people that clean up after an event in a fictional universe that involves copious amounts of blood, gore and carnage. They appear in places all across the city, the continent outside it and even beyond that such as in post-apocalyptic cities, haunted houses, abandoned military bases and many others, but behind the scenes out of the protagonist's view to tidy up the place. Each MUCCer gets paid for the amount of blood washed, the number and size of the body parts removed and cleaning up equipment that were used for environmental kills. They each get more money if the bodies were Boss enemies and even more for The Final Boss. Some MUCCers can take the personal possessions of the dead enemies for either cashing them in or as a keepsake."

A redesign of another one of my early OS concepts, though with some bits added like having MUCC HQ be situated in Sargasso and scratch off references to places like Silent Hill & Spencer Mansion.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.

'Jennifer Beines and the organization MUCC are open source created specifically for use by anyone. You can create your own MUCCer if you do not want to use Jennifer. Feel free to use it any way you wish. You must also give creator credit.'
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Like Marvel's Damage Control but for crime scenes lol. Love it.
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Now that you mention it, maybe I should design my own version of Damage Control, since The City has probelms with both superhumans and giant monster.
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It seems a reasonable idea in a super powered world.
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R's avatar
This is actually a really cool idea. Imagine playing a video game, and rather than a body dissolving away like most do, you look away and look back just in time to see one of these guys dragging the body off. So cool
Amanacer-Fiend0's avatar
Thanks. :)

I had this idea for a TV series like The Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" mixed with "Parks & Recreations" but the main characters had to clean up scenes of absolute carnage that a protagonist like Rambo or The Doom Marine leaves behind.

Each episode takes place in a different horror movie or video game setting where such bloodshed happens. Like one episode the main characters go to an army base like Area 51 to clean up human & alien bits n' fluids while also finding something like the studio where the Apollo Moon Landing was filmed in and they mess with the props and equipment for a while.
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